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  1. LET THE IRONMAN LUCK CONTINUE 1225 kc (10 of that in HM, got this in normal mode though)
  2. Mish confirming that Bxp likes [bleep]ing sheep? You heard it here first
  3. Australia is just a state of New Zealand though, didn't you get annexed? <3:
  4. And yet you still charge the same amount, you'd think inflation would make it 55p by now ;)
  5. It wasn't cos I was lazy m8, I was going out at the time :D Yeah Gwyn, I'd say an average of about 5-6 hours a day during the month. Some days I played more, but some days I only did a farm run and maybe an hour of a boss or something. My cash pile after this sale has been mostly spent. I bought 39 bonds (24 for gold P2P and 15 on the 5 bank presets that you can buy COS I [bleep]ING LOVE PRESETS, THEY'RE AWESOME!!!) Also bought a Nox staff so I'm back to t90 base, tectonic and I'll probably buy another batch of sharks, prayer pots, yaks and adren flasks. Also think I'm going to buy another set of sirenic/malevolent because my current sirenic is at 10%, although that will probably completely drain my cash stack. Next goal though is to keep a loot tab over the course of 6 months. July 1st will be BANK SALE ;) I'll fund it same as this one, by drygore splits and maybe some Nex duos. Not sure if I'll always do Legios for ascension tasks like I did with this one, it depends on if I have a decent cash stack at the time because of key prices and drygore luck :P
  6. A month ago on the last day of November, I fancied making some money and seeing if I could get the gold P2P package money in a month. Figured I'd keep a loot tab to keep a track of progress in this Sold it today, exactly one month later This was earned through lazy slayer, some bossing (mostly Nex with some Araxxor and Kalphite King thrown in) and farming Not counted is splits such as drygores and duo Nex drops, which easily add up to another 100m+ cash Rich get richer? I'll say Ascension crossbow was made using purchased keys on Legio reaper and Ascension slayer tasks, diy'd the dragon limbs too Sold it all for 642,401,737 At least 65m of that was purely from farming herbs and "profit run", so for those of you that complain that money is hard to make... [bleep] please :P
  7. Sold my loot tab This was from a month of lazy playing, slaying bosses and doing slayer with some farming to break it up Drygore splits not counted, as well as some duo Nex drops that probably adds up to another 100m pure cash Final sale was 642,401,737
  8. Dragonkng198


    I know of at least two couples that fit that bill, there have probably been more that haven't been as well known I met my fiancee through Tip.It and the HYT friends chat, and we'd never met before then, so I guess that counts? :P
  9. Dragonkng198


    Poor me, right? :P Where was my invite [wagon]?? Who are you again? <3:
  10. Dragonkng198


    I've organized a few small meet ups with friends in the UK over the last few years, mainly with people in the Hyt friends chat. It was great fun
  11. I just throw them in the order I get them, you think I should organize it Gwyndy?
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