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  1. A render is anything that is taken from it's original background to be used in a new one basically., to answer that question. As for the signature itself, I could likely do something with it, but I'm rather busy lately and someone else would likely be able to have it to you before me.
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    I assume you intend on shrinking the images a bit? Most forum sigs are about 400-600 long and 100-300 tall. Also, if you want to try to blend them a bit more, try using the blur tool on the edges, makes them look a bit less cut? if that makes seance.
  3. 7/10 for a simple but epic sig
  4. 5/10 To close on the head lol
  5. I can get you CS_5 portable if you want.
  6. Hey, long time no see.

  7. I'm back, not really, but I'm posting another story. Not really, just a short story, what's here is what there is, so its not a bloody huge story like my last few. Anyway, anyone remember me? No? Didn't think so. I'm just Snowpelt, the storyteller, rather fond of what I am and all that. Anyhow, this is just a bit of a sad short story I wrote a while back. Not sure why I wrote it (Well, yes I do, but I'm not going to get into that) but its been so long since I've posted a story here I decided to :3 Well, hope everyone enjoys it. If you have a question, leave a comment. I don't know why you would have a question, if you want to know why I don't think you would, leave a comment. If you have a comment, leave a comment. Otherwise, don't leave a comment :3 A New Day You don't want to do this, take my hand, Fox Your right... I don't want to do this. I didn't want to do any of this. Fact is, it happened. Soro was frantic now, and she grabbed for her friend. He looked at her sadly. I swear, if you jump, I fully intend to follow. Fox's face darkened and he looked down at the cliff edge he was standing on. His clothes were ragged, and he was thin, like he hadnt eaten in days. He was covered with cuts and buses, like he had barely survived a fight, and his red hair was dirty and ragged. Don't kill yourself over me, I'm not worth it. Just leave me be, its better this way... He replied, his red hair falling over his gray-blue eye's, covering his tears. He took another step towards the edge, his feet partially hanging over the side. Soro ran forward and hugged him tightly, her long brown hair covering one of her bright blue eyes. If you go, I go. She said stubbornly, tears running down her face. Thunder cracked in the distance, the moonlit night was darkened by gray rainclouds. Wind whirled around them, pulling at there clothes. That's not fair Soro. My life has no meaning anymore.. You can go, live your life. Forget about me. All I ever did was cause trouble, only made things worse. Its better this way... He said sadly. I'm not going to let you kill yourself. If you don't want to live for yourself, live for me. I don't want to live without you. There are still lots of people who care about you, think of the lives your death would hurt. Fox looked down at the girl. The girl who had followed him, who had risked her life to find him, and the girl who cared enough about his life, to use her own to keep him alive. Do I mean that much to you.. He asked softly. Yes. She replied, hugging him even tighter. A flash of lightning lit the sky, and thunder exploded around them. He pushed Soro away and stared down off the cliff. I don't want my life to mean anything, to anyone... I'm just not worth it Soro.. Go back home. Forget you ever met me. Live your life! You still have a chance! You can live the way I never could, without the pain and loss I'd bring you. I'm just not bloody worth it. He looked down at Soro, she was on her knees now, crying softly. Her cheeks were red and her normally bright blue eye's seemed drained of color. Don't leave me... She whispered softly. Rain started to fall gently around them. The once bright, moonlit night, was now almost completely black. Fox dropped to his knees, completely lost in sorrow. For you then. He whispered, then fell unconscious to the ground in front of Soro. The girl grabbed him and hugged him tightly. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe eventually, you can forget, leave the pain of your past behind. It won't be easy, but I'll be here for you. No matter what happens.. Soro whispered into the air. Always.
