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  1. Suck on hard candy. Dont like gum much. Would you rather have your leg or arm chopped off?
  2. Anyone? Btw i bought the rest of the veracs set and 70 prayer. I have the money for ss still if you guys think i should get that. So once again zs or ss?
  3. So a lot of people told me to get a zs. The only task i would use it on would be wf's since i dont have super antis for dragons and i don't think 5m is worth only using for 1 task. Should i just buy a ss since i can use it for wf's and many other things?
  4. You're leaving me! oh noes! Ugh, i insanely hate to see you go. :sad:
  5. Only once, then you can cast again in 30 seconds.
  6. 79 slayer. This blog is basically dead. Unless i get some more posts i'm just gonna stop posting pics ='(.
  7. 80 strength! all melees 80+. Gonna start barrowing a lot for some more money =).
  8. Nice Farm Lvl Zokot. I'm working my way slowly up with herb runs =/.
  9. Damn. wow, that is a really nice bank. How'd you get all that?
  10. 81 attack, 92 defence, 300xp from 79 magic. Pretty good day so far.
  11. Gratz Lowc! Those are my two favorite 99's. Gl on 99 defence which i am also going for. Gl on all of your goals.
  12. Gratz low on that hawt 99. Now go get 99 range! :thumbsup:
  13. 94 hp! and 115 cb! I'm killing blue dragons to bank bones for 70 prayer. Gonna take like a week of not much playing and i'll make 4m or so off hides =).
  14. Maybe try out some zammy. With a gs you'll probably be pretty good.
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