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  1. A british royal wedding. By god, if dentists were to be afraid of a useless thing, this'd be it.
  2. Tried it, and it didn't work too well. Cottonee can't learn trick room, has waaay lower hp, and with lefties/leech seed, you tend to get the same 'blocking power'.
  3. Trick room actually works pretty well, seeing as the stats moves are unaffected by speed due to prankster giving priority regardless. That, and it virtually allows you to turn any one pkmn into a tank (depending on which boosting pkmn you bring out).
  4. If anyone wants an idea for a scarily-effective subway lead, here's the new one I use: [email protected] Prankster/Bold 100hp/200def/8spa/200sp.def -cotton guard/trick room/sunny day -leech seed -stun spore -energy ball The idea is pretty simple: para the enemy lead, then seed it, then either build def with cg (if the enemy is physical-offensively oriented), attack (if the enemy is weak to grass), or switch to another pkmn (thus giving that pkmn free time to setup/free healing off leech). Trick room/sunny day could also be used instead of cotton guard, should your team be in need of it.
  5. 'Me want gee peeees!'. By god, if I laid all those noobs end to end...well, it'd definitely scar them for life...
  6. 1/10. It'd be higher, if it weren't for the lack of dem consonants....why don't you and dem vowels get a room...
  7. Hmm...I guess this map is good. Brings new meaning to the term 'killing dem lumby noobs!'.
  8. Or wait, I forget. What band was ozzy with during the 70s? Because the music they did without him was horrible...
  9. Mmhmm, nashville earned that one. Should be interesting to see them in the 2nd round. Vancouver, well, they're in an interesting position. If they lose this series, then we can almost guarantee an eastern team winning the cup. And even if they somehow do make it, then there's no way in hell that they'll make it past detroit.
  10. soundgarden is good for the few 'metal' songs they have. That, and metallica, mind you their 'non-ozzy' songs were horrible...
  11. Weird, for a second I thought wongtong was trying to invent a new swear using that picture...the combination of 'can' and 'chicken'.
  12. Meh, I blame the kid. They put warnings on games for a reason, and, iirc, they've had a 'do not share sensitive/personal information during online play' warning on every game since 2007. If kids are too dumb to follow these warnings, then there's no real hope for them, is there?
  13. Beverly hills: 902, shoe size: 10
  14. Halo, don't forget the electric beaver!
  15. Either bribe your way or spread rumors of the other candidates 'comprimising' themselves with the teachers. That's how bush won back in 2000, iirc.
  16. 7 frogs out of 10 mother-reproduce-ing snakes on a mother-reproduce-ing plane!
  17. Darn -gardening tools- acting like -female dogs-. They should really learn their mother-reproduce-ing lesson. This new politically correct swear filter is good, eh?
  18. Hang onto it. Judging by the amount that have been broken/discarded, they'll probably be worth a fortune in 20-30yrs...
  19. Seeing as I cannot post pictures, I'll let you go again.
  20. I listen to good music. Mind you, I went deaf after listening to that one song that sounded like wits murdering all her cats at once. Damn you journey!
  21. This just in: abc likes to piddle with fedofhiles!
  22. Well, if you can, try to think of the "lill'un" as a better replacement for the father.
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