  8. Well, it seems I sort of messed up the chapter numbering somehow... Also jsut a quick warning, this is still a draft. I have been changing the names of Silvia and Triss are all mixed up. Also there is no henley, she no longer exists. the story is a bit mixed up currently... But its just a draft to it will be fixes eventually. Enjoy :D Chapter eleven: A trap and a mistake Ugh whats taking them so long. Mina thought as she waited in the top of a large pine tree. She was looking down on a tent a little way form the camp. It was a cream colored tent and it looked like a white smug in the darkness. She had been waiting for two hours after sunset, waiting, just waiting silently in the tree. If her trap was to work she couldn't afford to make any noise that might give away her position. She had three throwing knifes ready, all rarer sharp and deadly. Throwing knifes were her favorite weapons because they could be thrown and used in close rang to stab. She was beginning to loos feeling in her legs when she saw three dark shapes moving turds the tent. Finally. she muttered getting her knifes ready. All of the sudden she saw a light appeared in the hand of one of the men and she smelled the sent of rosemary. No! she whispered in horror. One of them is a mage. She was stunned for a minute then she shook herself and threw her knife at the mage. She saw the light of the mages fire glint of the blade of the knife and it flew turds him. At the last second the mage seemed to notice the knife and stepped out of the way and the knife hit the third man and he fell without a sound. He looked right at Mina and she saw the fire split and half of it came flying at her. She just had enough time to jump before the fire hit the tree and it went up in flames. She screamed as she went hurtling turds the ground. Oramis! Get out of the tent! She saw a light come on in the tent and a flash of blue light and the smell of mint came shooting out of the tent and hit the other man, killing him. As the man crumpled to the ground the mage screamed in anger. I'll kill you all for his death! Mina had just enough time to grab a branch that wasn't on fire and she pulled herself up onto it. She looked and saw the mage, a girl she realized, starting to glow. Shes going to sacrifice herself to kill us all! Will yelled, he grabbed Oramis and ran for the camp, now alive with activity at the sound of the yelling and the light of the burning tree. Mina dropped to a lower branch and from that branch to the ground and started running, past the glowing mage and turds the camp. When she was about twenty feet past the mage she felt a invisible force grab her. A feeling of absolute terror washed over her. She was being pulled turds the mage. The mage herself, was still glowing and getting brighter every second. Help! she yelled. She saw Will running turds her and in her mind knew she couldn't make it. Bracing herself she knew what she had to do. She pulled out her two remaining knifes and took aim at the mage. She threw her knife. It flew turds the mage and hit her right in the chest, but to Mina's horror she saw it bounce of the the light emanating form the mage. Now she can only be killed by a stab to the throat! Will yelled as he ran faster turds Mina. Wonderful. She muttered. She was five feet away form the mage now and the mages light almost hurt to look at now. Mina took in a deep breath and threw herself at the mage stabbing at her throat. Right before she stabbed the mage it shot a ball of energy and it went right by Mina barely missing her. She stabbed the mage and it fell. Mina looked at her knife and saw it was glowing with a bright light. This is interesting. She muttered to herself. She turned and saw a group of people were starring at her in amazement. Them she heard a voice behind her and spun around. The mage had a smile on her face and was saying something to Mina. What are you saying? Mina said to her walking over. In a raw and bubbling voice the mage spokeI said, we may be dead but our mission is complete. she started wheezing and with a last chocking breath and fell over dead. What dose she mean her mission is complete? she muttered to herself and turned and started walking back to camp. She stopped when she saw a large group of people standing around a man lying dead on the ground. Her heart almost stopped when she saw who it was. Will was lying of the ground, a hole burned in his shirt. Damn it! She yelled as she saw Will's body. Oramis walked over to her and put his hand around her shoulders. Mina, we need to talk. Oramis and Mina walked to Oramis's tent. The tree fire had gone out when the mage died for reasons Mina didn't know. When they got to the tent Oramis took her inside and sat her down on a chair. He pulled up a chair and sat down facing her. Mina. He started. What happened tonight? Mina