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  1. I would like a piece of that :$!

  2. Hello Yufei I am in the Wilderness Guardians. We are a long lasting clan that offers a little of everything. We have a good variety of community clan events that are open to the public and you can invite your friends. Come to some of them to get to know us. When you register on the forum you will be able to view the details of the events. We are worldwide and someone is always on. Our leaders are from all the time zones too. We do pvp, but not so much that your bank bleeds from it. You still have time to enjoy your own things. Audio, Forums, Ingame CC and IRC are all used. www.wildernessguardians.com #WG_lobby His Lordship is cc in rs.
  3. looks like you had a nice fight. Congratz on your victory.
  4. Hi Gabe At the Wilderness Guardians we have many different events. We even have a clan quest that we do with clues to do it. It is an awesome experience to be in a clan with such a good community. We are a warring community clan but we do skilling events too. There is a long list of our events on our forum and you may want to visit that to see the interesting things we do. We have weekly competitions in the clan too. We also have badges for some things. We have guardian scores that shows some of your rs achievements. Good luck looking for a new clan and I hope you will visit us. http://www.wildernessguardians.com/ Rachy
  5. Hello Alex, I hope you will take a few minutes to visit our forum ( http://www.wildernessguardians.com/ ) and our public irc channel #wg_lobby. We offer community events to the public. You can come join us on an event to get to know a few people. We also have His Lordship cc in rs and audio. I can see you have some shared values that we offer in WG. Being friendly and helping each other with stuff only builds our community to be even stronger. We have a tech and studies room too. Our members enjoy writing our own guides for things we find helpful in RS. Stop by any of the cc or irc or pm me, we can help answer your questions. We are a warring clan with a fantastic community. We have a great community and I hope you will visit us soon. Good luck in your choice of a clan. Rachy
  6. Hello Spike, I am in the Wilderness Guardians, we have a large variety of events that we do. It is a very friendly and close community. I won't overwhelm you with a lot of fancy stuff, but if you want some nice friends to play rs with then you want to come check out our forum and irc. I hang out pretty often in His Lordship Clan Chat. I'd love to meet you and have a personal chat to see if we have the clan that you would like. Add me in the game. I'm hosting a community Trawler event on Friday, it is listed our forum and I'd encourage you to come check us out. We are world wide time zones so you hopefully can find an event that will interest you. I can honestly say that my clan mates are really great people and a lot of fun. Thanks for your time, Rachy
  7. Hello, I am not sure where you are in your combat level, but at Wilderness Guardians sometimes people hang out as guest while they train up to our requirement of 100+ free to play combat. We are friendly and helpful and cover all the time zones. You can visit our forum and irc channel. But if you really want a friend contact me personally on RS. I hang out often in His Lordship Clan Chat. You are welcome to come to some of our community events to get to know us. They are listed on our forum. Good luck with finding a clan and I hope to meet you. Rachy
  8. Do you wear the spotted cape and boots of lightness? Those both help with run time. The boots of lightness are sorta creepy to get but free. If you need help with getting to them just pm me.
  9. WG is still honor clan, but I think you have to look at the individuals too. I've seen a lot of NH people in the wildy.
  10. They stack, so why not pick them up. You never know when you will have so much gp that you want to go for like top 100 or front page in the skill. Not that gold are the best choice but may still come in handy.
  11. Very interesting to read. I know why I love RS. It's the other players and the interaction with them. I find that once you turn lvl 100 people are less likely to talk to you first. You have to be more open and outgoing to make friends. I never really worry about the gp. I'm far from being the richest player but my bank is very interesting and I always have things in it to work on. Often I find treasures I didn't even know the worth. I try not to go below at the very lowest like 3 million and I rarely have more than 12 million in my bank. It's what I call the comfort zone. I don't think I want to be super rich cause then I'll lose interest in doing the little stupid things I still can enjoy. I pick my flax, spin it, cut the trees, fletch them, then mine essense, do the natures ect ect It isn't about anything more than a great relaxing game and a fun time to chat to people.
  12. Hello Tip It, It has been some time since I have posted on the forums. I'm looking forward to being more active. I have been an active member of Wilderness Guardians for over two years. I am very friendly and like to be helpful when I can be. If I could get 99 in socialization, I would have like 100 million in xp. lol Otherwise I love having a ton of friends and often find my friend's list is full. My favorite part of clan life is getting to know everyone and chatting on our audio. I like to mentor new members and think it is a fun aspect of getting to know people. Being in leadership is a great way to help out my clan. The most challenging things in clan life are what let me learn the most. I believe everyone has some good to them and often they are like diamonds in the rough, once polished they shine and are valuable. Probably my positive thinking is what got me voted most friendly in the clan since I joined. I often ask for help cause I'm not super woman. Looking forward to becoming part of the tip it community. Rachy
  13. Awwww That really stinks. I just got my 99 fishing about a week a go. I think I got to pick the lamp the last time I had that event though. I hope waiting works for you and post back and let us know how it goes.
  14. I did that gnome course from 1 to 40 in about 2.5 days. My arm hurt and I was so complaining about it. But after it was done I didn't want to go back to training any of it for over a year. It is a good skill to have and helps in many quests, so it is worth it. Rachy <3:
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