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  1. Goodjob ND, solid performance. :thumbup:
  2. Haha interesting battle, goodjob Ascension!
  3. ^ for Silent Ember. Cl's system isn't really strict. Just do your own [cabbage], bind/blast everywar, get to know the community and your good. Pretty much the same roll for every clans to be honest, but some are harder I guess. :shades:g
  4. Goodjob both. Solid first round. :thumbup:
  5. I don't see RR going far for now. Not enough old members re-joined, and some new faces that are known as ``clan hopers`` joined, which is bad. I don't think they will ever go back in the top 10, but that's only what I think, they can surprise me. The only clans that has been successful when it re-opened is probably RsD and Shadow Elves that is now Solace.
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