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  1. I'll have to warn you Veiva, if you want T80 defender placeholders that stack in the bank, they don't. They use the same degrade mechanics as chaotic equipment :(
  2. Oh it's just something I like to work towards, it fulfills my OCD desire for order, of course at this current moment in time, we can't get placeholders for god capes or the ardy cloak and I'm absolutely no where near close enough to getting hold of all that gear! I'm still only a noob with all 70 stats at the moment! I did have bandos and magma serpentine helm in another tab, but I couldn't figure out what 8 items in total to have on the row :lol: Dunno if it's been updated but you couldn't get an elysian on the server when I logged on earlier. Don't really enjoy PvP content but today was at least a good chance for me to have a play around with trying to figure out what stuff I need to get in the future.
  3. An opportunity to mess around with a 'dream bank tab' :P some things I couldn't add because you don't have access to them on the tournament server, and some stuff is just spot placeholders... Maybe one day....
  4. Your overload boost and duration also impacts it, so you can probably fire off a few more hits too. Although they never showed it on stream they did mention that it takes away your adrenaline first, then your overload boost and then starts impacting your health and that other players can boost your health to keep it firing off for longer.
  5. Bah, there goes my chance for Bandos Warpriest placeholders, should have gathered the extra couple of points for the helm at least! Ah well, roll on next week for Mazcab!
  6. Well I appreciate it still being in, it gives me a small glimmer of hope of getting placeholders for my Bandos Warpriest set!
  7. [hide] Wow, I thought V was a pretty swell guy, but reading that transcript, although his end game is rather good, he's rather manipulative in how he does it. Why does every god have to skip around the gray line in this game!? He's willing to go as far as Saradomin when it comes to the Ogres and others who may decide against joining him? Sheesh! Well at least he is dead. I wish the story panned out a little differently, it would have been cool if he was a genuine swell kind of guy and lives and you go off in future quests/mini games/raids around different universes helping him save different planes from evil gods and vicious hordes of monsters![/hide]
  8. I feel ready for this type of content, necromancy, sailing, and archaeology are all skills I've wanted since the days of classic, will be great to finally see them alongside invention! Definitely think it's the right step, low level content is just not really needed now, what we currently have is enough and it's so easy to blaze through those levels anyway. I do feel though that when this content finally hits that Jagex should finally make a new cape that combines the uses and strengths of the TokHaar capes, Ava's alerter and maybe a couple of others, something that's useful for combat that isn't named the completionist cape. Hopefully that'll finally stop the bitterness and resentment I feel whenever I lose the bloody thing :lol: hell it can even be degradable!!
  9. Wild speculation from chat in game: The order of Ascension will use the life force of Tuska to power their Guthix Megazord to take over Gielinor :lol:
  10. You can't see player announcements from people on your ignore list maybe?
  11. We'll be getting a quest about V---- :) I'm assuming, at least!
  12. Does God Dragonhide armours also have a prayer bonus? Curious if they are taking another page out of Old School Runescape! If you mean armadyl chaps, e.g., no, they don't seem to have any such bonus. Thanks for checking! :)
  13. Does God Dragonhide armours also have a prayer bonus? Curious if they are taking another page out of Old School Runescape!
  14. Elf City Patch Notes - QFC: [qfc]15-16-301-65515900[/qfc]
  15. Seems they are somewhat following the same route that Old School is taking for item sinks, I am ok with this!
  16. I think it's advertising the drop option being above the use option? Unless it's always been the case... >_<
  17. Yay! I'll be able to have my presets for Dragonbone, Nex and Tectonic coloured Completionist Capes set without having to figure out the codes each time!
  18. Hey guys, do you think it would be best to play the game at first on Legacy mode until you unlock a few abilities to rotate?
  19. Not 100% certain but I think exp is disabled in the citadel for ironman accounts. Edit - Exp is capped at 25% of what you'd normally gain.
  20. Manage thy kingdom will be useful for making a nice bit of coinage if you collect flax and maple logs, will net you some exp in crafting and fletching then hi alch the bows for money until you can make magic longbows...it's my method of making cash in old school RS at least >_>
  21. ^^ Seriously, I sucked hard at switching styles to take out TD's (I've never really tried to fight them before) but someone on here recommended a Steel Titan earlier and I cannot stress enough just how much easier it makes them.
  22. I'm very sad I've been putting in tickets to win Silverhawks back after I died and lost them ages ago only to discover today that they were with Diango all along >_<
  23. Mod Ronan did the 1k Corp kills for old school earlier and said that the poll for Old School Ironman Mode will be out next week, I think they normally run till the Wednesday of the week afterwards and if it passes it should have a release that coincides with the main game, so I guess it's coming right at the end of the month, 29th-30th September?
  24. Haven't voted yet but I'll definitely be going for Elemental Workshop. With Astral and Nature rooms could we potentially have a full armour set at long last (legs and cape)? Leaving Law, Death, Blood and Soul to fill higher tiers, create weapons and maybe power armours?
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