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  1. hai socc. 99 defence is amazing i just got it a few weeks ago and i love it. TTYL in sodb cc.
  2. <3: muhaha. I've been telling you that range is the best skill evah! Gratz on a 70 btw, good milestone for range. Keep range slaying NAO. <3:
  3. [hide] [/hide]Darn you and your luck tin! But big congratz. <3:
  4. Congratz calc! Nice levels and all. Keep working hard and i'll talk to ya in sodb cc. PS. First Post
  5. It's basically just people taking stuff from there bank and having a random sale. That's what we had when we didn't have ge, but now we do.
  6. Some more of my amazingggggg gwd luck! FML >.< same trip like 3 kills apart form minions.(zammy gw)
  7. no this is a little tourney within my community(like a clan). There are 2 sections 115 and below cb and 115 up. (f2p Cb) I'm in 115- and i think i will win. But i want the best setup and inventory i can get. So please someone reply.
  8. I'm going to be in this fighting competition in duel arena in a couple of weeks and of course i want to win. I have 99 range and 99 defence so i'm planning on using range tank gear. What is the best range tank gear and inventory you can have? Thanks, Bees
  9. I just got 99 defence last night which i have been working on for months now and i'm very happy. Problem is, there are so many things i wanna do now and idk what to do! I've been thinking about going for a respectable "skill" 99 instead of a combat but i really don't know. I have 27m cash and a ~55m bank. Please help! I've been thinking about these mostly: Magic(i know it's combat, if i do this i will be getting via slayer/combat magic) Mining( Really doubt this one because it takes ages but i kind of have an interest) Smithing(good skill but it is pretty expensive so idk what to do about that) Or just start slaying again and get 99 attack and strength. Help please!
  10. Banned for having a location that isn't a location.
  11. First Post. Gl on all of you're goals and i like your stats being pretty balanced for the most part, that's usually tough to do! Cya around!
  12. Hey nice post range! Very helpful and that was what i was hoping some peopel would post then everyone could discuss about it or ask questions. I listen to the duet and it sounds pretty sweet i'm gonna have to show it to my friend, Awesome stuff everyone keep posting!
  13. Hey guys sorry to randomly ask this but my friend let me borrow this game and i didn't understand your goals for online... Is it kind of like cod or not at all? explain to me pleaseee.
  14. They are excellent if you have to keep the noise down if you live in an apartment or dorm room and stuff. Plus you can get tons of different sounds. But if you live in your own house and stuff then regular drumsets are better because it's the real thing and you don't have a fake "feel" i guees is the word. But it wouldn't hurt to have both if you have the money tbh.
  15. Ok so I don't know how many tifers there are that are drummers but i know that I am one of them! I wanted to get this general discussion going on anything about drums. Talk about anything you want to, drumset, drumline, what drums you play, sticks, music, anything! I'll start! I play a maroon premier 5 piece drumset which i love. Paiste Cymbals which i like but not the best. I mostly use vic firth extreme 5a drumsticks. My favorite rudiment is the swiss army triplet. I am the best drummer in my school. Section leader/center snare of my drumline as a sophmore. I just love drums in general and I wanna hear what everyone else thinks! So post please! Also i have a question: Anyone know a good challenging snare duet. My friend and I are looking for a good one to do over the summer. Ok so i hope there are more drummers in the tif world!
  16. I';m glad he was able to return to apprentice and win it! He won 500,000 dollars for the juvenelle diabetes association which is awesome since i have type 1 diabetes! Good job Bret!
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