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  1. More people to step on of course! :thumbsup: But in all seriousness OP is right, RuneScape could use a bit of a change however after all the experiences I've had with people not blessing me and all of the scammers, flamers, and whatnot I don't really feel inclined to "pay it forward". Despite what that movie and State Farm commercials will have me believe, I don't think that a few kind acts are going to start a chain reaction of niceness and warm fuzzy feelings. If I bless a grave when someone died and lost a lot everyone around says DUDE WTF WHY DID YOU DO THAT (happened already <_< ) and if I buy 200K junk off a random level 60 then he goes "lol thanks idiot nub" running off with his new set of rune, thinking how he can dupe the stupid high-levels into thinking they're being nice. People are people, and while honour is important.... honour simply doesn't exist on the internet.
  2. About overloads, they stay at the full stat boost the whole time because they refresh every 15 seconds. Taking into account that most bosses (I'm assuming you're talking about MH-ing) have a spawn time that is slower than 15 seconds you can safely pot up and re-gain your full bonuses before you have any trouble.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I havn't been checking this site that often.

    I got the avatar from one of the old-old-old offical BK downloads.. Though I had to have someone edit it to make it spin faster for tif.

    Don't know where you can get it anymore

  4. Lol-ed at being efficiency trolled and told to nut up online :rolleyes: 1) Not everyone has god-like stats 2) Not everyone wants to waste hours of their lives calculating their way to get god stats 3) People whined moaned and complained about not having a bank on Musa Point and got it so I think this is a reasonable complaint.
  5. Soloing a level 203 mercenary captain is damn near impossible, so I'm with the OP on this one. This and the ramokee rooms definitely need to be bumped up to boss status, it's getting a tad bit rediculous.
  6. Because it's much more fun to know that you got the 99 legitimately? Since when are agility and runecrafting ever fun for someone who isn't clinically masochistic? On Topic: Botting devalues the game and jagex does nothing about it because, simply, bots still make them money... They denounce bots publicly but don't do anything about them in order to keep customers. They've even stopped banning people (and just resetting their levels) because of this. Its a classic case of attempting to appease everyone but in the end pleasing no-one.
  7. Emerson


    So my beliefs are in it of themselves insulting? Good. I find many of the beliefs that others hold insulting so now I can perhaps return the favor.
  8. Here are my thoughts whenever someone tries using any of the above: Noob: 1) Unoriginal. 2) ....Well there's really not much more to say here is there? Kid: 1) I say that as a term synonymous with "dude" or "guy" around my friends (ie: you crazy kid, that kid's epic etc) so that really doesn't bother me. 2) I wish I was still a kid, kids have so much fun and no responsibilities :D Nerd: 1) Yes, yes I am 2) You play runescape yet you denounce others as a nerd #-o What does sometimes irk me however is when people use "yuhmadbrah?". Not on the basis of actually getting mad at what they're doing but because of the calibre of [wagon]hole that exists in this world. Its probably just me, but anyone who uses "brah" in typical conversation degrades themselves to a level of pathetic insecurity normally found among frat guys and those seeking to show how big of a [bleep] they can be to the rest of the world whilst under the assumption that it actually shines an attractive light upon them. In any case, all of the above show an inherent need to boost themselves at the expense of another.... I'm with the poster on the RSOF, human beings are despicable.
  9. Emerson


    While I have absolutely no respect for suicide (other than to save the life of another ofc) I'm also a believer in the theory of "those who are suicidal should hurry up and kill themselves already to put an end to their drain on society's resources and not to carry on that genetic quirk" I CAN'T [bleep]ING BELIEVE SOMEONE ELSE AGREES WITH ME!!! OHHHHH HAPPY DAY!! HAPPY DAY! Rofl, there are quite a few of us out here actually :thumbsup:
  10. Emerson


    While I have absolutely no respect for suicide (other than to save the life of another ofc) I'm also a believer in the theory of "those who are suicidal should hurry up and kill themselves already to put an end to their drain on society's resources and not to carry on that genetic quirk"
  11. That's what I'm thinking, and it makes me excited. :) I wouldn't say that the reason dungeoneering has caused deflation was the chaotics (seeing as they came out the day the skill was released), but the skill itself. To hazard a guestimate, I would say the runescape Production Possibility Curve has been reduced by 20% simply because all the time spent in daemonheim is "wasted" when it comes to the rest of Gielinor's economic system. Couple this with a few recent and minor updates such as frost dragons reducing the cost of prayer, korasi's sword reducing the demand for D scim, ss, and z spear and now with the dragon defender.... You can see where this is going. But yes, I agree that this is a good thing for RuneScape, if the previous trend would've continued, it would be impossible to get ahead of long-time players.
  12. At roughly 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM GMT it isnt crowded at all.... thats when I got mine :thumbsup:
  13. This and also, the reason leechers have a "right" to do what they do is simply because as long as there are people wanting to boost their xp, lower monster levels etc. with leeches they will exist. The reason why jagex doesn't ban leeches is exactly as stated above, the system is so screwed up to begin with, one more jacked up aspect really doesn't change anything. Didn't you guys reed Sees_All's article a few weeks ago? On another note, I made a level 3 to dungeoneer with a friend named L2leech :thumbsup:
  14. The only real problem with that would be on a 1:1 system everyone would be spending their tokens on xp to level 80. If they then increased the token count while taking out purchasable xp (and perhaps doctored prices for things like bonecrusher) it would be a much better system.
  15. lordkafei, you missed the point of my entire article. What I'm trying to say is, while you and others like you go around saying that dungeoneering should exist, that you're never going to do it etc. The effects of it are too widespread for you to pretend that daemonheim was never released. Can you ignore a constant drop in godsword prices thanks to chaotic weaponry? Can you ignore getting one-upped at a boss fight because of chaotic weaponry or a shield? Can you ignore the almost constant drop in prices since dungeoneering's release? How about the decreasing cost of prayer from frost dragon bones or the fact that people are now able to deal even more damage with magic when using an arcane necklace? [/Rhetoricalquestions]
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