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  1. When you're stuck behind someone driving under the speed limit, so you go to pass them and they speed up, then you get back behind them because your turn is coming up and they slow back down.
  2. angel_mage


    My class dismissed early and I took myself out to breakfast at Ihop. It was so good. :D I'm so sick of Denny's after working there for 3 years. No work for 3 days though. I don't know what to do with myself!
  3. I took my nieces and nephew out trick or treating. My nieces costumes consisted of a princess and a witch and my 5 year old nephew was a dinosaur. They scored so much candy that they actually offered me some and they hate sharing! :thumbup: I declined though due to my diabetes. They don't quite understand that yet, though. No need to be a grumpy shit towards people who merely don't want to be bothered by it either... is my point. To be completely honest, I didn't agree at first, but you proved your point...Crustygoblinfoot. And, Goddess, that's your opinion and everyone is entitled. I think that makes you the grumpy shit. :razz:
  4. To be honest, I really don't care. As long as it has restrictions such as drinking restrictions. No smoking in public, at work, in your car, or even around your children in this case. If people disagree with this then they might as well disagree with drinking alcohol.
  5. Wow, aren't you fortunate? I don't get how liking American Dad a confession, I love that show! :thumbsup:
  6. Confession: I'm from Kentucky and sadly I'm probably the only person in the world that has never been to Disneyland/World. :unsure:
  7. I can never find decent video games anymore or even a good game system for that matter. Once you buy a game it should be free to play, so I don't particularly agree with online games, but to each his own.
  8. I think Ring_World is so focused on the child's rights that he's completely oblivious to the rights of the parents to circumcise their child. Also, as The_Gabe mentioned, the hundreds and thousands of dollars used to raise the child should be compensation enough. If the child is that emotionally distraught over something so petty than it's clear that he needs to man up.
  9. Probably because unless their having a bad day, cops don't usually pull someone over if they're doing just a bit over the speed limit either. I once drove by a state trooper doing 50 in a 45 mph zone. Either way, I've heard that tickets for going under the speed limit are much worse.
  10. I know I'm a few weeks late, but thanks for the happy birthday wish. :)

  11. I also think that the greed and selfishness of the politicians and unions is what got America into our financial situation and is increasingly making things worse. Although not fit to be a politician, Donald Trump's idea of cutting off China from their exports to get rid of our debt to them or at least reduce it is a good idea. There are plenty of good ways to stimulate the economy, but it takes money to make money and politicians aren't willing to shed a dime.
  12. I've decided to respectfully start this topic based off of the "Giant Earthquake hits Japan" thread. Poster Kekek brought forth a lot of peoples attention with this link: http://www.upload.ee/image/1187821/129991845633.jpg and I was wondering everyone's opinion on it. Sure America is greedy and it's always been labeled greedy, but has it reached a new extreme? Is is too late to turn back to the country we once were? I remember when I was little people would hold doors open for one another, drivers weren't as aggressive and neither were people. As another poster pointed out, America is becoming very self-involved. Share your experiences and opinions even if you're from another country. Edit: This topic doesn't specifically have to be about the earthquake or the link, that was just an example.
  13. Did you not see the words in parenthesis? Here, I'll make them bold because you obviously have poor vision. You should go get your eyes checked out. Hmmm...then maybe you should be more specific, especially since you said that you were losing faith in America directed at this topic. You never mentioned anything else. I merely was stating a fact based on what you just said.
  14. Just move on. You're not even the same person you're going to be when you get older and your interests will change drastically, I assure you. In my opinion, you're too young to be dating which means she's way too young being 2 years younger than you. You really shouldn't be having sex either unless you're prepared financially, mentally, and emotionally to deal with a child and a pregnant 12 year old or a pregnant female at any age really. I can't believe the ages kids are having sex at these days.
  15. angel_mage

    Gun Control

    Unfortunately I live in a place where it's becoming a regular thing to hear on the news "Two men and a 15 year old robbed a bank" or something along the lines of this link: http://www.miamicriminallawyerblog.com/2010/03/one_of_the_youngest_criminals.html Thankfully though, I don't live in Florida, I heard it's an awful place from one of my friends that used to live there.
  16. @Crustygoblinfoot How so? Hypothetically speaking, if those natural disasters occurred in America surely there would be some Japanese people rejoicing because of what we did to them in World War 2 (not that it wasn't warranted). Your actions relate to that of a racist black man that was treated poorly by a group of white men, so he decided to be racist. You are losing faith in America because you saw give or take 40 people rejoicing in what horrible natural disasters that have occurred and now you want to lose faith in America. You are putting yourself on the same level as those people and I think that makes you a hypocrite. @Will_H How does a word simply not being in the uppercase position make it a pain to read? If you'll notice only 1/17 words of my words in that sentence were capitalized and you probably didn't have a problem reading it. Psychologically, you're just looking looking for problems for yourself, especially taking into consideration that there is only an average of 3 capitalized words per sentence when speaking in a normal conversation. By the by, you spelled the word capitalize wrong which makes it a real pain to read.
  17. angel_mage

    Gun Control

    Well, I wouldn't really mind if people in other countries own guns, but I'm concerned about the safety and well-being of my country as selfish as it sounds. It's scary having weapons that can kill from long range as opposed to a knife or bat of some sort.
  18. angel_mage

    Gun Control

    I don't agree with guns under any circumstances at all. It's bad enough to hear on the news everyday that people have been murdered with them, but also I have to hear about people accidentally getting killed by babies and people accidentally killing themselves. Do away with them once and for all and maybe the world will have a much smaller mortality rate.
  19. angel_mage

    Your dream job?

    Definitely a Pediatric psychiatrist. I'm actually going to college for it now. I feel bad for children with problems and I wish I could help every single one of them. I know I'll help the world become a better place if I prevent their problems from escalating to murder and such as.
  20. angel_mage


    Today, I am proud to say that I've created a runescape tip.it account. Howdy, it's nice to meet everyone! Don't you all look like a good bunch? :D
  21. angel_mage


    Okay thanks, my computer probably needs some updates as well.
  22. angel_mage


    I'm sure there are many threads about this, but Runescape for me has been lagging way worse than usual. I can't stand when I lose a battle because of lagging! Has it been really bad for anyone else?
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