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  1. Is 3pp allowed here? #-o Gratz RoT
  2. Dieu

    Solace vs CL

    Thanks for the fight CL LOL
  3. Nice win TRWF First post on tipit in over a year I believe. :thumbsup:
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. Good numbers for a PKRI Downfall :thumbup: Nice to see the CWA steppin up to PvP. Gratz on win ASC. Will be more even when DF has some more experience in PKRI's. :thumbsup:
  6. While some of you are claiming you would decline Zezima, I highly doubt that if he apped on your sites you would decline him. Who wouldn't want a maxed 126? He would bring in people and could possibly extend the clan world to those who don't know about it. Don't see why you would decline him tbh. <_<
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