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  1. Yeah like i said , lord vid was a beast. Forgot about dmxkobe8 , faught him and puffin i think was the name quite a bit with dragonusthei back in I want to say early 02. Runerocks was a pk heaven back then. I dont know if id consider him good but what ever. I always looked up to gregechidna6 for some reason. Think it was his name. Catchy. And Medusa was a hell of a catcher. We use to go back and forth quite a bit and then one day after fighting so much we kinda truced. I truely dont remember if we ever even killed each other , might of gotten one another a couple of times. I know there is a ton of good names im forgetting from days of the first bdk or rune mob. But there was several good pkers litered thru out those two clans from early days before every one was so hyped up on wether you could catch or not.
  2. I didnt have any low level characters that pked castle after I went unpure on meeturpker , he was my last pure, and only one I myself took to 99 hp. If your talking about you running me out of castle then? thats a joke because I was rocking the castle a good half year or some [cabbage] til you showed up. If your group was out and I knew it would be 3 or 4 on 1 , i just logged and got on the box. Didnt care to give any of you the satisfaction of getting my kill picture. But yea...thrifty was quite annoying. I think she still has a site dedicated to trying to kill me. Must of collected a few sets off her and vinny when she called him to kill me. Hehas was ok, just wasnt a good pker. Oldschool just didnt ego out on pking as the top 20 of us in wild did. And there was always eras to rsc pking dating back to even pre wild. So to truley list all of the pkers who deserve honorable mention would take a life time. And lord vid was a beast , never cared to post similiar to unitpoop or bs arkan. But deadly in his own right for solo pking. Id say zorro toy had luck on his side more then any thing. Hed be low health and pull off heaps of 3 hits on people 10 levels higher then him. And on p2p Id honestly say chilipeppers was a beast. Still remember him sending me a picture of like 500 dragon axes. Now maybe I didnt pk p2p enough to know if its worth any thing but id say thats quite decent.
  3. Both are hot , but scarlet is definately hotter. But each his own. Stupid question any ways.
  4. xnoobxfrei was a shared account. A few people used it for rune mining.
  5. Man, I'm sorry but I can't overlook your commas. Like dayummmm. It's not all that hard, homie. Clowns, yo! Clowns? You going to take that 3rd ninja? Let me ask you a personal question, meet. It might shed some light on a few things for me and my friends. Who is hotter? Scarlett Johannson or Natalie Portman? (No, G, he most definitely will not be tallied up, in case you're curious.) Easily Scarlett sir.
  6. Only reason you and I didnt fight more is because I didnt pk p2p , and thats all you pked pretty much til i got banned in late 03. And if i did see you on f2p it was with 3 or 4 other 99 hpers which why the hell should i just give up sets to clowns. It was fun while it lasted.
  7. Not sure which forums your referring to? Maybe these. And I didnt pk p2p , and if i had weakens on me it was probally from training axes or pirates the few times I trained in wild on p2p. Either way , I never remember trying to get in on your guys group , nor adx's, but if you remember it that way , you remember it that way. Only person i actually ever considered pking with outside of fighting those haiyan chars was unitpoop. Simply because what i missed, he caught and visa versa. Didnt much like the whole group fight crap because I seemed to be every ones target cause of my mouth. And yer I prob did curse out dty , because quite frankly I hated any one having my name in a kill picture. But then again who does like dying to some one they hate.
  8. I find it funny that after 6 years you still don't know how to properly place commas. We've been through this before. the sign (,), a mark of punctuation used for indicating a division in a sentence, as in setting off a word, phrase, or clause, especially when such a division is accompanied by a slight pause or is to be noted in order to give order to the sequential elements of the sentence. Is dictionary.com placing their commas incorrectly? Are they lying to us, dude? You do NOT space your commas. Dang. Word-comma-SPACE-word. What he said was real. You have nothing to say real. You weren't really anything on Rs. You're like a vulture that just hangs around and tries to pick up things, honestly. You could never be mentioned in any good pkers list, you could never be in any debate on here, you could never anything because you weren't much of anything. You just "hang" around and try to make yourself something. He put a lot of time on Rs and never the forums so years after the fact, he can't come here and freely express how he felt and what he saw in the game? I'm sure you enjoyed reading it and I'm equally sure you read all of it. Comment about it directly or don't say anything at all. Peace. All we need now is for kdog to post, but that would prob be asking to much. Keep up with your grammar classes D. They are very ...nice sir.
