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  1. [bleep]ING FINALLY!!!!!!! [hide=So happy to get this piece of shit] [/hide] [hide=Loot tab now] [/hide] Only took me close to 190 kills, jeez. I'm so burned out on Nex now :P
  2. 18 months? Araxxor - Giant spider with t90 weapon drops, solo/duo boss only Prifindias - Elf city gives lots of nice training stuff Ironman - Official ironman mode, no trading/G.E Guthixian caches - D&D to train div really easy Raids - 10 man raids on big bad bosses Various drop table reworks as well as ports stuff, lotsa quests and random little updates, but those are the main 5 really
  3. Some of the old timers are still around, they just don't post as much cos now we got people like Lioness who spam up topics instead ;)
  4. Productive day... kinda. Pah. Still haven't got the Nex defender piece yet. Nice to see quality Jagex quality assurance with the defender update... [/sarcasm] [hide=1][/hide] [hide=2][/hide] [hide=3][/hide] [hide=4][/hide] [hide=5] [/hide] [hide=Loot Tab as of posting this update][/hide] Getting there
  5. Apparently I can [hide=1] [/hide] [hide=2] [/hide] Sold both cos I needed some cash, 5.6m or so each :D
  6. I'd pull the trigger on you any day Day 2 - Might be over, not sure yet, can I be arsed to log back in after I play some Terraria? [hide=Loot Tab as of Day 2] [/hide] Not much changed today, Nex is being a stingy [bleep] with her defender piece, but at least I've got a reaper task to go alongside it
  7. Day 1 - [bleep] you Loot: [hide=1] [/hide] [hide=2][/hide] [hide=3][/hide] Purchased the drops for my loot tab from Pat by giving him half the total split (11.5m) And this is the total loot from today [hide=Loot Tab from Day 1] [/hide] A good day so far, but no Nex defender item yet, gonna work on that tomorrow, and my 354 Kalphite task after that ;)
  8. I'm bored and I fancy a small goal, so I'm gonna get 24 bonds for gold membership from scratch without spending any of my current money on it. How am I gonna do it? Slayer, PvM and farming, cos I [bleep]in' can! Day 1 Current amount of bonds: 0/24 [hide=Loot Tab] [/hide] Kappa 123 in the chat boys
  9. If I go to Aus, will you meet me and protect me from the big nasties? I hate Jellyfish.
  10. I am choosing my right to remain silent, and I refuse to confirm or deny anything as it may harm, when questioned, anything I say in court, as anything I do say may be given in evidence.
  11. [hide=Herb run pre-set] Start at Trollheim patch Drink dose of Juju farming and activate Greenfinger aura Harvest Trollheim patch, teleport with cabbage ring Harvest Falador patch, teleport to Ectofunctus with ectophial Harvest Port Phasmatys, teleport to Ardy using ardy cloak 4 or runes (add 2 law and water runes to pre-set to teleport and steal from gem stall, or lodestone to Ardy) Harvest Ardy, lodestone to Catherby Harvest Catherby, lodestone to Prif Harvest Prif, fin Repeat every 2 hours or so [hide=Cost of a herb run using Dwarf weed seeds] [/hide] [hide=Profit from a herb run using Dwarf weed seeds] This was with 3 dead herbs, so the profit is probably double [/hide] [/hide] [hide=Profit Farm pre-set, another 5 mins for 350k+ profit] Use runes or a Ring of duelling to teleport to Mobilising Armies, use Spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold Summon Giant ent, harvest Palm tree at Gnome Stronghold Spirit tree to Tree Gnome Village, harvest Palm tree Lodestone to Catherby, harvest Palm tree Chipped teleport tab to Brimhaven or lodestone to Karamja, harvest Palm tree (Optional) Witchdoctor mask to Herblore habitat, harvest Palm tree Lodestone to Al-Kharid, harvest Cactus Lodestone to Elf-lands (Tirawhatsit), harvest Morchella mushroom, re-plant with supercompost Tokkul-zo to Fight caves, fairy ring to C-K-S, harvest Morchella mushroom (doesn't need compost as won't die with Mory medium tasks done) Teleport crystal to Lleyta, harvest Palm tree Teleport crystal to Meilyr, harvest Palm tree, fin Repeat every 6 hours or so, to give the Palm trees a chance to grow back Coconuts [hide=Cost of a Profit farm run] [/hide] [hide=Profit of a profit farm run] [/hide] [/hide]
  12. And with the rising prices of phats, the rich get richer :(
  13. WAIT WAIT WAIT, IT'S NOT FAKE THIS TIME!!! Sure Jason, you're always trolling, we can't trust anything you say... Hey, you shut up! You can trust me if I say I'm being serious! What about that time you tried to convince us that Darkwitchery was a dice host? She was though, that still counts. Good point... go on then, do tell. Ladies and gentlemen, I have left behind the single life forever. I have doomed myself to a life of enslavement. [hide=Spoilers] [/hide] Sally said yes. Yes, this is actually serious. I'm engaged. I also have pizza, this is a good day.
  14. m8 i ain't gonna spam ur blog 4 no reason 3/10 try 2 hard 2 bait more pls ty updoot in 420 seconds or you will never 69 again Repost this or you'll never RimJim again
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