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  1. safe spot hillies is good f2p range xp. when you get to like 60 you could move to mossies.
  2. 4 months after i get 99 range i finally get this minor achievement :cool: . Got it while camping avies to try and make money so i'm not so damn poor :wall:
  3. everyone who was logged into rs and is a member got that message and animation. not sure what it is though
  4. ok, thanks everyone. and joe, not sure if i can do it tomorrow or not. if not maybe some other time for sure.
  5. I don't have much cash so i don't have everything that i would like. I'm going to use mystic boots but they haven't bought in the ge. Anything i should def change? This is goiing to be my first dks trip and my friends have told me to start out maging then get into hybriding after awhile. Should i use the glory or a stole? Thanks Beesk.
  6. YAY! half way to 99 :wall: . Also 110 cb milestone :thumbsup: . Since this fight caves is going well atm, lets hope i come out of it with what i went in for. :ohnoes:
  7. This is my final setup/inv for fight caves. gonna borrow a archers ring before i go in tomorrow though. Anything should change? PS i barely have any cash so no big adjustments plz. thanks,beesk
  8. gl man :thumbsup: . 99 defence is going to be my second 99 also. My second fav cb skill.
  9. I to am planning on doing az's to 99 def now. I did the math and figured out if i kill 566 az's for the next 50 days i will have 99 def. and if you do some more math it's only like maybe 2 hours of az killing per day. now for you its gonna be much less since you are 93 and i'm 85. Just go to tip.it special calcs and go to fighting calc. put in monsters with 85 hp(az's hp) and to lvl 99. it will tell how many you need. now divide the number of days you want to do this into the number of az's you need to kill. that will tell you how many per day to kill. Thanks to Zokot for giving me the formula for doing that lol. Gl
  10. Slayer for sure. Like you said you will get a lot more money. Plus it's still pretty good xp and more fun. You can do az's when you need to do hw or watch a movie or something because you can afk them. Slayer=good money and good xp Az's=bad money and good xp I guess just do some of both.
  11. Gratz on the top zokot! :thumbsup: who's that cool guy in private chat? jk :cool:
  12. im gonna go with bronze dagger. but i guess thats not as ugly as a fletching cape or granite armor :cool:
  13. 1 more closer to 75. 4 to go. about 1m loot from 70-71. 3 greaters task out of the the 6 tasks. 2 dusties. and a black drag. still banking all loot till 75. :thumbsup:
  14. I only have 130 qp's because im not a big fan of quests. I really want to do wgs for td's though. So obviously i have a lot to do to get there. I was wondering what quests I should start out with for sure before doing others and what ones i should wait to do till the end. I know you guys don't know what quests i have already done but i've done most of them that give big rewards (mm,dt,ld) things like that.) so if you could please list some off that i should get out of the way and ones that should wait till the end i would be grateful. thanks, beesk.
  15. How do you video tape or record your cod mw2 matches? I have been curious and want to do it myself.
  16. was at 4k till 70 for like 5-6 months and decided to start slaying again last night so i finally got this. :thumbsup: now for 75. off topic: how do you get rid of that little advertisement by my pic?
  17. easy fast xp would be spiders(afkable) or bandits or az's(armoured zombies).
  18. i have achieved 99 range this past year and i love the cape. the only reason i have not gone for a fire cape is because i dont know if im going to wear it because i dont wanna take my skill cape off. The reason? because without it on no one will know that you have 99 range and i wont feel as cool and powerful lol. But i have decided im going to get a fire cape within the next month. i will probably only wear it for gwd and harder monsters to kill. To answer your questions. 1-skill cape 2-fire cape 3-skill cape skill cape over all.
  19. ok thanks ill try this. how much xp per hour?
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