  9. I could only laugh that 6 years after the game you felt the need to make such a dramatic post swifty , and in the same post say you didnt care what people thought of you.
  10. Sadly have like 4 99 hp chars and dont play any of them even on rs2 any more. Just never could get in to rs2 all tho for some reason i did like to runecraft or hunt. Both were my fav skills non combat.
  11. Interesting read. Lists like these are always fun to read.
  12. It was fun for the first week or so. Just dont really like the pking in it due to how random pid/catch jumps. got like 4 sets and died once to some godstaffers, o how sad they are :) but like adx said , such a pain recollecting just to play. and i seriously dont like the aggravation of not being able to catch some one a minute after getting catch. i do have to say i seen a lot of old names on game , and was really nostaligic.
  13. I understand your prob going for a " ooh ahh " there being you made it seem your super old school. but no doubt runescape classic before the wild wasnt all that great. The ideal seems like its the thing, but in reality it wasnt. besides it was only like that for a lil while. In reality , rs didnt really kick off til p2p was released, by then there was quite a few high leveld players followed by a bigger player base. And even after the release of the wild , the game was still f2p, wasnt for several months after the wild came that p2p was released , i want to say like 6 months, but i could be mistaken , been quite a bit . Its why so many more were remembered from 02 to 04 then 01 thru 02 , and you have to rely on most peoples say so about who was the [cabbage] back then.
  14. rune mob , rsd , black knights all helped play key roles for clans in runescape classic. Even clan jaguar was there .
  15. Just have to take private servers as what they are , a nostaligic sort of feeling bout runescape classic. No the pking wont ever be the same because its a different community , and the things you had to go thru on rsc to get to a level to acheive success was much harder then it is now on these private servers. Its hard to make new memories on a game that isnt a complete copy of the one you loved but only just a shell of its predecessor.
  16. Adx you were almost as bad as swifty with the whole teaming aspect, and the fact you never pked off of london servers hardly. And seriously, when did ever log hardly from you ? I think you got me twice , and dsm got me once. Just chose not to ever fight dsm, never thought his internet gf was something to lose a friendship about. well maybe i over exaggerated you about being as bad as swifty but you often times had some one on the way to any of your fights. And 2 vs 1 odds were always good with people who legitly knew how to pk back then, being there was quite a handful late in runescape. Some of the top pkers listed on this post logged quite more then I ever did. And your prob right about myself getting teamed a lot , there was few people I actually ever cared to pk with because of the fact I hated the whining or crying of most pkers. Unitpoop was probally truely the only guy I could go pk with get 7 or 8 sets between us , and neither one of us cared who got what. O and the fact I hated any one with a ego as big as mine, lol.
  17. yeah no doubt , arkan was straight. Just simple his catching ability seemed to rise with his combat. he prob finally got better connection to the internet which most likely helped.
  18. Nah with lovinkarol , i bought his p2p the entire time p2p was out and didnt relize it. When i told him he said nah cause he had some one elkse pay for it , i asked him to log on and cancel. he wouldnt , so i gave his recov details to rhl , ended up getting him banned. or maybe it was some one else i gave them to.
  19. I still think the arkan of 03 was not the same arkan of old. When he was pure he couldnt pk for [cabbage]. But when he went inpure all of a sudden he moved in to prob the top 10 if not top 5 catchers on the game. Swifty i imagine just upgraded net or something because he use to not be able to pk for [cabbage]. Or maybe he shared and some one knew how to that played . Who knows with him, because he seriously was a off and on kinda guy on catching. Abused the hell out of that 3 hit mage bug trick tho, every time id fight him hed use it, or try to. Good thing for the tons of 0s jagex likes to throw at ya. Theres a couple others , just dont feel like thinking to hard. And i wanted to say it was airman90 or something that had the high mage. I know he quit for a long time back in the day because he use to be up around zar and what not level but then quit. I remember runerocks and back when puffiin and want to say dmxkobe teamed up . Those were fun times fighting those two as well back in the day. Was never sure if those two pked any thing but rune rocks , never would catch them else wheres.
  20. OO people running people out of graves bring back good memorys tho. when i wicked i use to run me out of graves was fun. One of the few people I knew would always pk with magic (not weakens) back then. there was a nother guy but just cant remember his name. Grave yard or hob memories , who could ever forget them ::D I know dsm remembers tag teaming outlaw back then at hobs and taking him out a few times lol. was good times.
  21. If people came back to rsc , oldschoolers and rs2 products alike, I would definatly appreciate , and quite honestly would have to log on to that version of the game for the first time since 04.
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