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  1. I didn't do those quests JUST for WGS, I did them because I wanted to. I actually like questing, and posted that pic because 270 qp = access to WGS. I'm planning on doing a few more quests atm, but not centered around WGS at all. And to clarify what I meant, I meant that to me runescape is an addiction/habit that I need to kick, but don't want to. Limiting my access to gameplay helps curb my need to play longer. It's like smoking; instead of smoking 3 cartons a day, I'm smoking a pack a day. I'M the one that said it about slayer. Like I said in my OP, I'm doing it based on what I enjoy in runescape. All I do in runescape can be seen in my sig: I pk, slay, farm herbs, and dung. Pking (usually) involves no summoning. As seen by my slayer lvl, slaying involves no summoning. Farming herbs requires no summoning. Dung is debatable, but not summoning doesn't hinder me. But thank you guys for your understanding :thumbsup: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On topic: After doing that last quest I decided to do the extra part to the quest and got rewarded with this: KQ head: received at lvl 96. KBD head: received at lvl 97. :thumbup:
  2. Is it better to use a body shield, or dfs? Or do they do the same thing?
  3. There's quite a few reasons I don't, and they're all personal reasons. The main reason is because I want to limit my activities that I can do in this game because I kinda want to quit, but I like to keep playing to achieve goals. The less things I'm able to do in game, the better it will ultimately lead to my boredom. Also I still have a runescape classic mindset, where everything was hard and you did things with little help. I just don't like how summoning raises your combat level when you're not using it; it feels like a misrepresentation of my true abilities. I mean, I've done so much without summoning that everything I do is already second nature. I have better stats for my combat level that the average player. Plus, in the things I like to do summoning isn't a necessity (you don't NEED summoning to slay at all, its just convenient). Sure its inefficient when it comes to slayer, but if I wanted efficiency I would've turn to melee :shades:
  4. [hide=At first I was like...] W00t [email protected]!#!$!# [/hide] [hide=But then I was like...] Epic Fail [email protected]!#!$!# [/hide]
  5. That's so lame <_< Lame you say? This is lame: Cbow only protects over like 2 statues
  6. What basis do you have for this statement, personal experience, what? I know of adults who complain, (mainly college students) and teens who couldn't care less. Well I guess it's personal experience. It seems like (to me) younger players are the ones to talk more in this game, so I hear them complaining more. Young adults and teens seem less likely to talk to randoms (as seen from you guys and setting your public chat to friends only :-P)
  7. Despite Jagex saying this game is intended for mature players, most people who complain are teens/still in middle school. They have yet to learn how to think cognitively or rationally. They act on impulses and work towards satisfying their emotions. If they can't have it now, they complain. Thus, they want things made simpler for them for as you say "instant gratification".
  8. [hide] Too bad I'm forced to dung in this world. The leader brought his friend along to leech the entire time. My last slay level while being under 100 combat. Next up, rigour :cry: [/hide]
  9. I've never seen a dino get caught in one of my traps unless i was nearby, I can set down a trap, come back 15 minutes later, and the dino and trap are still laying around. Well, I don't know what to say. When I dung I always carry a knife, 2 logs, needle and thread, and when I see a dino I want I set down traps and keep going along with my team to like the next room or two. I get the message on my screen saying I caught a dino in my trap even when I'm not in the same room as the dino.
  10. I find I get 2-5 hides, no matter what tier trap I use. Also, you don't have to be near a dino for the trap to work. I've set up traps then tele'd somewhere else or gone to different rooms and the trap still caught the dino. It's actually better not to be near the dino because just like outside of dung, you should be a certain distance from your traps to maximize effectiveness.
  11. First bonus weekend was march of this year btw. (march 12?)
  12. What would you possibly use it for? EEE + soul split, even while ranging, is more than enough healing? Check my stats bro
  13. I don't care if it crashes, this was an item I wanted to use, not profit. I was just confused on why I actually got it when I was almost an hour late in placing my order. Other people are still trying to buy them based on the forums so I was positive there are still snipers attempting to pick the bow up.
  14. On that subject of sniping in the GE I'd like to show something that happened to me: So after several failed attempts at sniping the bow, one day I logged in to see the GE updated a while ago and I thought "what the hell, I'll still put an offer in". Well on the very last day before the sara bow updated again, I managed to snipe one. The previous times I attempted to snipe my offers were in 1-11 seconds after the update and I never sniped one. So how was I able to get a bow so late after the GE updated, and also many days later? Other notes: the street price of the bow is catching up to the GE price, with the street price being 25-35m
  15. Ohhh, ok, I finally understand. In the end it'll still cost me the same amount of money, but take an extra 2.5 hours if I were to use d bones. Thanks a lot for clarifying.
  16. For the first question, since I already had sc tools (and the penance horn), I was planning on using them. I just wanted to know if I'll get the same exp out of the brawlers w/o the hammers. But how come everyone always says to use f bones with brawling gloves? Does it save time and money over d bones? [hide=my input]According to this thread, 17-18-628-61335678, the TVC of f bones over d bones is somewhere over 3.2m/hr. Since I cannot make that much in an hour, I plan on training prayer with d bones. I finally found the xp on wiki, and d bones are 13.5 gp/xp on altar w/ brawlers, 20.2 gp/xp on altar w/o brawlers F bones are 17.6 gp/xp brawlers, 26.3 gp/xp w/o brawlers So if I used d bones instead of f bones on the altar w/ brawlers, it should be better because I save money and I don't make over 3.2m/hr, right? [/hide]
  17. Smith: If I use sc hammers with these, do I lose potential xp from the brawlers? Is it advisable to use sc hammers here because I save money? Pray: 1) How much xp per bone do I get if I use d bones on: gilded altar etcofuntus 2) How much xp per bone do I get if I use f bones on: gilded altar etcofuntus
  18. A few days old but whatevs. FINALLLLLYYYY, been trying to get one of these babies since they came out.
  19. The difference between you and Jagex is that when a mistake is brought to your attention, you attempt to fix the problem as soon as possible. When Jagex learns of a mistake...they either: A) Ignore it B) Fix it 8 months later C) Fix it 6 months later and don't tell anybody D) Fix it and make it worst E) Say "nah, we'll fix it at next week's update"....and never do
  20. Did you go to the site he said? Nah, like I said, "I didn't do what he told me to do". I knew it was a suspicious link and he totally wasn't a mod. Am I the only one that noticed that both of his accounts were in the same floor? :shame:
  21. Sorry for the double post, but I totally gotta post this [cabbage]. I knew my account was nice, but I didn't know it was hacker worthy :ohnoes: And no, I didn't do what he told me to do :mrgreen: inb4iragequitcuzigothackedsomehow
  22. This was all for the surgebox. GF 13-18 hours of my life, I instantly regret training it after like 4 levels lol.
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