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    put 10 workers on herbs and 5 on either maples or raw fish. Put at least 1.25m in and make sure when you go once a week you put enough in for 1.25m again. All you have to do is go once a week to get your rating to 100% and collect your supp;lies and put more money in You will always profit from this. It's great money that you do nothing for!
  2. Ok after i get 99 defence in a few weeks i'm going to start getting magic up. Which slayer tasks would be decent or good for maging? I'm going to be using mostly fire wave. I know metals and i could mage rex for daggonoths. What else? Thanks, Bee :cool:
  3. Ok i decided what i'm gonna do with my cash and all the info is in the first post!
  4. Ok so I have about 23m cash now and am looking to spend it. I've been saving for dragon claws but was thinking about buying tassies then selling when i get the rest of the cash to get claws. Is this a good idea or should i do something like this... Buy a fury or something then spend the rest on other items or mayeb skills? I need good suggestions for what to do with 23m cash please help! DECISION~ Ok this may not be the best idea but i really like it and i wanna go through with it. I am going to get 99 mage via fire waves. I plan on doing some metals and probably slayer and stuff with them. I'm gonna spend 10m(~25k bloods/cast) at a time. Then sell my drops to buy more. I need ~145k fire wave casts to get 99. I'm getting it this way because i can get the nice hp xp also and i like cb way more than non cb. What slayer tasks would fire wave be effective on other than irons? Any input please speak up! Thanks, Bee
  5. Nice pks but why is there like 4 pics under 1m in the over 1m column?
  6. Just some random pics. Got these in my first invent of monkfish ever after finally doing swan song. LOL WUT *points to egg whisk*
  7. Do you need the strings to put the ammies on?
  8. So i'm going to buy 85 magic someway and i was looking at string jewelery as an option. I have never done it so i wouldn't really know what to do. Can someone explain what all to buy to do this? And can you sell w/e you make afterwards or is it just going to be junk?
  9. Tbh most people jsut get their kc to like 5-10 then open chest. No need to get it any hgiher than 15 max.
  10. Yo low i'm not sure if i've posted on your tif blog so i'm doing it now! Gl with everything and you have an awesome first page keep up the good work! Cya around sodb and dks!
  11. Definately do it! It took me like 3 months to give up and spend 8m on 70 prayer finally and it was totally worth it.
  12. This happened to me once and i was just like "wtf". I didn't know it was possible either, but at least it doesn't happen often.
  13. Gratz, how much does it cost/xp and how long does it take to get an item roughly?
  14. So i decided to make this thread just for fun and to so who likes boss and how much they've made from that boss. Maybe even post some pics of big drops of yours! Try to keep this going because it keeps me entertained and others to read everyones answers! I'll go first: Favorite Boss: DKS Why: They are very fun and not extremely challenging. Also i know they are very good money and xp. How much have I made: Not much because i just started them not to long ago but i know i will make plenty in the future!
  15. Nice stuff man, jsut got 70 prayer myself a few days ago. Gl with everything!
  16. Grats, i really like this screen shot because there's a lot happening in it and the house is sweet. yeah, i feel ya =P
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