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  1. It was a hell of a ride for DV from 2008-2010. I thank all the DV members who are still in it and were there to have fun in our events. All the DV members will always have the tiny little space in their heart to put the things they did with DV in it and even if the members of DV have joined other clans or quit runescape, they will always be part of this clan forever. I also thank the haters for helping us out always trying to stand and come back and fight. I also thank the tip.it mods for doing a good job when DV was in TWR. I thank all my friends in this clan world for supporting me and helping me out. I've also quit runescape and moved on. R.I.P. Divine Vindicators 2008-2010 Ray
  2. nice post romdath : <3: and grats on the win se :thumbup:
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