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  1. I'm not good at efficiency, I got over 150+ Days played, since 2005, and I just recently got 70+ Skills. What bothers me is most efficient players miss out on a lot of RS. If you look at the best players with the most XP, they often are not ranked or very low rank in most of the minigames. But its your choice what do on RS, so if you don't enjoy minigames, then don't play them, but they're super fun.
  2. Like Toad said RWT, has and will always be a problem. Even if Hoarding Limits were placed, you still have so many people out there that could afford the GE value of a Partyhat, therefore until a giant money sink is created, I feel that Partyhats will always be bought out. One solution I have is creating an super expensive untradable armor set. Perhaps the prices of the pieces could be set in stone but at ridiculous values, such as a 400m Kiteshield. I'm thinking it could have the same bonuses as Rune, so it has use in F2P, for the "Retired Merchanters/Pros." Not only do people RWT items, they RWT services such as obtaining Fire Capes, and I have no idea how Jagex could prevent a service such as that. Also, another theory I have is that most bots we see, aka Sorcerers Garden, Green Drag Bots, etc., are not actual players, but people who temporary loaned their account to a gold farming website. Where the staff of the website auto on peoples account.
  3. Telmomarques passed the 1.7B mark.
  4. I have no idea, but I heard they're sellable in the GE so I'm sure they're here to stay. Edit: They aren't sellable in G.E., my friend meant you could sell them at the G.E. to other players...
  5. @Gradeskip93 - Thats pretty awesome, I need to get more screenshots, I always forget to take them. @noble_aloof - One of the reasons I enjoy Dungeoneering, is because you get to team up with people from all over the place. Some updates: (Note: I'll update 2nd post 1/week) Fredmcgarry has reached 100m Constitution. Balmung Pro is closing in on 100m Slayer. Green098 is closing in on 100m Dungeoneering. S U O M I is closing in on 200m Mining. Paperbag is closing in on 100m Farming. Elias has reached 1.7B Xp, where as Telmomarques is close at 1.699B. Tezz has moved up some ranks in the top 20. Some Name changes capncoyote to L cap L Mikey 632 to Arian Slayer
  6. I'm looking forward to this update. I hope the void quest has some nice untradables. I wonder how the RS forums will take to the charm updates.
  7. I got a question about slayer, so of I use a cannon on Kuradel Tasks, I should break even, because I thought cannoning would make you lose a lot of money?
  8. Although, Telmomarques isn't mentioned very often, I think he may have time on his side for maxing out a bunch of 200m skills, and should have the money to max out 200m. If you look at Runetracker he is in the #1 position for most of his skills at 200m (Monthly). Also earlier in this thread, people were talking about how Gertjaars and Telmomarques were the poster boys for smokin mils. So if it is indeed true that he is a leader in the manipulation clans, then you know he has money. He also has 120 Dungeoneering, so he doesn't have the pressure of those trying to have the max total level. My main point is that although he has done the easy 4 Firemaking, Thieving, Cooking, and Fletching, at the rate he was gaining xp in them he must be playing around 15+ hrs/day. In my opinion S U O M I is the closest player to max all 200m skills atm. 200m Agility, Mining (Basically), Fishing. Zarfot has a well rounded account with 50m+ Slayer, 40m+ Mining, Agility, Runecrafting, and 75m Farming. Lan and Balmung Pro, have 100m+ Slayer going for them. Lan also has 30m+ every skill, 83m farming, and 100m Woodcutting. Balmung Pro still has much of the 4 slower skills at only 20m-30m Xp (Mining, Agility, Runecrafting, Fishing) Drumgun, has time on his side, but has neglected Slayer. I