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  1. Why should anyone care about others respect? If their goal is 200m all, why wouldn't they use every single available method for them to gain exp and be efficient about it? If you are playing this game for e-respect and e-fame, you are definitely playing it for the wrong reasons.
  2. Has Drumgun quit? He has nothing on A-log since last week. If he hasn't quit does anyone know what he is planning on doing? To be fair Mish, when most of us started we were too young to care about efficiency, and the game play back then wasn't as efficiency based. I was 11 when I started in 2003, I didn't care to know about powerskilling or efficiency.
  3. You just cant? what are you a white girl? unspam of 107 dg. 13 to go!
  4. It's as if the thread has a cycle.
  5. Team 1 plays the Team 2 Alts and Team 2 plays the Team 1 Alts. If I understand it correctly.
  6. The point the OP is trying to make Platinum is that we can get a black pearl which is redeemable for BXP whereas F2Pers can't even use the BXP we already have/will get in the future.
  7. Smith is good profit if you are superheating rune. For 200m smithing doing r2h is like 2gp/exp if you alch or find someone to alch them. Cook is hella cheap. Craft most people do profitable methods like jewelry. Prayer mostly from doing money making methods + combat like Lesser/Greater demons with urns.
  8. 10m tbh. What is he doing anyway? Artisans?
  9. Plus you don't know who has bought the most, unless we ask every one on the top page and they give us an honest answer. Could Fors be the one who bought the most? Sure, but we just don't know.
  10. RIP Alkan for first to all 120 capes.
  11. This took longer than I expected due to finals week starting and having final projects and stuff due last week. 15m Runecrafting. Current RC Rank: 12,006 Should grab the top 10k sometime this week and get Crafting back under 10k and start on Fishing!
  12. Yeah Kevin(Paperbag) is going for 200m Div and using SH boots to finish up Agil.
  13. flying goblin hat. SOF winnable item.
  14. Well I guess its time to bump this topic and try to keep it updated again. 14m Runecrafting. Current RC rank: 17,744
  15. Voted for 200 cause I'm an ass + I like higher numbers. Hi runarbby ily.
  16. 80 and 82 I think. For mining, just do concentrated coal at LRC. For smithing, you could try doing steel ingot 2 at artisans, about 10 gp/exp and around 100k/h. If you haven't already do Whats Mine Is Yours and then all the Doric and Boric tasks for like 180k bonus exp and you could use that on mining to make it twice as fast. If you have already done the quest and the Doric and Boric tasks and didn't use all the gofannon ammy exp claim it on mining.
  17. Not to go even more off topic than this already is. How do you know his life is so amazing? How is his life the best life in the world? Sure what you listed is all fine and dandy, but best life in the world, I would say not even close. Not to mention all we know about Alkan is what he has shared with us, we don't know if there are conflicts in his life that make it horrible. Not saying there are, but we no very little about Alkan, and each other for that matter. We shouldn't be quick to judge on who has the best life and so on because we don't know the whole story.
  18. I don't understand how the layout posted is unreasonable. It's the best looking small screened layout I've seen.
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