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  1. Hold up, you were basically comp'd, but didn't have quest cape??? What was keeping ya lad?!
  2. Maybe they'd have a crush on said famous person? If you don't try, it's certainly a mish'd opportunity!
  3. After watching the most recent episode (the finale), my thoughts are as thus:
  4. HOW DO I FEEL ABOUT IT?! AFTER THE MOST RECENT EPISODE, I FEEL LIKE THIS!!! The darker twists of the more recent episodes totally dis-armed me. I wasn't expecting it to go so dark so quick, but I'm loving it!
  5. Yeah, about that... I signed on the first kill of the aura (Mish spider must have appeared underneath Araxxor while I was luring him up to the top of middle path), didn't see it in time to surge Couple of friends told me not to go back, but I was like "ah, [bleep] it, I've got 3 more kills on my reaper, may as well finish them". Finished reaper, had enough time for one more kill 3rd age dorito got :D Still ned top and middle leg pieces to get my first Nox :)
  6. She was a little mad, as I've now equaled her best drop from clues too :P
  7. RICH GET RICHER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME It's my birthday as of 43 minutes ago, and 15 minutes ago, I opened a hard clue
  8. It's my birthday as of 43 minutes ago, and 15 minutes ago, I opened a hard clue
  9. 1/4 down, shame I don't have an elixir to make a shield with :D Ironman luck continues (my mate with me got an arcane literally an hour later)
  10. Always had a bit of a thing for the Girls Aloud ladies, so Cole has to win my vote there, although Zoe does give her a run for her money
  11. Sold him an SSH for it (Ezkaton plz) Are you sure you didn't alch that hood and pay him with the profits?
  12. Ultimate ironman sounds fun, explain a bit to someone who kinda wants to give it a proper try?
  13. MORE IRONMAN LUCK!!! MOREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (3rd kill :D)
  14. You know the part of Oldschool you probably enjoy the most? You Runar round a lot
  15. 2 on drag (Nex and KK) and 2 on Pumpking (baby Supreme and awwdor)
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