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    Homemade ravioli with ricotta cheese/shredded broccoli for the filling, covered in bermacoli-style sauce (bermacoli being a combination of chili powder, curry, and diced jalepenos).
  2. Women who are too self-conscious. Gaining 5lbs isn't a bad thing, right?
  3. Demoli, I think I owe you a free subway item...recently built a sand-subway team using your landorus/tyrannitar/exca, got a winning streak of 320 (mind you, I also added a garchomp for doubles coverage).
  4. foursideking

    E3 2011

    Wasn't the wii controller originally gonna have something similar? I remember seeing an article a while back that had the current wii remote with a mini-screen at the bottom that'd show details on battery-life/current game progress.
  5. I've always had a spot in my heart for sonic. Not because of the fact that he's an awkward-looking franchise mascot, but because, imo, he's the mascot for all those people who want to rip off marvel comics (think about it, a blue hedgehog...a red-suited man who runs really fast...). Sad that this sonic game isn't available on wii, seeing as nintendo has more or less catered to sonic entirely since it debuted back in 1991.
  6. @wongtong: that's happened to me/my fiance numerous times. Gotta admit, it truly is annoying. Also, another annoying thing: people who assume they can borrow something w/o telling you just because you have 2 of it (ie: my idiot neighbor borrowing one of my guitar hero controllers, then when I find it at his house, him using the excuse 'well, you had 2, so I thought you wouldn't mind...'. Should ask'm next time if I can borrow 1/2 his house...
  7. foursideking

    E3 2011

    Project cafe is also pretty unneeded. Don't get me wrong, it'll probably sell, but after the 3ds being released earlier this month, wii2 seems entirely unneeded. Should've waited a year before doing this imo, then we could thoroughly judge the 3ds w/o having to worry about a new system taking over our old one.
  8. Dragonquest ix: sentinels of the starry skies. For all those looking for another time-sinking/tough as hell rpg, this one is diabolically difficult (took me 3hours of grinding just to train to the skills needed to beat the 5th-last boss)
  9. True, however even if mence/chomp were banned, haxorus would still have steep competition/be pretty useless regardless. With hydreigon being an effective mixed sweep/stall-breaker, haxorus is still pushing bl due to 'usability'. The only way haxorus could survive this gen is if they banned every ice/dragon stab user in the tier...
  10. foursideking

    E3 2011

    Danqua, no offense, but your arguement is sinking faster than the gameboy micro did when it came out. The way nintendo's systems are going seems to follow a method resembling this: 1) New system comes out 2) Nintendo develops 70-ish games for the system (and, using simple statistics, we can determine that 10% of them are actually good) 3) While people are busy putting money into this system, nintendo is busy at work finding 1 flaw to fix/1 thing to add. 4) 1 year after step 1, nintendo releases the new/relatively same system, rendering the old system moot. Nintendo is greedy, period. Sony/microsoft on the other hand, well, they fix more than 1 flaw/add more than 1 idea when remaking a system (see: ps3 with a bluray player).
  11. Not exactly mask. Flygon found a niche during the end of last gen for being able to revenge-scarf kill many of the ou boost sweepers (namely the d'dance and cm abusers). Haxorus doesn't have that privledge, and is instead forced to roam a generation where base 120offensive stats AND base 100speed is more or less manditory.
  12. In competitive though, the basic set is: Jolly Life orb -d'dance -dual strike/outrage -eq -rock slide Oh, and without jolly nature, axew effectively becomes ice-beam fodder to many pkmn. And don't worry ginger, many times figuring out the metagame can be solved simply by using the pkmn in the generation.
  13. Ginger, I think you forgot a few things: -best mold-breaker eq abuser in ou (having the ability to ohko the likes of gengar/eelektross with relative ease -dual strike gives it a niche in that it can bust subs and tear the pkmn behind them to shreds -inability to use stone edge/shifts in the ou tier mean that he often gets killed before posing any major threat (lati twins/skarmory/ferro threaten it huge, as the latis can ohko it with ease, wheras skarmory resists most of its movepool/both steel types can come in and effectively setup).
  14. foursideking

    E3 2011

    @ginger: isn't that the best part of online multiplayer nintendo games? Multiplayer nintendo games are like the church: you can worship/enjoy it all alone, but it truly is better if you join a church for them...
  15. foursideking

    E3 2011

    You could also argue, that the transition from n64 to gcn was a step back when it comes to the games themselves. After all, gamecube never truly matched ocarina of time (mind you, windwaker came damn close).
  16. foursideking

    E3 2011

    Untrue danqua...see nintendo dsi/dsi-xl, and the gameboy advanced series for details...
  17. foursideking

    E3 2011

    Weird, nintendo already released the 3ds, so all the 'major' news of this conference from them is only gonna revolve around the 'new wii', which, imo, will be the dsi of the nintendo family (in that it'll have a few more 'nifty features', but essentially it'll be the same old thing). As much as it pains me to disagree with ginger/agree with a mod, in this instance, I have to. Take a look at all the other systems and their gaming: xbox has kinect, which is glitchy at best and has severely limited 'freeline gaming'. Playstation has their new controller thingy, which is essentially the wii's remote with a few minor asthetic changes/worse control issues. The wii came up with 'freeline gaming' before the other 2 systems, and since then has sold to every major age-group with incredible results (even including the elderly, which, in itself is a pretty big feat for something that's essentially a 'toy). The wii caters to all niches, and until playstation/xbox cater to the other markets besides teenagers, they're doomed to fail.
  18. Timesplitters had horribly-bad graphics compared to other shooting games, and has yet to produce a game better than an 8.0/10. Check please...
  19. You can emphasize the word 'crap' in 'crapton' when talking about timesplitters. Game is the playstation equivalent of conduit...
  20. Theoretically, the basis of all friendships is to create a stablized atmosphere of fun, while establishing as much trust as possible. In the case of 'true friends', the circumstances would have to last forever, as if they ended, then the friend would not technically be true. Ergo: many people will say that they have true friends, but the chance of having one is heavily unlikely.
  21. Another annoying thing: tomboys. If women choose to act like men, then they should let you know their sexuality first...
  22. Weird. Exactly one year ago, infernape was tearing through ou, quagsire was an nu inferior lanturn, and blaziken was slitting its wrists in uu with venomoth. Oh, how the times have changed...
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