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  1. Awesome, finally i can go slaying with 2.147b elemental runes in my inventory ;)
  2. The bonfire in the Max Guild does for sure. I didn't use the other one yet.
  3. Will Ironman mode be just for p2p or also f2p?
  4. Just when you think Jagex's mainstream press coverage has started looking better, the Financial Times calls Jagex's flagship game "RuneQuest." :? Could be that they are re-branding the game for a better image though in other parts of the world.
  5. Glad to see an seperate topic from '200m all skills' for Old School discussion :)
  6. Could there please be created another topic for Old School Runescape discussion? It is somewhat annoying that 'two games' are discussed in one topic. It may seem like the games are almost equal to eachother but because the experience rates and competing players are not, it's a totally different discussion.
  7. doubt it. Will prob be some random noob living in the past. How can a new player be from far back? he said noob not newbie. Noob is short (or a synonym) for newbie :P
  8. It takes something like 2000 hours to play 5000 caste wars games, so any skill with 100k xp/h would be faster to train to 200m then getting the 5k castle wars games requirement.
  9. Zezima has more days of stats recorded in the database; that means his xp gains have been tracked longer, not that he has more days of gameplay :) Drumgun is the one with the most days played I think.
  10. Finally the Smithing update! Also the Ring of Wealth update seems nice :thumbsup: Unfortunately also 2 quests :wall:
  11. Gratz Suomi! I just noticed it on RuneTrack Now to the first rank :P
  12. Ah nice to see we're back on topic :) Skiller is also approaching 2.5b total xp, just 4m experience left! I guess he'll achieve it in a couple of days, as he isn't gaining a lot of experience atm.
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