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  1. Second d drop ever, haven't had one in like 2 years. Free 160k i guess. Also that fer ring was my first so it wasn't to bad of a task :).
  2. ok thanks guys, so its the same for all herbs?
  3. Ok so i reallllly want a gs and i've started herb runs while slaying to make money. I need to know the average amount of herbs in a patch of a few different kinds of herbs. Toadflax Irit Avantoe I will be using magic secs which i know can get me extras but i just want to know the average per patch, no extras from secs. Thanks, Beesk.
  4. yea i've been doing herb runs. I dont really need to train range, already have 99 =P
  5. I really think you would be good at dking... it's exactly what you are looking for, atleast thats what I think maybe i will try it, im not sure what to wear/take though.
  6. Ok so i just got 75 slayer last night and i kind of want to take a little break from it, at lwast till after bonus weekend. I really want something good to dot hat will make me some more cash and isn't to boring. I know all of the originals like fishing, wc, and all that, any other suggestions? Also whats good that i can use crystal bows on to make money becasue i have 2 sitting in my bank, and i don't really want to dk with them either. Is there anything that i should buy with 6m that would be useful or save up till i know what i want? Thanks, beesk.
  7. erm....*hides in corner* i don't have them don't hurt me! nah i really dont use pots for all tasks even though i should =/. but thanks for the gratz!
  8. finally, this has been a goal of mine for awhile! :thumbsup:
  9. Someone told me they thought that the merchers dumped p pots today? Is this true because im going to stop farming ranarrs if it is.
  10. Been meaning to get this and since i waiting to train def till my friend gets his str to 88 it was the perfect time. This also got me 112 cb.
  11. 92 is halfway, so you're more than half way! gratz :smile:
  12. not to steal this thread but, what is a good amount of money to put into mtk per week?
  13. I am better than you because i have 99 range and play drums. (Really hope you don't have or do either =/)
  14. I am a gangsta. jk I am a range master/lover.
  15. Beeskers503


    Yep, i was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes sept. 31 2009. No one in my family ever had diabetes wither so it was just out of the blue. i had the same symptons marky had and my mom noticed and took me to the doctor and my blood sugar was off the charts and when i got to the hospital i found out it was 650 =/. Luckily my mom noticed early so i didnt get sick or anything. I take novalog before every meal(fast acting) and lantus at night (long acting).
  16. [hide] [/hide] pretty excited i wanna get a full slayer helm!
  17. Random level while i'm letting my friend catch his strength up to my def so we can get 99 together =/ o yea and sorry for the white, forgot to cut it out.
  18. I've been going to Duradel for awhile now but i've heard that sumona is faster xp and easier tasks. How much faster and easier is she? I'm trying to get 75 slayer asap and i want the fastest way possible. Thanks Beesk.
  19. it's ok i didn't either. But in my opinion, only cool kids get second page, am i right?
  20. To be a range tank you don't need any strength or attack levels but you may want to get them to a lower level jsut for training defence purposes. I'd say 80+ range and defence before you start pking. Also get at least 44 prayer for eagle eye. For equipment for trainging just use the best d hide you can,snakeskin boots, archers helm, bronze knives or magic short with bronze/iron/steel arrows. Pking equipment will all depend on your budget and stats when those come around. As for quests i couldnt help you much because i dont do many quests and the ones i have idr them lol. Gl luck, ultimate goal is 99range, defence,hp, and magic for max range tank. :thumbsup:
  21. I couldn't really answer that since i haven't been to hillies in years. But my guess is that you should be able to find a world that isn't crowded. I might've went there on my range tank within a year and it wasn't bad. Just go and try it out and if it's to bad find something else i guess.
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