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  1. yeah i ment for 10 items the profit is .16%
  2. okay thx everyone ill look out for new items.. if anyone wants to pm me and help me trhough it, it will be appreciated :)
  3. maybe not for merching, but if ur impatient like me... then those are good "FLipping items" my mistake, shudve called the topic "Flipping dead?"
  4. well lately ive noticed the profit on items completely blows.. pretty hard. heres a couple merchs ive done recently. Dragon claws Sara Sword All godswords all bandos pieces all armadyl pieces fury DFS (ALL BOUGHT IN SETS OF 10) ive recieved at max a 500k profit from the 10 usually only get 200-350k no matter how much the cost is.. taking an avarage item like claws 275,000/17,000,000 = .16% profit back in the day 1-2% used to be bad.. and anything above 5% was good... now the profits dont even get halfway to the bad "back in the day" please share your experience... idc about wat items... ofc if u want to share the items u use thats okay but maybe someone will give me a bit of hope to keep merching til it gets bettr... :)
  5. yeah i started fletching broad arrows, figure ill use them for slayer or sumthing.. i NEED to leave at least 500m to merch with so that leaves me with little room for error... but ill manage... thanks for all the help.
  6. im not saying i want ONLY, at least 2m exp tho :) also does anyone know the xp/hr with broad bolts... would really appreciate that info :)
  7. okay and any other tips on something that can get me some fast exp(im prepared to use up 20m at most)
  8. Im lv92 Fletching right now.. Im only gonna put in about 20m at max to get as much exp as i can with it.. (as fast as possible) ive been stringing yew longs... and tried addy bolts(about 15gp/xp loss) which is horrible... maybe something that can get me like 2m exp with my 20m that wud be great, thx in advance for your help.
  9. ^ i agree, he doesnt care about fame, hes hardly in the "race" to all 200m skills.. as he said in his interview, he does not care whether he is the first to get all 200m skills, just seeing it would be enough, and he would also like to get it himself, whether being first or second or even third is of no concern to him.. About the quitting part... i dont think thats entirely true.. i believe he will keep going, probably to the end.. and just like he said, he has time to exercise, and he eats healthy, and even gets a healthy amount of sleep, unlike most top ranked people. im sure he will have times where he will not be on for a week or two, and in no way is he addicted to playing, but he will surely come back, to finish what was started.
  10. Yea the title says it all, wats bettr/more efficient to get first... ofc i will get both but for now i can only get one of the two, so your opinions...
  11. That vid brought back some nice memories, thanks :) Happy New Year Drumgun, good luck on those xp records :D Haha yeah, same here :P . Yw, thanks, and you too! :) P.S. looking for a cool sig, don't have one atm so this old random screenie of my charms will have to do for now har har XD Lol nice sig :D, avarage players obviously have more then that saved up..
  12. kind of simple in my opinion... The accuracy of dragon dagger is far less than dragon claws... Then again if u have maxed out equipment u might not be hitting 0s on monsters... Far more bettr PvP... Second of all.. sure i guess dragon dagger hits higher... so i just looked at by how much... now lets see : Nothing but your str, the dagger and the skin on ur back u hit 218(x2) with dds... coming out to a total of 436 if u completely hit the max hit. Now the Claws: Again, nothing but ur base str, no pots or prayers, your using Dragon Claws special, (211-105-62-52) qhcih equals 430 6 con Points less, so in hp terms... .6 of one hp point.. Okay now lets add that claws are faster, and much easier to max out, because the claws spec only matters on ur first hit, then ur second is followed by cutting ur first in half, third hit is a third of first hit, and fourth hit is a fourth of ur first hit... So just hit a 200+ with no armor and you are hitting very close to ur max, but not with ur dds cause it matters on both hits, and neither hits are affiliated with eachother, sort of like a gamble... So you decide, easy monster? maybe dds is bettr.. ANY PvP or higher level monsters probably might want the Claws... Again money does matter too :D
  13. Amazing Dude-- Definitely an azmazing rs life for you :D Good luck on future skills
  14. Amazing :D Gratz on 2300 skill total and nice BoB 10/10 :P
  15. or just skip the fletching the bows cause its slower then stringing... just buy 10k yew longs(u) and 10k bowstrings and string them.. faster and will get you good exp.. sc knifes take some time to get but if u want go for it.
  16. well if i rated the level you posted i wud say 4/10 as for your stats ill give it 8.55 cause your prob a pker and its nice to see your acually skilling ^^
  17. i have been wondering this for a bit... with all the people on runetracker getting like 1m+ exp a day.. how long does a game with a team on a large map at like 99 take.. and how much xp do you get(average) i know im off-topic but maybe you can answer :D
  18. Uhmm not bad guide... things i suggest 1. PICTURESSS - its kinda boring reading a guide with no/few pictures 2. DETAILLL - There are lots of guides that say do this, do that and get this.. make your distinctive(how??? your idea is the only one the matters =D) Just my opinion Just fix those and it can be useful for a lot more people
  19. Gratz, its very nice but the first pic being so big i only so the top first and saw you were at an altar, so i thought 99 rc =D But 99hp is amazing too :P
  20. Or you can just go soulwars into a 100+ cmb cc and go kill people and pyrefiends... although many people may not realize you need less zeal then you think if your fighting.. For example i was avaraging around 15k str exp every 23 min(full game) with whip, torso, verac skirt, glory :D You need 2,087,738 from level 85-90 str.. if you were to get around 15k exp every full game and played around 50 games for 750k exp... and 50 games (average of 2 zeal per game) is 100 zeal.. With the 750k exp you got from the games u get have around 4m exp in strength now. 1,346,332 away from 90.. since you still have the 100 zeal.. all you need to do is redeem 62 of them for 88. leaving you 38 which shud get you halfway to 89.. Do this for a bit more longer and 90 shud be yours in no time.. (btw my str is 81 so you might possibly average 20k per round) And to calculate how long it'll take for you to get to level 88 close to 89: 50gamesx23min= 1150 mins _ 1150/60 = 19.167777 And it matters how much you play a day this might be faster then ankous.... Or not. Heres some guides on Soul Wars: http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=soul_wars.htm http://forum.tip.it/topic/230664-ultimate-soul-wars-guide-78-zeal-per-hour/page__p__3570273__hl__Soul%20Wars__fromsearch__1entry3570273 http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Soul_wars Good Luck :P
  21. I think 3a and spirit shield might drop a bit because of the new elite clue scroll rewards... but partyhats will always be at the top because unlike tt rewards and drops you can not get anymore partyhats then there already is...
  22. ehh look at drumgun... 150m exp in summoning in a week??? 19 hrs+ a day... hes a beast im sure someone like him will do it eventually if they dont get bored... >.>
  23. ehh im not to worried about ranarrs... i bought the seeds to get my farming level up.. they will drop for a bit but ehh money being so easy to make these days in rs doesnt make much of a difference to me,.
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