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  1. Dagger has a considerably higher max hit. Dragon dagger = 479-479 (958) in the wilderness Dragon dagger = 549-549 (1098) on a slayer task. This is in max gear, which is unlikely, but for this example lets roll with it. While rapier hits 587 in wilderness and 675 on a slayer task using the same gear. So yeah. Much, much higher damage potential. The usefulness becomes better the better your gear is, as the daggers puny 40 strength is much more effected by the gear than the rapiers already mighty 101. To emphasize this check out the results with no gear other than the weapon. Dagger = 330-330 (660) in wilderness Dagger = 347-347 (694) with extremes. Rapier = 437 in wilderness Rapier = 461 with extremes. For best effeciency rapier is much better on things with very high defense though as the dragon dagger will most likely not hit. But dagger is invaluable for pking and the sorts for the big KO hit.
  2. Awful original post and i laughed my ass off at the 'video proof' where you get owned by a longsword until you get 2 lucky hits in a row and then.... LOL HE WAS EATING SWORDFISH THE FULL FIGHT. And comparing longsword to vls and rapier to whip as if vls and whip are the same thing anyway is rediculous, everyone knows vls is overpowered, that's why it's 60m for 1 hour of use and whip is 900k. But as a whole, i agree, and i have actual facts. For these examples i'm going to be using the gear that i consider the best. There are higher strength options but i think the accuracy is more important. Fury, Dboots, Zerk ring (i), Full torva, D defender, Fire cape. Max strength and accuracy with longsword is 162 str and´╗┐ 171 slash. Max strength and accuracy with rapier is 143 str and 138 stab. Rapier gets 5 hits every time longsword gets 4 hits. Longsword: 162 x 4 = 648 strength 171 x 4 = 684 accuracy Rapier: 143 x 5 = 715 strength 138 x 5 = 690 accuracy As you can see, not only is rapier a lot stonger, but it is also slightly MORE accurate. Longsword is literally only better if your enemy has very high stab defense and low slash defense. TD's are the only exception to this rule i can think of due to the nature of their prayer switching methods, but even then cls is not the best weapon for the job. Maul is better as it hits even higher and more accuratley.
  3. I find choosing between strength (+10 strength) and glory (+6 str, +10 accuracy) difficult. Sacrifice +4 strength for +10 accuracy? Probably not. Zerk ring (+8 str) vs Onyx ring (+6 accuracy) is a no brainer for me. Sacrifice +8 strength for +6 accuracy? Hell no. To be fair, i just wear ferocious ring 24/7 when slaying :D
  4. Rapier is certainly capable of handing every single task, but as you should know, it's not the 'best weapon' for every task. If you have a maul for waterfiends, use it. If you have high magic or range levels i'd recommend them for tasks such as mithril dragons. I have both rapier and maul and maul is honestly only slighty better for waterfiends. Sure it's a lot more accurate, but in terms of damage/time rapier is pretty close as when it does hit it does great damage and attacks so much faster.
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