gave him a half grin. It started as a trap. she began, then explained how it went wrong and the part about the mage. Do you know how dangerous and stupid that was?! You put no just your own like but the lives of me and Will. I didn't mean for this to happen. She said flatly. I didn't know one of them was a mage. We know, me and Will just found out tonight. He inspected the body of John and found out that he was killed with magic, that's why he was in my tent tonight. And that's why they wanted you both dead so bad. Mina concluded. I just have one more question Mina, how did you know they were going to attack us tonight? Mina grinned. I started a rumor that we found out who the assassins are and that you were planning how to kill them tonight. I regret the death of Will greatly and you must realize that the forgotten now has no mages in camp. Oramis grimaced. I do, and that's why my must move yet again. But how will Brom and Soro find us? Or Tyran! Mina objected. Ill leave them a message only they could find, or even if it was found, only they could understand. I will also leave more than one in the latter happens and whoever found it take it. Mina relaxed a little but still didn't like the idea of leaving while her friends were still gone. She couldn't read the look on Oramis's face, witch was odd, his emotions were usually plain to her. We will leave tomorrow, and this time we wont have spy's in our ranks to tell the clan of shadow were we are. But were will we go? The Clan of Shadows wants us dead and the Children of Guthix don't have any love for us ether, not seance we didn't take part in the war. We aren't fighters Mina. Oramis replied sadly. We must go to the Children, we have no choice. Chapter eleven: what they hoped was the end of the rode. Run Kentis! Jay yelled as they ran threw Varrock. They had narrowly escaped there captures when they turned there backs on them to buy some fresh food from a market. They had been running threw alleys for five minutes dodging tramps and and running past old rundown houses. Varrock was a large city on the top of a large hill surrounded by grasslands. The houses were all wood which was strange considering there weren't any trees for miles in any direction. It was the first big city Jay had ever seen and he wasn't thrilled to be running for his life threw it. There hands were still tied and to each other which made thing even harder. Jay stop! Kentis yelled as he tripped and fell. He had given up event trying to remember to call Jay Sparrow to the distaste of Jay. Jay turned around and helped his friend up. Jay we need to make a plan. Kentis said as they started walking. I know, but we are still getting chased by twenty or so men. Jay tensed when he heard footsteps behind him. He spun around and saw a woman walking turds them. She had shoulder length blond hair and brown eyes. She was a bit shorter than Jay and was wearing dirty looking clothing. Ah now what's this? She said walking up to Jay and Kentis. She talked with the same strange accent that Silvia had spoken in. Jay thought that they look kind of alike as well. We relay don't have time to talk right now. Kentis said not stopping. You don't happen to be running from those mad looking men are you? It would be a shame if they were to find you. the woman said with a almost evil smile. At this Kentis stopped. He turned to and examined her. Are you threatening us? Kentis asked in a low menacing voice. I might be. she replied, the evil look still on her face. Jay looked at her and Kentis noticed that his eyes seemed to be glowing with a silvery light. Threatening me is a very bad idea, especially when I'm angry, you wont like what I do when I'm angry. Jay said in a strange accent Kentis had never heard before, but he thought it almost sounded like the accent Silvia and the woman in front of them used but slightly different. Kentis had never seen Jay like this, the normally cool tempered carefree boy he knew never did this. Kentis put a hand on Jays shoulder. Don't do anything stupid Jay. Kentis whispered in her friends ear, his eyes never leaving the strange woman in front of him. What do you want? Jay asked the strange light leaving his eyes. Why do you think I want something? The woman asked with a knowing smile. If you didn't want something you wouldn't be threatening us. Kentis said in a grimly. I know your from the forgotten, before you ask its because I saw the Jay on your cloths. Now from what iv seen of your captures they don't know this yet and they will probably take you to slave camp. She said with a grim expression. You have it right, now what do you want? Kentis asked getting irritated. They wont take me, so I want you to go for me. She replied. What!? Kentis exclaimed. We ask what you want to keep your mouth shut and you say you want us to go with out captures? Jay