would say he has also neglected farming, but if he keeps on doing daily farm runs, he should max Farming, b4 Maxing all other 200m. To determine who most likely has the best chance to succeed I think we would have to pay attention to the following skills. (Agility, Mining, Fishing) I'd count this as a trio of skills, that are rather slow and are usually only give XP in one skill. (Runecrafting) Should be trained by Effigies (Slayer) Slayer should correspond with all the melee skills, summoning, and perhaps Runecrafting. (Farming) Should be done while doing every other skill. (Woodcutting) Woodcutting although seems easy, it's only because its afkable, and really is only Medium paced compared to many other skills. The rest of the skills give rather fast XP Rates. Thieving, Hunter, Dungeoneering aren't buyable but should offer 200k+/hr
  9. Well I mostly just went down the 200m lists rather than overall due to total levels. I first went down the Cooking list 200m-100m, than the other skills. Although, I got really lazy at the CB stats, Fletching, Thieving so I may have missed a few. However 1b+ Xp is no easy task. I was surprised that 42 People have more XP than Zezima. Perhaps I missed some players such as Appelflap666 1.033B XP who has only 200m Crafting and Thieving, where as most 1b+ people besides slayers have 100m+ cooking. So someone could have per say 200m Thieving/Fletching. I would have missed some w/o any 200m skills. There was probably 30 or more people with 900m - 1B Xp. Some people to note are Dapledo (rank 41), who currently has 200m Farming, his only skill above 100m. Such as Q Tip Eye (rank 65) only has cooking above 100m at 200m Xp. Mastajef (rank 67), and Mrs Jyb Cyn (rank 51), were able to get 1b+ xp w/o gaining a 200m Skill. Currently no one over 1b xp has 100m+ Rc. Simon has over 1b Xp with just 96Cb, and 200m Ranged, 200m Construction, 100m Smithing. Many of the top slayers were able to gain 1b Xp w/o the use of easy skills such as cooking. Most frequent skills among top players to max are Cooking, Fletching, Thieving, Firemaking. Oddly enough, many of the 1b+ players are gaining 200m Crafting. Edit. Woah Nice list Lan, meh I feel like a nub now, looks like I missed a few names, unless there were name changes. For some reason though the above list only goes to 66 with 1b xp. @ langer, I've been following the 200m Skills thread since beginning summer to pass the time waiting for dungeon teams, I'm just to lazy to post, and thx for the top 15 updates.
  10. I'll probably update like once a week, because to much of a hassle to do everyday, plus there will be a lot of name changes.
  11. Runescape XP Hiscores 1.) +0 - (2.308) -- Balmung Pro --200m Strength --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Crafting --200m Construction --100m Constitution --100m Woodcutting --100m Thieving --100m Slayer ======2.3B Xp====== 2.) +0 - (2.242) -- Zarfot --200m Prayer --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Crafting --200m Herblore --200m Construction ======2.2B Xp====== 3.) +0 - (2.155) -- Jdelacroix --200m Prayer --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Crafting --200m Herblore --200m Construction --100m Thieving ======2.1B Xp====== 4.) +0 - (2.089) -- Drumgun --200m Attack --200m Defence --200m Strength --200m Constitution --200m Magic --200m Cooking --200m Hunter --200m Summoning 5.) +0 - (2.019) -- Gertjaars --200m Constitution --200m Ranged --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Crafting --100m Attack --100m Magic ======2.0B Xp====== ======1.9B Xp====== 6.) +0 - (1.870) -- Lan --200m Strength --200m Fletching --100m Attack --100m Constitution --100m Ranged --100m Cooking --100m Woodcutting --100m Slayer 7.) +0 - (1.854) -- Erw J --200m Strength --200m Constitution --200M Cooking --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Ranged --100m Woodcutting --100m Fletching --100m Summoning ======1.8B Xp====== 8.) +0 - (1.784) -- Elvis --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Thieving --100m Prayer --100m Crafting 9.) +1 - (1.755) -- Telmomarques --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Crafting --200m Thieving --200m Construction --100m Dungeoneering 10.) -1 - (1.738) -- Kingduffy --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Strength --100m Constitution 11.) +0 - (1.725) -- Elias --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Thieving --100m Crafting ======1.7B Xp====== 12.) +0 - (1.682) -- Paperbag --200m Prayer --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Crafting --200m Construction 13.) +0 - (1.605) -- S U O M I --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Fishing --200m Mining --200m Agility --100m Magic --100m Smithing ======1.6B Xp====== 14.) +0 - (1.573) -- Green098 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Thieving --100m Crafting --100m Dungeoneering 15.) +0 - (1.509) -- Ox --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Crafting --200m Thieving ======1.5B Xp====== 16.) +0 - (1.496) -- Fredmcgarry --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --100m Ranged --100m Constitution --100m Theiving 17.) +0 - (1.484) -- Season --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --100m Farming 18.) +1 - (1.483) -- Tezz --200m Attack --200m Defence --200m Thieving --100m Constitution --100m Cooking --100m Dungeoneering 19.) -1 - (1.458) -- Timlahaye --200m Ranged --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --100m Constitution 20.) +0 - (1.445) -- Kemadorr --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --200m Thieving --100m Hunter 21.) +1 - (1.435) -- Skiller 703 --200m Cooking --200m Thieving --200m Hunter --100m Fletching 22.) -1 - (1.424) -- The Evil God --200m Strength --200m Constitution --200m Cooking --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Ranged 23.) +0 - (1.412) -- 1 Eye Viper --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --100m Farming 24.) +0 - (1.401) -- Serene9203 --200m Cooking --200m Woodcutting --200m Fletching --200m Thieving ======1.4B Xp====== 25.) +0 - (1.396) -- Piddy10 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Thieving --100m Firemaking 26.) +0 - (1.377) -- Pope712 --200m Cooking --100m Strength --100m Constitution --100m Fletching 27.) +0 - (1.359) -- H Rassy --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --100m Crafting --100m Herblore --100m Farming 28.) +1 - (1.350) -- Enrix E B --200m Ranged --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Strength --100m Constitution --100m Prayer --100m Slayer 29.) -1 - (1.348) -- Ry4n T05 --200m Magic --200m Cooking --200m Thieving --100m Constitution --100m Woodcutting --100m Fletching 30.) +0 - (1.334) -- Toony --200m Attack --200m Strength --100m Defence --100m Constitution --100m Ranged --100m Slayer --100m Summoning 31.) +0 - (1.333) -- Funihead --200m Cooking --200m Fletching 32.) +0 - (1.327) -- Kngkyle --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --100m Woodcutting --100m Firemaking --100m Thieving 33.) +0 - (1.305) -- Pachelbel --200m Ranged --200m Cooking --200m Thieving --100m Constitution --100m Woodcutting 34.) +1 - (1.300) -- Bwizzel --200m Hunter --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Constitution --100m Magic --100m Fletching ======1.3B Xp====== 35.) -1 - (1.297) -- 20January05 --200m Cooking --200m Thieving --100m Fletching --100m Crafting 36.) +2 - (1.290) -- Vote to Kick --200m Cooking --100m Ranged --100m Fletching 37.) +0 - (1.288) -- Delta 81 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching 38.) -2 - (1.285) -- Sir Heiki --200m Cooking --200m Firemaking --200m Thieving 39.) +0 - (1.280) -- Tg --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Thieving --100m Crafting 40.) +0 - (1.265) -- Yey --200m Cooking --200m Fishing --200m Thieving 41.) +0 - (1.247) -- Dapledo --200m Farming 42.) +0 - (1.245) -- Madgamer2 --200m Cooking --200m Woodcutting --200m Thieving 43.) +3 - (1.237) -- Auss Angel --200m Cooking --200m Fletching 44.) -1 - (1.236) -- Lollypopx2 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --100m Defence --100m Magic 45.) -1 - (1.229) -- Zezima --200m Cooking --200m Theiving --100m Fletching --100m Firemkaing 46.) -1 - (1.227) -- Empror1 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --100m Thieving 47.) +2 - (1.217) -- Paulrat3 --200m Strength --200m Crafting --100m Constitution --100m Cooking 48.) -1 - (1.216) -- Pro Gamer --200m Defence --100m Constitution --100m Ranged --100m Slayer --100m Summoning 49.) -1 - (1.213) -- Bing12342001 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Firemaking --100m Thieving 50.) +0 - (1.207) -- Andy117 --200m Cooking --200m Fletching 51.) +0 - (1.204) -- Klonki --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Thieving --100m Woodcutting 52.) +0 - (1.203) -- Mrs Jjb Cyn --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Strength --100m constitution --100m Slayer ======1.2B Xp====== 53.) +0 - (1.175) -- Lagota Pro --200m Cooking --200m Woodcutting --100m Fletching 54.) +0 - (1.163) -- Da Broman1 --200m Cooking --200m Firemaking 55.) +0 - (1.157) -- Higarigh --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Thieving 56.) +0 - (1.148) -- Arian Slayer --200m Cooking --100m Attack --100m Defence --100m Strength --100m Constitution 57.) +0 - (1.126) -- Simon --200m Ranged --200m Construction --100m Smithing 58.) +0 - (1.118) -- Yogosun --200m Cooking --200m Fletching --200m Thieving 59.) +0 - (1.113) -- Kai856 --200m Cooking --100m Attack --100m Fletching 60.) +2 - (1.108) -- Number1 Boss 200m Cooking 100m Crafting 61.) +0 - (1.106) -- Nercychlidae --200m Cooking --100m Fletching 62.) -2 - (1.103) -- rune_bayer2 --100m Strength --100m Constitution ======1.1B Xp====== 63.) +0 - (1.090) -- Nos --200m Cooking --100m Fletching --100m Crafting 64.) +0 - (1.088) -- Appelflap666 --200m Crafting --200m Thieving 65.) +3 - (1.069) -- Mastajef --200m Cooking --100m Fletching 66.) -1 - (1.069) -- Miss Tree --200m Cooking --200m Fletching 67.) -1 - (1.064) -- l Cap l --200m Defence --200m Cooking --100m Constitution 68) +1 - (1.061) -- GirlWhoSlays --200m Attack --200m Strength --100m Constitution --100m Ranged --100m Slayer 69.) -2 - (1.061) -- Q Tip Eye --200m Cooking 70.) +0 - (1.043) -- Alvira55 --200m Cooking --100m Fletching 71.) +1 - (1.034) -- Aaron11144 --200m Cooking --100m Attack --100m Firemaking 72.) -1 - (1.033) -- Athymy --200m Cooking --200m Woodcutting 73.) +0 - (1.024) -- Brokendeer --200m Farming --100m Cooking 74.) +1 - (1.021) -- PINK UNlCORN --200m Cooking --100m Fletching 75.) -1 - (1.017) -- 19hardcore87 --200m Cooking --100m Constitution 76.) +2 - (1.013) -- Tameelf --200m Strength --100m Constitution 77.) +0 - (1.011) -- Blaack Widow --200m Cooking --100m Attack 78.) -2 - (1.011) -- Paperclip21 --200m Cooking --200m Thieving 79.) +4 - (1.009) -- Lowlander50 --No Skills Above 100m XP 80.) -1 - (1.007) -- Jungle175 --200m Attack --200m Cooking 81.) +0 - (1.003) -- Somebodyy --100m Woodcutting --100m Firemaking --100m Dungeoneering 82.) +0 - (1.001) -- Samanthanz --200m Attack --200m Strength --100m Constitution 83.) -3 - (1.000) -- Olivier404 --200m Attack --100m Strength --100m Constitution --100m Ranged ======1.0B Xp======
  12. I hope I'm not reposting an already posted topic, but here is the RS Hiscores in XP. Some RS Hiscore Ppl Pics to Pass the time. Pow012000 [Hide=][/hide] Green098 [hide=][/hide] Jdelacroix [hide=][/hide] 137CB UNT HP! [hide=][/hide] Deja Vu Xiii [hide=][/hide] Ok you can post have fun.
  13. [hide=][/hide] Catjump, Hahatoby, Meh, Gatorade1993, and maybe a random idk [hide=][/hide] Teh ownage 50-50 [hide=][/hide] Entrana99 [hide=][/hide] Staff Collection
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