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  1. That, and I bet that the foam fingers with the words 'we're #24!' Will block access to the wrists...lol
  2. Not exactly off-topic in a runescape forum, and I'm not exactly sure whether or not to care...
  3. At least next season we won't have to worry about this. Chances are, because of all the bad decisions brian burke's done, many of the leafs fans will have committed suicide before next year's playoffs...
  4. You're a leafs fan yguy...any time you try to prove that the leafs are doing good, it's more or less trying to prove that they're doing the near impossible. Facts are: the leafs are not in the playoffs. Therefore, they are not good, their team stinks, and many of their players are not good. You trying to prove that kessel will benefit the team more than 3 picks? It's like me trying to prove that every runescape moderator can be killed with a tapioca bullet...
  5. Well, das, if you had read it, you would've realized that the entire wall of text was summing up the point of +/- actually being a useful thing. That, and it continued on a pretty funny arguement in which yguy tries to prove that the leafs are doing the near-impossible.
  6. By god, so this is what mods can do? If that's the case, then I guess any/all posts made regarding toronto can be removed seeing as their useless spam. After all, we all know that they're not gonna be doing much in the next 200years.
  7. A video-game section mod in here? By god, it's the mod-pocalypse!!!
  8. Pansage is good once it learns all its good attack moves (namely seed bomb). You're gonna really need it though for the e4, as otherwise jellicent would screw you over.
  9. Family guy was created by a bunch of aliens from uranus...tee hee hee.
  10. To be fair though, the same could be said about miller as it could be about bryzgalov. If bryz plays as good as he's done in the past 2 seasons, then expect phx to have an incredibly huge goaltending edge over sj. Also, if montreal actually manages to stop whining when price (their cruddy wanna-be hero goaltender) doesn't do well, then they could manage to win that series. Mind you, with all that's happened this year for boston, I expect them to possibly make the eastern finals. After reviewing the statistics, I've come to a pretty interesting conclusion: there is no way tampa can lose in the first round. Tampa's had amazing defence, incredibly consistant scoring, and is playing like they did when they won the cup years ago. Factor in them also being 13-5 against pittsburg in their last 18 meetings, and they undoubtably have an edge. First round re-predictions (due to playoff shifts and such): Van vs chi: van in 5 Sj vs lak: lak in 6 Det vs phx: phx in 5 Ana vs nsh: ana in 4 Phi vs buf: phi in 7 Bos vs mtl: bos in 6 Pit vs tbl: tbl in 5 Was vs nyr: was in 4
  11. Yes fiery. Drilbur= the best playthrough pkmn in history (due to its high atk/speed, and access to both stabs at lv16). Zebstrika sucks, better to just ditch...
  12. Mmhmm, and stewie was the only good part about it, but they even managed to kill his adorability (by turning him into a gay, transvestite weirdo). Family guy was good at the beginning, but now, it seems like they're just milking it for money, not caring whether they air crap or not (mind you, with their fanbase, they could air an episode with jesus sucking off the arab god and it'd still probably get the same ratings/'laughs')
  13. I'm guessing either ducktales or kingdom hearts...
  14. Meh, I just hope it isn't the hawks vs flyers. Kinda sick of the whole 'same teams in finals every 2 years' thing that the penguins/wings started.
  15. Johnny deep...with the pirated carribean high...
  16. Walkthroughs/guides are only truly good if you learn to not be dependant of them. After all, being too dependant of guides eventually leads to you focusing on them rather than the interesting parts of the game itself.
  17. Resident evil: darkside chronicles. First resident evil game that I'm trying, should be fun considering it's a fps/different from the others in the series.
  18. I just used drilbur/ottah for clay. Oh, and the reason that they don't have that many water type pkmn: only 1 of the gyms/none of the e4 are weak to water, thus making water types fairly useless this gen. That and we don't really need any of the water hm's till post-e4...
  19. There should be a thread: pics of people who look like they'd be fun to get high with...dtg/rainy, you'd be on the cover page!
  20. Aww, blyaunte's leaving? But who else will yoink yguy's head out of his rear end/back to reality...
  21. Ginger, I'll answer your question with one of my own: let's say a game (ie: pkmn hg/ss) has all it's fun stuff stacked at the end. Should you be able to cheat to reach it? Or should you play through 12hours of boring storyline.
  22. For me, cheating is purely dependant on how good the game, to me, is. Cheating on games with good stories (ie: resident evil ones) tends to be a waste seeing as the story is usually worth playing/getting involved in. Cheating in bad games though (ie: pkmn diamond/pearl/platinum) seems ok to me, as the story isn't really that good, and there'd be no real consequences of speeding up to get to the ever-enjoyable 'post-game'.
  23. Well, the whole gustavvson thing comes to mind. Your main goal on defending him was to try and prove that the leafs unquestionably need/should use him next season. Rather than defend it further, you go right back to kessel, a horse long since beaten with a stick in this thread.
  24. So you agree that you've only been defending a side partially/whining when you start losing, rather than defend it fully. Yguy, this thread has many points. And like a circumcized porcupine, missing even one can prove fatal.
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