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  1. Section 6.0 of http://www.xp-waste.com/map-reading-pathing-t1315.html explains. It DOES NOT: -Change how much dungeoneering xp anyone gets. -Cause there to be more (or fewer) skill doors or anything like that. -Change anything about what rooms are spawned.
  2. I can't speak about points, but for xp/hr, you shouldn't touch soul wraiths (they are awful). Get ess from the law and nature esshounds. Don't waste time stocking up on ess, since there are hounds nearby to the islands you should be hanging around at; just get ess when you are running low, and the lower you are, the more nodes you should ignore (ie if you are under 100, ignore everything except your best two nodes, or something like that. It's not super important what guidelines you actually use, just that you don't run out of ess on the lower nodes which give great xp/hr but burn ess super fast like shifters and jumpers). I'm basically never above 1k ess, rarely above 500 even. 90-97 RC got me a bit under 100k points, I'm not expecting to hit 211k before 99.
  3. https://docs.google....hjWjlvdnc#gid=0 via https://docs.google....UE9UWHRGU3VNQUE With scroll of life and jujus, torstols are the best GP currently, AND they give more xp than snaps. I don't think torstols are worth it without juju, but you can check on the spreadsheet. Also, I'm not quite sure how you can be bored AFKing rocktails. Pick anything that you do inside other than RS, and do it while at rocktails.
  4. In response to the indirect changes to riddler room, you used to be able to use hammer and fishing rod from inventory, which everyone would have. Furthermore, you could use those even if the doors in the room required a potion for the theiving requirements, or if the person who had the thieving level was busy somewhere else in the dungeon. So not only is the room now slower on average even if you have all the skill reqs, it requires moving gt to it more often, and requires a potion (instead of getting needle from smuggler) more often. E: Buying a needle and thread has fallen out of the DG rushing metagame since the summer (it's not worth it to make ranged armor for hex for rushing), it's rare to see people buy needles and thread in HT any more.
  5. I personally don't give a damn about random other people in this game - I don't compare myself to completely random people on the internet, and so I don't care if they can level up quickly by spending real money on the game. Besides that, over time, any achievement on any MMO is almost certain to become devalued, since things rarely get harder, only easier. I don't like the overall direction JaGeX is headed in since it appears to be away from content and away from players, but not other than that this update doesn't bother me.
  6. The choices you make ultimately have no effect on the reward and post-quest stuff. It simply adds a layer (interesting and enjoyable for some) to the quest.
  7. At 1100 pop, I get about 40 kph using iron titan (no spec restore). At many times, 1100 is close to the max pop of any world, and there's rarely ever more than like 2-3 worlds above that mark. It's not comparable to other methods. EDIT: Not only that, but waterfiends should be more than 146 crims per hour in CT with iron titan. I can get 290 kph on task, and wouldn't even need 200 kph to beat KBD. EDIT 2: Repeated the test, again 40 kph.
  8. [spoiler=Thoughts on the quest]The copy-the-pattern puzzles were about as dumb as you can be. Really really easy to light all the fires, just have to guess-and-check the colors (the tick-tack-toe one took me a lot of guesses since there's no real logic to it.) The jumping around puzzle was okay. Not good, not bad, just standard fare. The choices and storyline made the quest interesting without having to have interesting gameplay mechanics. I liked it, but people that don't care for storylines won't. It's a personal thing - it adds a lot to the quest for some people, and adds 0 (not positive, not negative) for some people. The boss - this was by far the most enjoyable boss of any kind I've ever fought in RS (and I've fought all of them except nex). I encourage people to do it with no food no range weapon no run energy booster to keep it as interesting as possible (That's how I did it, though I used soul split. No soul split, you may need a tiny bit of food or uni). It was very much a boss fight out of a zelda game, and I only compare quests to Zelda when I like them. The only thing I'm confused about is the sparks. They seem to do nothing, and weren't necessary, so after half the fight I stopped caring about them. As usual, I don't care much about rewards, and so the suckiness doesn't bother me. For those who haven't done the boss fight yet, I recommend trying it with no gear, no items (or a bit of food, perhaps) at first. If you have trouble, then consider trying some of the tricks, but I think it's less fun that way.
  9. In the low 90s, I get 100k xp/hr at both arctic pines and teaks, with beaver and urns, low alching when at teaks.
  10. They are excellent at mithril dragons.
  11. I wouldn't recommend PPS or SoA to someone with only level 87 magic and no overloads. The 360s and jad both have quite high magic defence, and the +2.5 average hit per mage level of PPS and +5 average hit per mage level of SoA are really important.
  12. Agile legs are from gnome, top is from barb. FPF is not at all difficult to achieve a better xp rate than barb advanced, though achieving a better xp rate than barb advanced where you charge BA horn with a good team, is harder. It may also be worth considering that you need agile top for an elite diary.
  13. They are very slow in both kill rate and slayer xp. The only polypore creatures worth doing are Ganodermics, by cannon + pps or soa in the bottom floor of the agility section.
  14. They can serve as a substitute titan for the glacytes, for those without 99 summon (surge enduring, send dreadnip, switch gear and kill sapping, finish off enduring if needed, kill unstable). They disappear when you run far enough away from the glacor to lure enduring, so using them on the glacor is not really worth it.
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