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  1. [hide=rich] [/hide] [hide=get] [/hide] [hide=richer (b2b from last drop)] [/hide] [hide=Rich] [/hide] [hide=Get] [/hide] [hide=Richer] [/hide] [hide=RICH] [/hide] [hide=GET] [/hide] [hide=RICHER] [/hide] [hide=RRIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCHHHHHHH] [/hide] [hide=GGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT] [/hide] [hide=RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR] [/hide]
  2. Hope you all have a good time over the season ladies and gents, and a great start to the new year!
  3. Best of luck on the revival, it'll be nice to see how many people show up for your events nowadays
  4. I know right, it's almost DISGUSTING HOW THEY DO THIS. If you don't like the bonus xp, you could ALWAYS GO PLAY OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE. That doesn't have BONUS XP LIKE DARKSCAPE OR RS3. Plus there are no Silverhawk BOOTS. :shades:
  5. ur right pls restart To be fair Gwyn, it's amazing really. It's actually really easy to make money as long as you put the effort and time into it \:D/ I HAD A LUCKY DAY I'D SAY Lots of spam inc [hide=1][/hide] [hide=2] [/hide] [hide=3] Got a 9m split for this baby, we got a lot of palm seeds/black d'hide that trip [/hide] [hide=4] [/hide] [hide=5] This [bleep]er has been a long time coming. [/hide] Decided to kill some Legiones for my ascension task cos I want pets one day [hide=6 (3 keys)] [/hide] [hide=7 (70 keys)] [/hide] [hide=8] [/hide] [hide=9] [/hide] [hide=10] [/hide] Just realized from the pics that I was missing my helm switch for TDs, Kappa 123 in the chat lads [hide=11] [/hide] [hide=12] [/hide] [hide=The Loot Tab is starting to look pretty damn nice] [/hide] Makin' bank
  6. Rich get richer Kappa [hide=Leik's a lucky [bleep]] [/hide] [hide=1/4 way there making bank ty pls] [/hide] [hide=Arma skirt that shitty puush didn't show right click for] [/hide] [hide=Drygore rapier split yay <3:] [/hide] [hide=Got chitin?] [/hide] [hide=Current loot tab] [/hide] Rich get richer tim pls <3:
  7. I did some duos, trios and 4mans lazily, got my first two pieces trioing
  8. I got the Nex one after over 180 kills, but got all three KK defender pieces in less than 2 hours :D Actually got the fourth one last night, I'll post an update with some pics a bit later
  9. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
  10. Was your first reaction anger or just happiness at a cool drop? He was genuinely happy for him, not an ounce of salt to be found :D Yep, I don't mind that he sniped the pet from me, I'll get it myself eventually and build a more awesome loot tab because of it :P
  11. Basically sniped the pet from me, I think I was more excited for him that I was for Pumpking's supreme pet :P Congrats again Leik, nice to see you finally got good and can actually compete for drops with me now <3:
  12. he ded? rip we will give him a proper burial i will song ancient nordic battle songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVPXJo5U3s rip vader never 4get </3
  13. Been a good day [hide=1][/hide] [hide=2] [/hide] [hide=3] [/hide] [hide=4] [/hide] [hide=Current loot tab as of day #[bleep]you] [/hide]
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