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  1. If they can reduce them by quite a bit then I might consider actively playing again.. Would be nice to play Runescape and not be limited because of bots overcrowding everything.
  2. If you get a deflector you can use barrows gloves.
  3. 1. Rapier>cls 2. 200k if you dont buy anything else 3. Yes
  4. Yeah runecrafting doesnt really profit much anymore.. At your levels I'd do herb farming, dailies, MTK, and a mix of dragons and boss hunting. Greens are a good place to start, and if you ever wanted to get into it you could test your luck out at bandos/zammy with a team. :)
  5. I'd go with a rune crossbow and broad bolts.
  6. The only change that should be mentioned is that there was a quest that you can do to increase your ammo bind to like 250 (?) And as you can see by the other posts, it seems like dgs is still going. :P
  7. No issues here. Just make sure you have good anti-virus protection and you should be fine. I've never had any issues with hacking or anything.
  8. I plan on hopefully getting 92 herblore, but in order to do so and in order for me to get the right amount of supplies, I really need to know the 'average' xp multiplier that applies through out the weekend Someone told me it comes out to around 2.3.. is this true or is it different?
  9. Dont bother unless you can join a dg clan.
  10. The only way youll make any decent cash in f2p is by merching.. otherwise there is bots everywhere. In p2p there are alot of decent methods you could do at level 3 combat, but would require either money or higher skills such as hunter and farming.
  11. soulfire pc is a 120+ clan, need to register on their website and apply though. :)
  12. /But i'll constantly be in combat with 10+ cavecrawlers... Why would i use rapier? Wouldn't that waste like 1k/second?! You consider maul in your first post, but question the rapier? wut. Use a whip if you dont want degrading fees. :)
  13. I'm a HUGE minigamer, so I plan on getting the full set (its going to take me forever though). Mainly play castle wars, but I was thinking I'd burst/barrage soul wars to 99 with battlemage/cstaff/.
  14. What would be better to use within minigames? I know both have certain advantages over each other but I have no idea whats better.
  15. The game's less fun with infinite money, trust me. Seconded. I had to quit for a few months after I realized that. I've given away my bank several times... Each time I get to about 25-30B from staking (Making about 1B a day), I get bored as hell and feel like I've no reason to play. So my friends get rich 'cause I no risk stake them (No risk on their part, but if they beat me they win big), I go back down to 500M or so and do it again. Wanna become friends? :P
  16. Does anyone have any estimates as to how many wins/kills in each minigame you need to get each piece? And for fight pits - does it matter if you stay in after winning, or do you need to exit after each win?
  17. Looking to get 84-92 (or whatever level) herblore I can get over the xp weekend. I have 30M to spend on getting my herblore up, and I planned on making a few hundred of each extreme so I can have some, and then I have a small supply in the future for overloads. What potion (or potions) would be the best to make with my budget?
  18. How in the world do I get it? Looked at every rewards page and I really have no idea.
  19. My advice to you would be to look for a better clan to join via rs forums.
  20. I've heard DKs are good, especially with a pack yak.
  21. The Cyclops is not poisonous. I've killed thousands of revs and have only been poisoned by the dragon.
  22. Rapier, unless you plan on doing fiends for quite awhile.
  23. If you loose one, you aren't allowed to set up another until you reclaim the first.
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