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  1. Um i guess you can fish lobbies...... for now.
  2. you could cast the curse spell on a monster over and over again(need negative mage bonus) but it will take you a long time... its around 30k xp an hour.
  3. um dks still pretty decent cash and for pking vengeance is a must
  4. Um you could kill steel/iron dragz or do arma / bandos trips
  5. Kool, might try them again sometime :thumbsup:
  6. Karamaja Gloves 4 will revive you if you die´╗┐ in the fight caves btw. (once a day)
  7. Too many bots at frost dragz its not even funny, you kill a drag every 5 minutes.
  8. Is your router password protected? if not, people can leech your internet. It will make your internet go slow. I have 3 computers at home and the first router I had was somehow diving the internet speed. Then I bought a better router and now I have full internet speed on each pc. Might also be your internet service provider.
  9. Um one time I got a message from someone saying jagex was going to delete rs videos for copyright and had a link to it to a "support" thread. It was probly some sort of fake login.
  10. I cant log in either! ffs!
  11. When i used to train dunge, w117 was the way to go(even though it lagged like hell). I did floors 1-20 small,21-30 med, 31+ large. I always did them in random teams, never soloed(horrible xp imo). I always had a 5 man team, a few low-level players to keep the monsters and bosses as low lvl as possible. Make sure you dont reset the floors until you have done every single floor you can do! This will determine your xp. Oh and i mostly rushed floors 1-30.
  12. Gratz on the guthan skirt! I got karils top on my first(and last) barrows attempt. I was doing the quest for the curse prayers though, so idk if that had something to do with my luck.
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