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    Lol, tons of people have tried that same thing, which is why I've had to add 'extra security' to the cash (ie: making it only accessable via pin, photo id, and a special signature). Kinda weird how money does this to people though...my parents die in a car accident, and rather than feel sorry for me/my little brother being on our own, they tell us about their problems thinking we'll help them. To quote ww2 japanese general mirua, 'men who obtain more than what they need also obtain more of what they're trying to get rid of'.
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    Well, I'm from vancouver (which, like many parts of canada, doesn't use the 1-dollar bill). Mind you, I have done all I really wanted to do with it (namely buy a decent 600k house, pay for the next 2 years of university). It's kinda weird though seeing as my parents' house (which is now me/my brothers' 'summer house') has all our old memories. Gonna be tough if we do decide to sell it.
  3. ><...Rushrock didn't do it correctly, so I'm gonna continue along w/ napalm's: What mexicans say after 'what's the' Great balls of fire!
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    Well, I have 11.3m in the bank (after fully paying off my mortgage/bills), and 3 days into me being 'rich', I go and re-break my ankle. Apparently the screws that were put in there were of low quality, meaning that I'm gonna be 'forced' into court to confront the guy who fixed my ankle (apparently he's been doing this to other people too, so it's gonna be a joint lawsuit). Back in a wheelchair until I have surgery on my ankle, which should be in a few days. After that, they expect me to be unable to use it for 6-8weeks.
  5. Different meanings of fingers: Thumb up: good job Thumb down: bad job index finger-pointed: get someone's attention Middle finger-pointed: insult Ring finger-pointed: 'hey you, I'm married' Pinkey-pointed: 'hey look, I'm british' Pinkey-pointed toward mouth: 'I'm an enemy of austin powers!'
  6. Lol...I saw some construction workers on the way to the hospital yesterday. Gave'm a thumbs up on the way there, and the finger on the way back.
  7. Fun fact: the people who made blair witch took their ideas from watching screaming fg'ers running naked out of wits' basement.
  8. And don't ask for the nickel tour. Her definition of 'nickel tour' involves 2 naked men, 3 shaved cats, 50ft of chain, and enough rubber to cover alaska.
  9. Meh, I just got my 2000th bp in the subway, may as well post my singles team if anyone wants to try it: [email protected] sash: Calm 200hp/100def/108spa/100sp.def -giga drain -stun spore -leech seed -trick room [email protected] band Brave 252atk/200def/56sp.def -stone edge -earthquake -crunch -dragon claw [email protected] Careful 104atk/152def/252sp.def -leech seed -curse -power whip -gyro ball The idea is simple: stun/seed the enemy lead, then either giga drain the enemy until you're at low hp, or (if the sash has kicked in) trick room before whimsicott dies. Tyrannitar comes in next, benefitting off the doomed lead and ohkoing it. Ferro can also come in should you choose to gain curses rather than go for the trick-room/band sweep.
  10. This just in: if you laid all the members of fg end to end, you'd be one brave person.
  11. Wasting pp-increasers is a pretty big issue, especially since (damage output-wise) flamethrower/flame burst are better. I'll give you an example: Flamethrower has 15pp, with a base power of 95 and an accuracy of 100. If you throw this into the equation d(o)=(bpxpp)(a/100), you get 1425. Now, we can easily use this equation for fire blast too: (125x5)(85/100). Not using a calculator, I still know the number is roughly 1/2 that of flamethrower. For competitive, you rely on high base powers. For in-game/playthrough, you rely on high damage output/utilizing your stabs.
  12. I'd be up for helping both of you with your teams (just suggested pm's earlier because I thought fiery was the only one who had subway questions).
  13. Picking the team is pretty easy. The number of games is the tough part.
  14. That'd make it too easy though. I could theoretically get every team right with no care for statistics and still win...
  15. Well, the way it normally is that, except that it descends too (ie: 4>7>6>5)
  16. If you want a good subway team, I've more or less mastered that. Just send me a pm of which subway you'll be participating in, and what you're looking for in a lead, and I'll be able to help you out there. Oh, and sac emboar for chandelure. Emboar is pathetically weak, and chandelure is better defensively than it (due to the lack of weaknesses to flying/psychic, and the immunities to fighting/normal).
  17. However with lower pp, it's inefficient. Flame burst still has a better damage-pp ratio.
  18. Should be interesting though. So far my predictions (excluding the number of games) are 4-2. If my final 2 teams win, then I'll theoretically be leading. (Oh, and we should do pick rankings based on points: 1point for getting the correct team, 3points for getting the correct number of games, and -1point for every number of games your off). Ie: Let's say someone predicts that vancouver wins in 7, and they end up winning in 4. That person would get 1 point for picking the correct team, and (3-3) points for getting the number of games.
  19. foursideking


    @lizzy: make sure to hang onto his adress/phone #. Judging by his personality, he's probably gonna be one of those fathers that runs off for a couple years w/o paying anything for the kid, returning later/wanting partial-custody.
  20. Reminder: in game teams don't need to be perfect. A little while ago, I beat pkmn white in under 7hrs (which I think is pretty decent) using only an excadrill, darumatan, and an oshawott (the oshawott being for hms). Game itself is simple, it's the competitive/subway that's 'difficult'.
  21. Meh, I restarted my black due to the sh'tty nature/iv's of my reshiram. Trying out a nu team consisting of swoobat, simisage, krokorok, tepig, and joltik.
  22. I've predicted semi-well. Have most of the teams correct, just the wrong number of games...
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