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  1. I've decided that I want to go for a few combat 120's, starting with defense. After asking around a bit, it seems the best methods are either glacors or bursting in the abyss. Are these the best? Is there something better that I'm missing? What would be the best gear for each? Right now I have maxed gear, stats, and weapons. Also, what are the approximate xp rates I could possibly get? Money isn't really an issue.
  2. The only role I'd be able to do (as far as I understand) is base tanking with melee, so with that my gear is: Dual Drygore longswords, full Malevolent, Razorback gauntlets, Kiln cape, Saradomins whisper, Steadfast boots, and then a Divine for my shield. Gear really isn't the issue, I could swap to Tetsu if I did need that extra HP/defense boost. I've looked at plenty of Vorago guides on youtube and read some on the RSOF, now I just need to get out there and actually attempt it. As far as other bossing goes, the only ones that I have not done are rots and Vorago.
  3. Since the original question was answered and the thread is alive still, I'll ask another rather then making a new thread. What would the best way to find a Vorago learning team be? I'm in a high level clan, but most people in it that do Vorago do it privately and don't want to teach someone. I've searched on the forums and found a FC that teaches Vorago, but it was sort-of out-dated.
  4. I'm currently trying to build up my bank by high level PvM'ing, I've been doing KK and Nex mainly. I want to start getting into top-tier bosses, (Vorago, Rots), What are some of the minimum requirements to get on teams for these? Currently my best gear is dual Drygores and Malevolent (Or Tetsu). I was talking to someone who said I could base tank at Vorago. If I did, would it be tough to find teams with my gear? For ROTS, Is it possible to kill them efficiently with Virtus wand/book? Or are Ascensions or Seismics a requirement?
  5. Going a bit off the original topic, if I got Death Lotus darts, would you recommend just using both MH and OH darts and saving the near 200M for the crossbow for say full Pernix, or even saving until I could afford both. Thanks for the response.
  6. I'm currently saving up for Ascension crossbows, at the moment I have enough to buy a main-hand (or off-hand). What I'm wondering is, would using a main-hand Ascension crossbow and an off-hand chaotic crossbow be worth using? Or would it just be better to wait with the MH until I can afford the OH also.
  7. Yeah, I was kind of playing off and on after the bot nuke happened. I really stopped playing because I found myself logging in, standing around wondering what to do for awhile, then I'd think of something and change my mind because it's boring, then log off - lol. I've seen a few in-game bots in the F2P game - are bots back or what?
  8. Back in like, October I got really bored of the game and by Nov-Dec, I stopped playing and canceled my membership. I've been a bit bored lately and had an urge to get membership and start playing again - but is it worth coming back to the game? Has anything improved, or has anything gotten worse?
  9. I have a great guide I made for this game.. I'll sell it to you for 1.5 bil. ;) But honestly, if you have that much cash and the game is boring to you - then you should try quitting, or atleast taking a break. I've taken quite a few breaks because I've gotten bored, and I've came back and had some fun - so maybe you should/could try that.
  10. Set up a cannon in the wilderness/rev cave and bring a weapon, anti shield, and a dhide body. Bring like 300 cannonballs each trip, and bring a tort. You fill up inventories crazy fast.
  11. 1. Worst advice I've ever seen. 2. He would do alright at barrows, his combat stats aren't that bad. 3. Dragons are rarely packed since the removal of bots.
  12. My recommendation would be to dung with friends or in 117 until 60-70 then do floors with DGS.
  13. Keep the slayer helmet Drop the obsidian cape - I'd get a fire cape or a legends cape Drop the glory for a fury if you can If you do dungeoneering, you can replace your whip with a rapier - Otherwise you could buy a whip vine, and add a bit of strength to your whip now Swap DH for verac skirt and torag top Keep the defender and boots Keep the barrows gloves I recommend getting a fire cape, and a rapier the most. A fire cape gives great bonuses, and a rapier is far superior to a whip. I also think you should spend that money on a fury/berserker ring.
  14. inb4 more dungeoneering pictures There should be a "Post all RS Dungeoneering Screenshots, Videos, and Sounds here!" thread, honestly. :P
  15. Uhm, in addition to the above some of the ones I remember over the last ~year; Free trade is back, along with the old wilderness New slayer dungeons Bot removal updates, bots are now gone Bunch of new quests Loyalty Program (Get untradable rewards for membership) New, updated website New chat interface Dominion Tower (A place where you can fight bosses from quests again) Livid farm (Earn new spells) New barrows brother New degradable gear New hybrid armours for minigames, obtained in minigames
  16. I would train a few skills first. A few of them are easy to train in F2P, such as woodcutting and fishing. My advice would be to get your woodcutting, fishing, and firemaking up. Possibly cooking, and combat skills. Woodcutting (Up to level 68) is best done through willows, which can be done in F2P @ Draynor. Fishing at the trout/salmon spot near barbarian village is a good training place for awhile. Burn the willow logs you cut. Unless you plan on spending money on firemaking, willows are the best way to go (F2P or not). Cooking can be trained quite well in F2P with lobsters, but you do miss out on the rouges den fire. Rune weapons are your best weapon at this time, and there won't be much else to use until dragon at 60. I'd hit up something in the Security Stronghold and train your attack/strength/defense up a bit.
  17. I don't understand how you can judge people in the p2p game when you've been f2p. 1.The F2P game is free for a reason. Jagex is a company, and the goal is to make money. They need to make sure the P2P game is far superior so they can continue to make money. They won't make much of that if the free game is got all this nice stuff. 2.The game lags like hell? I've never heard anyone say that. The game has a lot of options to change the graphics, and if your computer can't handle the low settings then it must be one horrible computer. 3.The game isn't full of elitist snobs. Just because there are some rude people in the game doesn't mean there aren't any normal players. Anyways - I say give it a shot. Bots are gone, the game has had some pretty good updates in the last few years, free trade is back, the old wilderness is back. There's a lot to do and try on the game. My advice to you is to buy some membership and see how you like it. :)
  18. this is what ive been wearing lately lol
  19. I used to do frost dragons for money awhile ago (before bots had begun getting 85 dungeoneering), and stopped after it was over-ran with bots. Now that they are gone, I decided to try them again. Lets just say I ended up getting destroyed. I know they had that update, so I diddn't attack them when that barrier thingy was around them, but otherwise I ended up killing like 5-10 before I had to leave.. I have overloads (or extremes), maxed melees/ 88 ranged, full void, ccbow, rapier. I do not have a yak, and I do not have turmoil (normal prayers). Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide/setup with my stats?
  20. Find a low ping world, and use that one for everything - then you won't need to worry about forgetting the world you used. I usually stick with world 99. It generally has a low amount of people, and it has a low ping.
  21. Inb4 my woodcutting and fishing ranks go down by like a million. I wonder what would happen if someone with 200M XP, and a low rank lost their membership for a few days.. Would they regain their original rank, or put at the end as if they had just gotten the 200M? :/
  22. First bots get broken, now they remove dicing? Kudos to Jagex for stepping it up. I'm glad they are finally changing things for the better.
  23. I know the stats of the (somewhat) new hybrid gears are comparable to nex gear such as torva and pernix. Even though I'll never have the gold to purchase any sort of nex gear, I would still like to know how the 2 compare and what one is better for minigaming in general.
  24. ^ But hey.. if its good xp then maybe I'll try for 99 runecrafting again, aha.
  25. Say that you got hacked or scammed.. make up a little story and say that you lost all your money... heck, you should do that then annoy them and ask for cash.
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