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  1. GL with 99 slayer! I just saw you this morning at nechs but i didn't know you were a tifer.
  2. I used grey chins aswell because they were highly recommended by members of tif. They are half the cost and like 2/3 the xp (don't quote me it's been awhile). Since i was on a budget i thought that sound pretty good. It worked out really well and saved me a ton of cash. This was about a year ago so idk prices of chins really anymore so i wouldn't know the estimated cost or anything. For a familiar, i guess a tort if anything but you really don't need a familiar.
  3. That's what i though but someone told me it differs with magic. So i really don't know.
  4. 150-175k magic xp? What about hp? If you know
  5. No, but i'm sure i could get a sol if needed. I sold mine awhile back because i wasn't using enough.
  6. I'm trying to figure a few things out with magic and summoning and hp xp and stuff. I know this varies with magic but does anyone know the rough amount of hp xp per 1k bursts? Also i forget how many crims you can get per 1k bursts.(estimate) I am 82 magic atm since i'm sure that will change some of the estimations. Thanks -Bee
  7. Gratz <3: . [hide]Haven't posted in awhile so here are a few minor levels. Have 70 smithing banked, to lazy to get atm, especially being close to 99 hp. Slayer Tab: Rest of bank(probably a few mil chilling in bank still): That BOB was taken a few weeks ago, probably more now.[/hide]
  8. Damnit i missed the best party of all :cry: . Sorry i wasn't on and gratz broski! <3:
  9. Gratz on 99 range! it's hawt, my first 99. :thumbsup: Gl with all of your other 99 goals!
  10. Ok so i need to get a few of my skills 60+ and I would like to do them ASAP since i don't like a few of them very much. I need to know the fastest way to get: 54-60 hunter. 50-60 construction. 53-60 thieving. 55-60 smithing. Thanks for the answers when they come. -Bee
  11. 1.(Runescape)Fifa 10(PS3) 2.MW2 3.MLB 10 4.GTA 4 5. NCAA 10 X-box 360 for the rest.
  12. Gratz on 99 defence. It's my second 99 aswell but 99 range was my first <3. 10/10.
  13. I looked at brainy's herb spread sheet before that's how i know it's ~17m for 72 herb. But i just don't know if the pots will sell back or not, if they don't then it's going to be a lot more than 17m and i don't want that.
  14. Ok so i have extra cash lying around and i'm gonna buy 72 herb(no reason except for it's closer to extremes than i am now). I'm going to make super attacks to 63 then super restores to 72. My questions are...Will super attack and super restores sell back after i'm done making them or no? I'm only going to buy 72 if they do because then it will only be ~17m. Any other ideas or tips for me are appreciated also. Thanks, Bee
  15. One of my best rs ideas yet :thumbsup: .(some of you may not get what my name even is.)
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