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  1. I actually like looking at staking pics, you, Yy, and Wicked have all kind of inspired me (mostly Yy as I knew him before he joined TIF). Have some more inspiration, just won this after losing a 20M to the guy: 427M cash now. Tempted to buy 3 santas or something like that and go finish off that last slayer level. Lately though I just can't get into doing slayer, I just go start doin a task, then I get to thinking about the stakes I could be doing and next thing you know, my ineventory goes from a slayer set up to a cash pile and dueling ring. I think that's called an addiction? Do you box or rapier stake?
  2. Fletch - cheap Cooking - cheap DG - free, and you'll get good rewards Thieving - might profit Friemaking - cheap Woodcutting - free, could profit from herb runs/birds nests from ivies Fishing - profit Farming - very easy, would most likely break even from herb run profits Combats - depends on method
  3. Is there a faster method then armoured zombies? I have - Rapier Elite void 99 Strength 99 Attack 96 Defense 80 Prayer 80 Summoning Supers Salve Amulet (E) Ive been getting crap xp at Az's so Im really hoping theres an alternative.. :/
  4. Even though I've seen alot of these on the screenshots thread, I'm amazed at the fact that you'll just go stake that much at once :P - and very nice bank pic btw If you don't mind me asking - what style(s) do you use when staking? I've tried boxing stakes and I'm down like 30m my record is like 5-20 for staking
  5. No, SW gives the same amount of exp as you'd get outside of the minigame :)
  6. Average RC xp/h ~ 35k (Depends on chosen methods) 13,000,000/35,000 = 371 Hrs Doing X2 Astrals & Natures (82-91, and 91-99), you can expect to make approx. 222M
  7. 1. I'm rushing c1's for my lower floors, what would be considered a good amount of time to be spending per floor? I'm currently around 3-4 minutes per floor which I feel is probably way too slow. Any tips on how I can be faster? `Could always try C1's with a team, otherwise I think 3-4 minutes isn't that bad. 2. At what point should I stop rushing and be doing c6 meds? Currently doing my last 5 floors, should I stop rushing sooner than that? (I can only reach floor 26) `Maybe 1-20 C1 and the rest C6? Not 100% sure on the best route here. 3. Should I be switching my attack styles much based on the monsters I'm fighting? I have a prom 2h with berserker ring on tier 5. I pretty much only slash since I can't be bothered to switch constantly (except for bosses of course). `Crush on skeletons is the only time I really swap it. 4. I've been keeping my eye out for a surgebox to bind but so far the only thing that's been dropping are blastboxes. Are surgebox drops really that uncommon? `They are actually quite common tbh. 5. Is it worth spending tokens to upgrade any other ring styles? I don't have points in anything else. `Berserker style with a 2h is a good option. 6. When I'm doing c6 meds, should I bother killing everything? Does it have any effect on my exp? `I'd say only kill things from GD doors. 7. When will I start seeing those night spiders or whatever it is that drops the SSH? I remember seeing a link somewhere the other day that had more information about getting one, if someone could point me towards that I'd appreciate it. `SSH is dropped by the night spider - most common in floors 30-35
  8. Friends and clan mates. Wanna become my friend? :P Very nice stakes though, I would never stake that much even if I had as much as you lol.
  9. You can also reset your ring one time and get the tokens back.
  10. Naw but boss was gorger I have SSH again but I'd like my hex back, not had any warps today over 23, even with a world dc for about 40 seconds in there on hope lol I might get celestial again though, keyings a bit easy these days since I have people that listen recently o.O weird right? :P Skipped flowers that lead to a dead end (found after boss no point adding to floor time) was only 1 room the flowers lead to. Nice 13:37 timer :P
  11. Corp & DG is all I do anymore, so I figured why not get 99 def, have fun doing so, and possibly make some nice profit. I know it's not good money or anything (obviously that changes if you get a sigil), but it's what I like to do. :P
  12. I think I'll just stick to LS then :)
  13. I usually do 5-8 man. Lol, my luck is horrible when bossing - so I was a bit worried about doing LS because I figured I'd probably miss some sigils, get some LSP, then end up getting a spectral. I really don't mind spending a bit longer at corp, it's usually the only thing I do when I go on (unless I can't find a team, or I dg with my cc friends) - and getting a Ely or Divine from LS would be awesome.
  14. EDIT - If I were to stay at corp from 95-99 def, do you guys think I would be able to LS a divine or ely?
  15. You can be in 3 clans. 1 friendly (talk with /) 1 clan as a ranked member (talk with //) 1 clan as a guest (talk with ///) Sadly, you can only be a "member" of 1 clan. :(
  16. As of now, I can't find Grimys herblore spreadsheet, so I'm not 100% sure on the price. But, I know Prayer & Super Strength potions are cheap right now. :) Edit ~ Ppots are 9GP/XP, and 85 Herblore is approx. 3m xp, so doing those it would cost a bit less then I previously said. Super strengths are about 13GP/XP, so that would cost about 40M but the training would go alot quicker.
  17. Tbh, I'd say spend the 30 or so mil (?) on extremes, then fork some cash into getting your summoning up (Things like the bunyip would be nice to have when slaying) - and when you have enough, buy turmoil then overloads. (From what I've heard on other threads, Ext>Turm>Ovl is the order that you should get)
  18. If you don't have the money for the blessed spirit shields (Spec,arc,ely,divine), would these shields be worth getting?
  19. Pretty much answered it yourself in the question; What is up with all the usual money making methods going dry? Supply increases from everyone doing these things, and it makes the prices drop. :P
  20. You could; Try DH skull fights Try whip/korasis Get turmoil Get korasis Get a chaotic Get Disruption Shield spell BTW - From personal experiences, I think 1 def pures fail.. lol.
  21. 100*10 minutes per one = 1000 Minutes = Approx. 17hours
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