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  1. Actually, depending on the holiday, it can easily represent more money into the economy. Not all businesses close on holidays...
  2. Wits hasn't put me in a manga edit yet, which is kinda a good thing seeing as I have a photo-shopped picture of her sitting with some cats playing poker...
  3. I don't complain about all of them, just odd-looking ones (like the mexi-chinese guy wongtong posted).
  4. Danqua's got a good point. Everyone, buy a gun and a case of viagra for your country. Both enable plenty of confidence...
  5. Zaaps, you forgot flamethrower. And inferno could be pretty debatable when factoring in chandelure's already awesome type coverage with fire/ghost/grass, types which are only resisted by hydreigon/his prevos. Calm mind/sub are never useful on an ingame pkmn, and you tend to go through multiple battles, and even if used, they're essentially overkill.
  6. ><...The first post in this thread in the past week, and it's wongtong killing the mojo.
  7. Nintendo just called, apparently they like this idea.
  8. @bows: but fingering as a whole is still a pretty annoying thing to see. Sure, it may not be as popular, but fingering still touches our 'society' in a weird way.
  9. That, and it's generally easier to run shadow ball/flamethrower over hex/willo. Chandelure can ohko plenty of pkmn in the metagame, making it useless as a willo-setup'er. Not to mention the fact that you're wasting the turn(s) setting up willo for a mere 5base power difference.
  10. Lol...someone tried to finger me once. Managed to stop them before they did that dirty gesture. In all seriousness, things like these make no sense. How is one finger meaner/not as mean as the others. From what I currently get: thumbs up is praising, middle finger is insulting. I guess if you really wanted to do something interesting, then you could give someone both and see how they respond...
  11. And for every gun out there, there are 50 non-lethal alternatives. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the idea of 'self-defence'. I'm just against the idea of someone being able to use their 'self-defence tool' to kill someone/something, should that said person suddenly go phychoticly unstable.
  12. Just a quick hypothetical for furah: Let's say 100 people go on a killing spree, killing 5 people each. When asked why they did it, they then reply 'it was self defence for each kill'. Should we let them keep their guns? Iirc, earlier in this post we were discussing how the concept of 'fear of the unknown' is what pushes people to own guns. Unfortunately, fear is rarely an excuse for being allowed to weild/carry something that can kill everywhere you go. If you're afraid of getting robbed in your current house, then move.
  13. I'd believe that she was sitting, and did it at 4am. On you, well, you'd need a miracle to proove that.
  14. The entire social event reminds me of that one wedding between 'rob and amber'. Overall, it'll bring money into the economy, mind you so does just about everything concerning britain. As for william having high power/status, I see 2 huge flaws with that: he won't actually do anything politically to the country, and status, like I've said before, does not make him any more important. Other people already control the country, not william. William isn't their prime minister, nor is he really the leader of anything. Thus, his 'power' is pretty low/diminished. Status-wise, being named prince/king is just a flashy title with no real power behind it, unlike how it was back in the 1600s. I could go rename myself 'prince fourside of king', and that name wouldn't net me any more power than I already have. As for the rest of your post, I can more or less sum it up with the words 'why should we care'.
  15. Yeah, he was gonna have a potae of toes and you go and starch up the thread...
  16. Honey garlic sauce is actually better (for steaks at least) if you add beer to it. Add 1/4cup beer to 3cups of honey garlic sauce, and you effectively have enough sauce to make 3 14oz steaks yummy...
  17. I'm just trying to figure out what this wedding is 'on par' with socially to the people who care about it. Question: how much can you truly care about this wedding?
  18. The arguement I see is: gun owners are afraid that they'll be robbed, so they should be able to own/carry a gun on them. Using this logic, it is safe to assume that I should be able to weild excalibur while having a porkchop in my pocket, to protect against jewish dragons.
  19. And judging by the opinions of both sides, I can safely assume this: The people who don't care/dislike this wedding idea care more about their friend's friends' lives than they do about this. The people who care about/like this wedding idea care so much about it, that if a member of their family died right now, then rather than be sad, they'd say 'meh, who cares! A british prince is getting married' Feel free to correct me if my logic seems flawed.
  20. Yes, and it got overhyped about just like this wedding. Everyday plenty of people die due to war-related injuries, and they barely make the news. One prince steps foot there and apparently it's a big deal. The royal family is almost exactly like any other family. Only difference: normal families don't make the news when they do every little thing.
  21. We should do a contest: whoever has the biggest time gap between double-posts wins. Current record: my 2 earlier posts at 40min differential.
  22. I'm training to become a psychologist/lawyer. Apparently me wanting to help people solve disputes/get better mental health fails in comparison to a prince. That reminds me, anyone else remember when prince harry imitated a nazi?
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