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  1. [hide=gg kid, you got me LMAO] Interesting how this insult is mutable while other vulgar words aren't :rolleyes: [/hide]
  2. Your guide helped me beat Jad on my first try :-D Although I still panicked and got hit 3 times in the beginning, but your vids helped me stay calm during the healers. Thanks!
  3. Good day yesterday. [hide=assists and boosts ftw][/hide] [hide=karamja gloves 3][/hide] Woot, beat Jad on my 1st try! Although I'm sure I don't deserve it, he hit me 3 times lol. Thanks those who helped me with my set up and SirHemen for your guide.
  4. Would farming torstols be worth it now or are they still a loss?
  5. I like how everyone is so quick to define flipping here, but if someone asks on H&A no one tells them 8-)
  6. Less eat, more tab #-o lol, true that. No offence big mac. If you had sharks, why do you carry monks :blink:
  7. You didn't get another mask? Cuz on RSOF they say that they get the same article of clothing they got last week. I.E. Get top last week, get top again this week.
  8. I think the last time I collected was before the 2nd bonus weekend. And too bad for the guy; iirc that was a dd (p+) and I put it in the ge :-P
  9. [bleep] you luckscape. 234 nests and not a single mage or spirit seed. And only 1 yew
  10. Well I can't get an EE, so the sara bow is my healing spec weapon. The spec restores are for it. And I brought rune and chaotic cbow because I was gonna be cheap and only use the ccbow on 360s and Jad. Ok, I'll add them later. Is this better?
  11. Like others, it's gonna be my first time. How does this look? Other things I have are arma helm and zammy book. I could also buy a regen brace. Should I take out a spec restore and replace it with another brew?
  12. I do that Although for here, I have my antifires, range pots, and sup def in 2 doses for pking.
  13. Woot didn't even have 81 hunt :^_^: Cost me 160k though since I didn't have 80 con.
  14. I concur with OP. That is how I tracked all 3 of the Jadinkos. The path never changed for me.
  15. I mostly only do herbs and calquat. Calquat is mad cheap for xp at around 2 gp/xp. Trees are too expensive for me, but fruit trees are manageable. I suggest curry, pineapple, or papayas. But if you want fast xp, do either snaps or torstols, palm trees, calquat, and magic trees. If you need further info, Grimy's spreadsheet is always helpful. http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tvyX6CDj7qNBx5xIA5ShA-w&output=html Edit: to reply to your most recent post, maples and palms are around 9 gp/xp. Always do calquats and herbs still.
  16. British Petroleum, the one from the oil leak a while ago. It's not that bad anymore, especially when they changed their name to Dependable Petroleum. "We no longer [bleep] the Earth. We DP it." The first sentence is a bit of a maturity fail (twss lololololol). But otherwise, I dun see it. :???: flax gives you flax.
  17. Did you do that by using the +8 hunter pool? Seems really tedious, but just wondering because I too have 75 hunt #-o
  18. Con: If I were to train with butlers does it matter if the bedrooms are on the second floor or the first? And do I need the dining room with that rope near my kitchen if I were to train with larders? Farming: I've been playing it safe with herbs and planting snaps in My Arms and avantoes in the other 4 with the scroll of life. Should I take that risk and plant snaps in all of the patches? When I unlock torstols should I do the same, or like wait a couple of levels before doing it?
  19. omg, my best hi-score so far: Now if I can only get that equivalent in a visage drop...
  20. I believe they are weak to range because I find them terribly easy. Have you guys tried ranging them? P.S. What's a good free program that lets me record vids? I want to show how I do them with no healing items.
  21. Well I've did contact a long time ago and have yet to get them as a task from sumona (haven't gotten a black demon task either :blink:). The only only desert related quest that I haven't done yet and involves scabarites is Dealing with Scabaras. But if it is indeed wise to unlock them, would I be cannoning them? And if so, where should I set up the cannon?
  22. Oh, well what's the way to kill them and how do I get there the fastest
  23. Apparently sumona and duradel assign these as a task, but I haven't gotten them yet from sumona. One quest I haven't done yet is Dealing with Scabaras. Is that the quest that unlocks them? Because I don't want to unlock scabarites.
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