had been listening to everything, his face expressionless. Who do you want us to brake out? Kentis look at Jay, this hadn't accrued to him and it made seance. There are three children they took from me two months ago, Feldo, Triss, and Henley. Feldo and Triss are brother and sister and Henley is like there younger sister. Both there parents are dead so iv been taking care of them for three years now, if anything happens to them... She didn't need to finish, Jay knew what she was going to say. Well do it. Jay said immediately looking at Kentis. Good, I'll call the men. She said with a sad smile. You better start running so it doesn't look like you want to get caught. Lets go. Kentis said and started running. Jay. The woman whispered surprising Jay. How do you know me name? He asked. She ignored him. I know your a mage, that's why I believe you can save them. With that said she turned and ran off yelling to the men. You know. Jay said catching up to Kentis. I hate it when people go all mysteries like that. What do you mean? Kentis asked not stopping. She just popped up threatened us and sent us on a mission to save some kids, she didn't know us or were we were going, or at least we didn't tell her. I think she was watching us the hole time. Kentis said in a hushed voice. I think shes been watching us because Silvia told her to. Kentis starred at Jay realizing that what he said was true. She knew that we were captured and that we were from the forgotten, and it looked like she was expecting us. Just then Jay heard heavy footfalls behind them and saw the hated men running turds them. Jay sighed and they started running. They got about five steps before Kentis tripped and, because they were still tied together, both fell in a puddle. Well that didn't work as well is id hoped. Jay muttered. They were grabbed from the back and pulled up. Jay noticed that Kentis had a deep fresh cut on his knee. Kentis noticed Jay looking at his cut and said as they were being dragged away. I got it when we fell, I hit a sharp rock. he said in a pained voice. I would heal it... Jay was cut off when he hit a bump in the rode and cracked his head on a rock. He heard Kentis sounding frantic as he yelled to the guards before falling into unconsciousness. Kentis watched as they pulled his friend along, his body hitting bumps and being pulled threw dirt. He wished he could help Jay but there was nothing he could do. This was the woman's fault! He thought, a serge of anger running threw him. If she didn't ask them to save some kids this wouldn't be happening. Kentis winced as his injured knee hit a rock. He girted his teeth and hoped they would stop soon. He was dragged past people who just didn't give him a secant glance. It felt like days before the men stopped at a cart and threw him and Jay into it. The cart was tied to several horses and had two levels, the men rode on the top and him and Jay were on the bottom, the walls were solid wood and had no windows. The back of the cart was made of wooden bars and looked like it has be scratched and hacked at from the inside. I don't think we are the first prisoners to be taken away in this cart. Kentis muttered. Then he remembered Jay and crawled over to him. He was cut and bruised all over his body and the gash on his head was oozing out blood. This sight made Kentis feel sick. I'm sorry Jay but there's nothing I can do for you, looks like we don't have to walk anymore tho. The woman watched sadly as the cart rolled out of Varrock. I wouldn't wish the arena on anyone. She said sadly to herself. But hes destiny is entwined with Feldo and Triss, for better or worse. She heard something behind her and whorled around. She only had a split second before a man dressed all in black grabbed her and put a hand over her mouth. You disappoint me Nightfire, I thought a person of your reputation would be harder to catch. The man whispered in her ear. Now, who were those boys you were talking to? He grunted in surprise as Nightfire kicked him in the shin. She took advantage of his momentary surprise and took out a small dart and pricked him in the side of the neck. So they finally found me. She whispered to herself. Time to go. She dragged the man in black into a small shed and locked the door. Don't worry, ill be here when you wake up. And when you do, I'm getting answers.
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    Rather like the first one, I love setting words to overlay. Makes them all invisible looking. As for the others, I like them all as well.
  10. It is rather good, you might want to do a bit more work on the trim though. Other than that it looks great mate.
  11. I have seen summoning pures getting charms at black demon's using a familiar to do all the fighting. That may be a decent way.
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