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  1. New rule: yguy, to prevent your annoying -/b'ching/- whining, you are not allowed to reply to any post we make unless you actually defend a side for the whole thing, rather than defend it partially, then call us 'trolls' when you start losing. Also an interesting fact: this thread is exactly like the leafs; it was slow to start, picked up a ton of speed after the deadline, and playoff-wise, this thread isn't in either.
  2. Reunited and it feels so good...
  3. Reunited and it feels so good...
  4. Mmhmm...capture, check, turn off/on ds, then either capture if you like or kill it/beat e4 if you don't.
  5. The guy is awkwardly turned on by that and you and zezima spend the rest of your 'non' lives together. |goes back in time to make sure bill clinton didn't 'hit that thang'|
  6. Also best to do 'checks' on all legendaries before getting them (ie: save before, capture with master ball, check iv's/nature, and then reset). Makes it easier to determine which ones need to be reset/changed, and saves plenty of time. Oh, and I've effectively beat all super-sub bosses minus the singles one. Pretty easy imo, or at least easier than the hg/ss battle frontier (mind you, the factory was addicting as hell).
  7. Simple, if you caught it pre e4, then you're screwed. If you didn't catch it, then kill it, beat the e4, and the nature should effectively change (as will the iv's).
  8. Nintendo usb wifi connector sticks. I got mine for 5 bucks each, and because I have so many plugged in at once, I have 6 seperate wifi connections that enable powerful wifi access wherever I am in my house. Also annoys the neighbors as I have all these wifi connections, yet they're not allowed to use'm...lol
  9. You have no life... ¤goes back in time to when this thread didn't exist, and tells the creater to not make this thread¤
  10. I saw a bunch floating around walmart back in december. Picked up 5 to decorate my house in wifi...now able to get a strong wifi connection no matter where I am in my house (which is especially useful for those long, stomach-achey winter nights).
  11. Meh, you got it. Mind you, posting riddles is tougher, seeing as anyone can easily find the game by describing the picture in google.
  12. The invention of lying, finally good to see that british guy make a movie that's actually funny for a change.
  13. Naw, I'm not mad at you blyaunte. I just find this entire thing funny. There's been a huuge playoff race in the west going on for the past month, and all this thread has focused on is a cruddy non-playoff contending team. Let's continue this talk with the islanders!
  14. I like my women like I like this thread..../hmmm, should I say this one? Meh, may as well/ In a coma for 6 months, then regenerated/restimulated by 4 guys double posting, with me poking my head in from time to time. Jerry springer episodes
  15. And the weirdest part is that if he had a .500 record, then the leafs would've made the playoffs. Blyaunte, congrats, you summarized the past 4 pages of useless arguing into one wall of (yguy is an idiot-insults) text...
  16. Kk, for my hint, rather than post a picture, I'll give a very elaborate hint: This game features ghosts, a 'red-eyed' prosecutor, and a very evil twin.
  17. Naw, all the bots are in line to see the new harry potter movie :P
  18. I just described toronto? Really? Because from what I remember seeing, toronto and atlanta were the complete opposite teams. Toronto may have more picks, but they're still waaaay behind the rebuilding/playoff progress of atlanta. That and atlanta has actually seen the playoffs in the last few years. Furthermore, I'd be up for moving all this 'tml' talk to a completely new thread. The constant fights in this thread between blyaunte and yguy are getting too annoying, not to mention ludicrous. If we want to discuss every little pebble/problem in toronto, then let's open a new thread and take all of it there.
  19. Meh, I'm gonna turn mine on next week for windwaker (to continue on my retro-zelda month). Weird though, as nowadays, I only use my ps2 as a cd player.
  20. Meh, I'm gonna turn mine on next week for windwaker (to continue on my retro-zelda month). Weird though, as nowadays, I only use my ps2 as a cd player.
  21. Atlanta has a bunch of young rookies, a bunch of picks, and did pretty well during the middle of the season. Provided jersey picks up a rookie goalie, then they should be fine too. Kessel, big woop, he sets a 'personal record'. He's still a semi-good player on a team that's had no past, present, or future playoff hopes.
  22. Personal record for goals as a leaf? It was his first season with them. Should be interesting how the off-season goes, seeing as jersey/atlanta only really need minor changes to make their teams the best in the east.
  23. To be fair, the same jury also acquitted oj and cancelled king of the hill.
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