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  1. Arisen actually sounds like the perfect clan for you :) (yea I know it sounds like a cliched ad but it actually does :P ) .. It was started by a group of friends from an older clan who had to leave due to lack of activity. Basically we are just a community clan where people can come and go as they please while just chilling in the Clan Chat or on the forum.. We have events every week which are completely optional to attend (though most people come anyway). I'll just paste our ad in the spoiler below.. Check it out and see what you think :) [spoiler=Ad]
  2. We may not be 100+ combat but we certainly fulfil all of your other requirements, we have plenty of events with a great community.. Feel free to drop by our forum if you are interested.
  3. We do plenty of boss hunts at Forsaken Legends, quite often it leads to some nice hilt drops ;) .. We also have quite a number of members who are training dung right now from levels 10-92 who would be more than happy to help you train.. We usually can get together a 5 man team pretty quickly so there isn't a lot of waiting around :D ..
  4. At Forsaken Legends are quite active both with F2P and P2P events.. If you're looking for a bit of variety you are more than welcome to join.. Our events are optional so if you find some boring you are not forced to attend. However, regular event attendance can be quite rewarding ;)
  5. Hey.. Forsaken Legends would like to welcome you to the clan.. We do meet all of the requirements you have posted so I'm sure you will love it here. If you ever need help/advice when training we have many experienced players that would be more than happy to contribute. (I know it says 80+ but I just need to update that ;P )
  6. Sorry to hear about your hacking but it's good to hear you got your account back ^^ ... Unfortunately we do require people to use Teamspeak when warring, but if you are able to download it we would love to have you join :D :D ..
  7. Forsaken Legends are mostly based around GMT and EST so times shouldn't be much of a problem for that ^^ .. We understand that real-life comes before anything on Runescape which is why we are lenient on those who miss events because of things in Lifescape.. We are all about the community at FL which is why our clan chat is usually a great place to hang out and chat, hopefully you can find a new home there :) ... Now here's our topic, just for formality..
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