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  1. From New Zealand: [hide] Jersey - Indicator Cracker Mall Apartment Mudguard/Flap Bitumen Elevator/Lift Sweets Popsicle Can/Softdrink Bin Verandah Nappy Flashlight/Torch Soccer Jail Tracksuit [/hide]
  2. I tend to go to form failure on the last set of an exercise, to a point. Say, if I do 3 sets of (nominally) 50 press ups, I'll go for 50/50/70, then the next week 60/60/60 .
  3. I'd hit the gym or calisthenics, but no running: as my head typically feels like a few litres of cement are sloshing around in there. Once you get a sweat worked up, it's fine: just getting out of bed is the issue.
  4. I think jewellery on guys can look really good, but it's generally best to stick to silver/quality tribal stuff. Admittedly, my sense of style is rather suspect. :rolleyes: [hide] Note: hat is not a normal part of ensemble, but digital is broken and I can't find a clearer picture of my necklace. [/hide]
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKlIAWB_dN4
  6. He'd still look unrepentantly hardcase in bike leathers, though :P
  7. Could you also cover Range -> Scimitar -> 2H switching? It's a bit difficult to pull off, but it certainly used to work in the old wilderness (currently don't the stats to pk, myself).
  8. This. With a good 50/50 team, it was around 200k/hour last time I checked; naturally, with a better team you'll make more. However, prices may have changed.
  9. Rainbows


    Unions are necessary in order to guarantee worker's rights: especially in developing countries. However, as other posters have said they can, like any organisation, have a little too much power. In the balance of things, I'd certainly prefer to have more powerful unions than ineffective ones, as the ideal they represent: collective bargaining, empowers the masses and in a world with a rapidly growing gap between rich & poor, such action will become more and more necessary in the coming years.
  10. Rainbows


    Oh god, had to laugh. Idc, tbh.
  11. Hopefully capital injection will mean Jagex can throw a little money towards developing and aggressively advertising flagging projects like WoL & FO. :shades:
  12. Rainbows


    Tea & Chicken Pie :D
  13. After playing in Free To Play for 2 months after coming back to Runescape after many years away, I'm simply disgusted by the amount of bots and Jagex's seeming indifference (in FtP worlds at least). Not only does it devalue legitimate player's achievements, but it devalues raw materials and the like which free players rely on as primary income sources. As I still enjoy this community, I'll keep kicking round - but 'Scaping is unlikely unless some action is taken against this plague.
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