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  1. Stop by our cc-ELVISHGARDEN, pull up a chair, strike up a conversation, who knows, you may actually enjoy us and come to call us home. We are a very broad based clan, located all over the world-yes several aussie's in our clan to boot. =) We host tons of events and cater to just about all. We consider ourself more of a community/family, and as such we are very laid back. Hopefully look foreward to seeing you around
  2. Ello my friend, we are a community that is based all over the world. A vast majority of our members are adults 18+ into their 50's.Please feel free to try us out, stop by our cc and who knows, maybeh you'' come to call us home. See you around and i do wish you luck.
  3. Ello, I'm posting you this link so you'll have all the imfo. availible to you, stop by, join our cc, and see if you like us. We are a very fun group who love to laugh, joke, and help each other only get better. Try us, you may actually like us
  4. Give us a look, stop by the cc m8, YOU may actually enjoy us=)
  5. Feel free to drop in the clan chat we mentioned in our above post, we would love to hear from you. :)
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