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  1. Reported to the internet men for stealing the internet.
  2. Azo


    2001 Honda Civic 2.0 I-VTEC, 82K Miles
  3. Azo

    Abyss Pkers

    Abyss Pking is embarrassing.
  4. Does anything besides falador guards drop those? :P Chickens do.
  5. Primary: AK74U with grip and IS Secondary: Python snub nosed Lethal: Semtex Tactical: Flashbang Equipment: Claymores Perk 1: Scavenger Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Perk 3: Ninja or SC
  6. Happens all the time here, they get swept up in hurricanes. A water Buffalo even landed once.
  7. Azo

    From Flab to Abs.

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Solitary-Fitness-Charles-Bronson/dp/1902578120 All you need, it's by this mad man. :P
  8. Try double exp gloves + voids + chaotic rapier + extremes at AZ's. God, that would be quite a bit over 150k, perhaps even 200k, melee exp/hr. Me personally, I'll stockpile those gloves to use on easy tasks like greaters, hellhounds, abyssal demons, gargoyles, blue dragons etc. Great, now maxing melee got to be almost twice as easy. Melee-favoritism much? They've probalys balanced it out by making the Wolf really hard.
  9. Double XP gloves and supers at AZ's... :twisted:
  10. Azo

    Yahoo Email

    Can't think of anything else, have you phoned Cogeco up to see if they can help you?
  11. Azo

    Happy New Year!

    Been a real busy year for me, taking half a gap year next year though so i'm looking forward to 2011! Happy New Year! :D
  12. Just programs designed for XP before 7 came along. Games such as flight simulator x, rise of nations, sony vegas 9, etc. My question is not about whether they work on 7, I know about the compatibility checker. My question is do I need home premium or professional. Flight simulator works on 7 for me, sony vegas works for me on x64 but dosen't on my friends who has x32.
  13. When I first started I would steal the Wines of Zamorak found at the temple north-west of the Goblin Village. You can either telegrab it, if you have 33 Magic, or you can just pick them up if you use protect from magic, rapid heal and rapid restore (37 prayer). You're right next to an altar so it's easy to recharge your prayer points. I think the Wines are worth about 1.8k now, also it's best to do this on a busy world so the wines respawn faster.
  14. I wonder what will be in the party chests they are dropping? And how will they know where to drop them?
  15. I know Pineapples take about 3½ minutes.
  16. Azo

    Yahoo Email

    Oh, if you're using Cogeco and you're in Canada try smtp.cgocable.ca. or smtp.cogeco.ca
  17. Azo

    Yahoo Email

    Try changing the server name to smtp.att.yahoo.com
  18. 1. Red Dead Redemption 2. Mass Effect 2 3. CoD: Black Ops 4. Limbo 5. Heavy Rain 6. God of War III 7. FIFA 10 8. Mafia 2 9. Bayonetta 10. Bioshock 2 Honorable mention Fallout: New Vegas Halo: Reach Fable III Formula 1
  19. Just finished destroying the Frenchies on Empire: Total War. \:D/
  20. I'm getting 1.5k Zeals at the minute.

  21. Azo

    Effigy cc

    Assistclan is the one I use.
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