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  1. Bam! This is the way to do it. I'm at avies as we speak making money for chins or maybe I'll save the money some sexy armor with that sexy range cape eh. :lol:
  2. i gave you some ideas already i just wanted to ask you if you could pm on here when you put em up on utube or watever so i can watch em? :thumbsup:
  3. pking guide maybe like the setups and stats and stuff and strategies and w/e else is good.
  4. Yes you can slay them in sw I always do my jellies task in sw. :thumbsup:
  5. yea no one except my family and 2 of my best friends know i play. im really good at keeping it secret. my friends wouldnt say anything cuz they dont know i play a lot they just think i get on every once in awhile. i actually heard some of my friends talking about how they started play rs again but i never said anything cuz it might get around that i do and i dont want that. :thumbsup: But i make sure no one knows that i play.
  6. i have a bunch of screenies,but i can't figure out how to post them on here from paint. :wall: can anyone explain to me how too. thanks.
  7. how do you get a screenie on here from paint? when i know how i will post one.
  8. a certain dungeon?idk or maybe different weps and armor and set-ups or something. killing certain monsters. items what monsters drop rare items. just some ideas probably some dumb ones too. :wall:
  9. tyvm,actually just got 84 a few minutes ago. gl to you too :thumbsup:
  10. The couple times that I have pk'd I always do it at ge. Where do you suggest to try or do you think ge is the best?just wanted some suggestions. :thumbsup:
  11. Red chins at the skeleton monkeys in that monkey madness dungeon place,is the fastest in the game.Or mummies in chaos tunnels is fast too but not as good as the monkeys. :thumbsup:
  12. im getting 99 fletching not for the cape but because i like to fletch, plus i want to get a easy cape to get so i can have my trimmed str cape when i get it(currently 85/99) hmm i guess thats better but still i would never. btw, your first cape is untrimmed but when you get your second they both become trimmed and so on.
  13. let me put it this way. you are gonna pay 6 bucks a month. 150 hours about of your life To carve pixely wood with a pixely knife! imo its a waste,just go get a good 99 like combat related. Sorry to be a {you know what} about this but seriously just think about it.
  14. My first d drop was dragon legs at bronze drags. But nice stuff. :thumbsup:
  15. Ok not gonna lie i don't have either cuz i don't have a 360 or ps3.But i have played cod4 and have heard about waw.I have bought so many games for ps2 and psp and everything with the guns from WW2 like the m1 garand and gewer rifle and so on. I prefer playing with the newer guns with better sights and everything. So i would say cod4. Anyone who gives me bs becuz i dont have a 360 or ps3 idc! W/e im not listening to you. Thats just my opinion on the game i prefer.Even tho ive heard they are very similar.
  16. fletching useless USELESS why i outta!!! its only the truth,after you get 99 you will never use fletching again except maybe to make a few arrows or bolts to save some money.Other than that its useless!
  17. nice bank i wish i could have those chins because im goin for 99 now too,got almost 83 now 10/10
  18. i suggested a skilling lvl. \ You did, but it won't empty my bank and get me 0gp. It makes profit. -.- how does construction make a profit? -.- its a real money drainer/
  19. maybe construction? if you put some time,money,and have a good cons lvl your house can be very useful. just a thought. can't really put calculations because it all depends on how you do it. :thumbsup:
  20. ok i understand guys thanks a lot now my dreams of a trimmed range cape and it being first will come true. :thumbsup:
  21. so i made up my mind that i would never get a skill skill cape (wc,fishing,etc) before a combat skill cape (range,melee,etc).And so i'm going for 99 range now and i always said it would be my first 99.But i really want a trimmed range cape but can't do that and have it be my first 99.So i need your advice.Should i get a easy skill skill cape most likely cooking or just get untrimmed range and suck it up. Another question.If i get a second 99 can i go back and buy another cape from my first 99 and it be trimmied or only 2nd on?
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