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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Celery


    I went to the zoo today. It would've been fun, too, had a bird hadn't decided to crap on my shoulder. That was gross.
  4. I'm actually talking about the whiny little douches, but possibly also the other one. But mostly the whiny douches.
  5. I've only ever subscribed to National Geographic and Astronomy. Both of which are great, I think.
  6. Probably a cheesecake/chocolate thing that was filled with vodka. Now, that was just strange.
  7. See you browsing Falador Tavern, just saying hello!

  8. Alright, things that irritate me. Currently, it's probably the fad that being depressed is cool. I have plenty of classmates who literally fake depression, complain to absolutely no end, and are pitied by a good portion of their peers. (I wish I could say that was an overexaggeration.) ...You guys probably know the type I'm talking about. Tbh, I find it to be kind of an insult who people who do have actually anxiety and depression. OTL Oh. Also people who don't know what vuvuzelas are. But that's a different story.
  9. That is kind of disturbing. I hope that was not what you were trying to dream. :unsure: N-no, it wasn't. XD
  10. I've tried this a few months ago with some success, but I'm definitely trying again tonight. Last time I tried this, I ended up eating a dog alive while swinging from a pendulum. My arm ended up moving by itself in tune to the pendulum's swings, too.. o__o ...Weirdest thing ever.
  11. Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations. I bought it the day it came out, anddd I still didn't beat the second case. Granted, I recently lost my DS, but still. OTL
  12. is feeling leafy-green and peachy-keen.

  13. Yeah it's just an OVA really so it's pretty much for the lulz. The last episode was the best though and is the sole creation of the Rena/Takano ship :D Oh, jeez. It gets kind of sad, too. xD Didn't see that coming. Whoa, Rena/Takano? I MUST SEE THIS. On another note, one of my female friends made me watch "Papa to Kiss in the Dark". .... :wall:
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