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  1. What is the defence xp at a place like bandits or az's with whip/def and then with guthans spear(full guthans)? If no one knows the rough estimate do you know about how much difference? thanks beesk. Another question: Is guthans spear effective at wf's? like better than d mace or no? if guthans spear is better should i use with full guthans or the normal d hide setup? thanks beesk.
  2. ok tyvm i will research into this kind since it is in my price range.
  3. Ok so now that i know netbooks are pretty good for rs i have a new question. I am looking for a netbook thats about 300 dollars give or take 50 or so. What are some good ones for gaming(rs) and probably downloading music also? thanks, beesk
  4. So i went in the tunnel and was looking for the chest room door when dh appeared. I went back thru the door i came so i could drink a sip of p pot then came back out and another dh appeared. I was like wtf? something cool i wanted to post. And no there wasn't someone else inside of me if someone thinks of saying that.
  5. THANKS guys i figured it out
  6. ok i just got paint.net and made a few siggys on it. i saved them but i cannot upload them on imageshack. they automatically save as a .pdn when i need it to be a .bmp like my screenies that i take. Is there something i can do so i can change it or upload it someway?
  7. first post :thumbsup: Anyway, gl on your insane goal i know i could never do it, i could barely get 70. Love the new siggy btw and ill be making some of my own soon and ill show ya. gl and nice blog :thumbsup:
  8. Finally got BUNYIP! :thumbsup: Cost me my cashpile but o well everyone says its worth it, and for war tortose for gwd. Currently camping at bandits with it. What other things could i do?other than like spiders or az's or daggs or those things.
  9. i have 1050 golds 1067 greens 1050 crims and i dont wanna use my blues What pouches should i make with these charms to get maximum xp?
  10. Hey everyone! Lately i have been doing a lot of gwd boss hunting. It's probably my favorite thing to do now. I decided to make this blog to keep everyone up on my adventures in the gwd. This will include drops from all the bosses. I do not have any pics to post atm but will very soon hopefully! I'm sure i will post some pics of levels and other things on here also since im am getting my melee stats up so i don't have to range all the bosses :lol: . Thanks everyone and please post on here!Or you can jsut wait till i actually get some pics up. PS:Please dont let this blog die when it gets started like my last one that i put a lot of time into :wall: .
  11. My first arma trip was at 75 def and im still going there. Actually i think im gonna go there tonight :thumbsup:
  12. Ok so im wanted to sell my whip for the rest of the money for guthans. Is guthans gonna sell at lowest or med or am i gonna have to by at max or even higher in the street? also ive been doing some gwd masses lately but my lsp isn't very good so i want to get it up. What are the best ways to get it up? Other than corp Thanks, beesk
  13. do you know an average on how much hp xp per 1k casts?
  14. 94-99 cost me 16m when the chins were 400ea. that includes p pots and i was using void at ape atoll. doubt that helps but who knows :wall:
  15. ok thanks i think i will just keep training and get 99 hp slowly but surely.
  16. Over the years of my playing rs ive heard many people talk about how they got 99 hp at pc. How fast is this method? I am looking to get 99 hp even thought i am pretty far away but ive always loved the cape. I just want to know how fast and effiecient pc is for hp training. thanks beesk
  17. Aw I thought you were gonna post something that you got from going to sara gwd :( hurry and go there haha No unspam because I dont need one... haha surprised someones been paying attention to my journey to be able to go to sara lol. i went last night btw but did get anything. started with 3 men and got 2 kills. then 1 teled becuz he ran out of brews somehow lol duoed 1 kill.then other teled cuz he ran out then i soloed one :thumbsup: its really pretty easy, and dont worry ill be there a lot more and hopefully getting good drops :ohnoes: no unspam sorry
  18. I'm on kind of a tight budget of 4m or less and would rather use the least possible thats why i have torags helm and karil skirt and things like that. Any thing i really should switch out? I'm taking ruby e also for the first half of the kill. T-Bird BOB. 6 brews 6 restores Iventory. Ruby e bolts Broads for kc (dont wanna take whip cuz i dont wanna risk it =/) zammy book for when im getting kc so i dont get owned by zammy monsters tele tab extra bird pouch bird scrolls ranging pots brews super restores I need to know how many brews, restores, and ranging pots to take in my invent i'm not really sure. And should i take 2 extra bird pouches or no? thanks, beeskers
  19. Trying to make money =/

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