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  1. I would have to go with ankou's because I trained there myself at your level and they also have some nice drops. You can make about 500k-1m a day depending on how much you play.
  2. I'm also 74 dungeoneering and what I do is c1 floors 1-24 and then I solo 25-29 mediums. Then for the rest of my floors I do 5:5 larges and once you get to higher levels you should start rushing floors 1-29 instead of 1-24.
  3. Right by the Draynor jail there is a trapdoor and it leads to a tunnel which leads to an anvil and it's a place that I never go in. I think it would be a good place for a 99.
  4. Ok so I want to get 70 runecrafting so I can use a CSB in dungeoneering and I want to know the fastest way to get their. Money at this time is not a concern. And what level should ZMI be started? Thank You In Advanced
  5. At your level you might wantg to try ankou. I used to train them and they were very good and they earned me some money.
  6. You should try and get a rapier because I have heard it is very good and you should buy a fury and a berseker ring with the 60m. You also might want to get piety if you don't already it have and extremes if you don't have them. Hope I Helped.
  7. I think the elemental titans are good because they can heal you plus they are pretty good at fighting and correct me if im wrong but I have heard daggonoths are fairly good.
  8. You shoulnd't get Bandos untill you get extremes and at least piety. I know from 51-70 prayer it will cost about 10-12m which isn't bad for something that will do wonders for you. Good Luck On Your Goals! :thumbsup:
  9. I have a question. People always recommend doing dailys and shop runs. Could someone please give me a list of the shops and what you buy from them? Thanks In Advance
  10. I think you should get the crossbow because it's good for Arma and Nex if you every plan on it. You should also get Rigour with the CCB.
  11. I like your goals and ideas. I might try and follow what you do. I don't think I'll keep up to you but it just gives me something to do.
  12. Man you have a very nice account. And how do you get your charms?
  13. That's pretty cheap. What potions did you make? Prayer Pots? I'm planning on going from 52-90 herblore doing praer pots. Need to make like 57k of them and will cost like ~50m. I'm going to do 10k at a time so I dont get bored.
  14. Go onto youtube and search "trolling forst bots". If you say saomething they will drink all their doses and anti and when their all out they will tele.
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