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  1. Picked up guitar hero:warriors of rock. Gotta admit, the quest mode is pretty fun/innovative.
  2. Banning these clothes doesn't really make sense. If women wanna make themselves feel oppressed, then let them wear their robes/facemasks, and let'm watch their spike tv. And let'm listen to rap music.
  3. I believe kovalchuk, bertuzzi, and khabibulin would all disagree with you kimberly. Anywho, way off topic. I don't like women with breast implants...may make'm look bigger, but they also look weirder...
  4. I started puzzle pirates in 2005. Entered with no mmorpg/poker experience, left with 18000dubloons and a poker hobby (oh, and I had 2grand frigates, but didn't use'm much as they were a pain in the arse to stock/paint). Mmhmm, puzzle pirates: you either win huge by playing poker there or you end up being poor the entire time.
  5. Contra has roms, name should be changed to 'hardest original/non-rom game on the internet'. Also, I'm pretty sure puzzle pirates counts as hardest mmorpg, seeing as it takes years to be successful.
  6. Meh, the penguins have a better chance of winning with bing crosby than they do with sid. He hasn't been playing too well as of late, and the lightning are too good this year.
  7. This is the hardest game? Weird, I always thought contra was due to the limited continues/hard campaign.
  8. @tripsis: the entire series sucked completely, but the commercial ratings were some of the best of the decade (scoring, on average, a rating of 9.5). Compare that to the first one's rating of 5, the second's of 6.5, and the third's of 4, and you can see how sometimes advertising can be total bull-bleep-. Oh, and I saw jackass 3/bought the entire series. Gotta admit, redneck massochism is funny when bam margera does it.
  9. Yamask/coffigragus is cruddy at best. Sure, his def/spec.def may be good, but his movepool is severely limited/horrible, and against the e4, you'll need to invest a ton of spec.def ev's just to survive the n battle.
  10. I just checked my b/w guide, and it turns out that the only smoke ball is located somewhere in castelia city. Bridges were for 6 of the 19 total dwsng ultraballs...
  11. Pretty simple actually. Just have the dowsing mchn set to y, then equip your bike and go around all the routes. Iirc, the smoke ball is located at/around one of the bridges. Oh, and there are 3 available ppmaxes (with one being in the desert tower).
  12. I remember obtaining a smoke ball off of the dowsing mchn. That, and iirc, the guy who hands out evo items north of undella gives'm too.
  13. You can also get rcb's on the eastern-most ship in castelia city. Thus, if you do it enough, you can capture all 5 zen-mode darma's outside the tower. Also, finally fully-beat the subways, now have 955bp to spend.
  14. @vulxai: the dragonquest series was always a good rpg one (although they're all ds based). Luckily, dsi's are like 100bucks now, and many of the dragonquest games (namely 9 and 7) are some of the best/cheapest rpg's out there. Also have a question: are the other guitar hero games worth getting? Just recently bought warriors of rock, found it fun, wondering if the older ones are more/less challenging.
  15. Cap space is still useful when they do use it. They could've signed nabokov for 1 year and, provided they didn't resign him, he'd still be more beneficial than giguere. My prediction: giguere doesn't get resigned/picked up by any team, and goes to russia where he plays/retires.
  16. Anaheim already has 2 decent goaltenders, and giguere's stock is crashing and burning. Cap space is still cap space, as with more, toronto can make their team better.
  17. A 7th rounder and 6mil in cap space is worth more than giguere, as they can be used to get what toronto currently needs (those being better forwards).
  18. Googolplex: noun 1) A really huge number 2) The wrestling move that bill gates used to defeat andre the giant.
  19. You have to admit though: giguere kept the leafs out of the playoffs this year. The leafs could've traded toskala for an 8th rounder, and they'd still have more to work with than they would with giguere. Burke won a cup, with the ducks. He also may have shaped the canucks, but with the way they were headed, any person following the path could've done the same things as burke.
  20. With women in porn though, they lack the mystery that the non-porn actresses do nudity-wise. Let's face it, women like stacy keibler are 100x more hot when you include the fact that barely anyone has seen them naked. The mysteries of nudity: making non-porn actresses hot since 1974!
  21. giguere is a former cup/vezina winner whose best seasons were clearly behind him. He did such a poor job that hiller effectively usurped his starting job (managing to bring the ducks into the playoffs, like giguere did years ago). The leafs are effectively the same team. Similar statistics, similar goaltending, just an undeniably worse gm. They got rid of toskala, sure, but goaltender-wise, they became no further ahead with giguere. They could've traded toskala away for a draft pick, and used the cap space of giguere to get themselves better overall offence.
  22. The earth's atmosphere (in volume) is equivalent to 2/5ths of the entire volume of the earth itself.
  23. Defensively, toronto is still at the very same spot now as they were back in 2001. Burke, if you remember correctly, used to be the gm for a little team in anaheim known as the ducks. Because of this, he made plenty of friends there, and has been trying to use that to get toronto some of his old anaheim players (namely giguere). Fletcher never had that bias, and this bias was the only true reason that a knowledgable person such as burke would bring over a useless/horrible goalie in giguere.
  24. Not really. Although they have a new administration, the team they had a decade ago is still effectively there stat-wise. Arguably though, the best gm they've had was fletcher, primarily due to him not having a bias toward picking up washed-up anaheim players. That, and fletcher knew exactly how he wanted the leafs, building it the same way that he'd build his cheeseburger.
  25. ><...Das, we should use that same site for you....end up with matthew perry.
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