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  1. Keane :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Bedshaped wins though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JugGmkvhsKQ
  2. Loving sport aside, it was mostly for the commentary, rather than the football itself.
  3. I now know what all Dutch people are like, and am henceforth assuming you are just like this guy: (make sure your sound is on) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc1H2hOHu_s
  4. Solution to your money woes: nex with me!
  5. Use a Karil Crossbow for high defence tasks, and rune knives/dragon darts for low defence tasks. Chaotic crossbow is overkill in terms of accuracy, and horribly slow. Edit: For things with really low defence, use void over fsh. The ~5% damage increase is usually better than a load of accuracy.
  6. I assume you are already using: D pick Titan Urns Juju All of the above will significantly improve your xp/h
  7. I support this blog :thumbup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmin5WkOuPw
  8. Me: hi apm? You: 111111111111111111111 Good answer.
  9. It's important to remember that range void gear is better than a fsh on most tasks, excluding high defense ones such as metal dragons. But it is true that melee and mage void are never better.
  10. Train slayer with a cannon + rune knives/dragon darts or a karils xbow once you have the level for it. If you are adamant about not wanting to slay or use a cannon, use the best knives/darts you feel you can afford.
  11. Of the 15 penguins in my menagerie, 6 are blue, 4 are brown and 5 are black. So just keep trying.
  12. That would be logical, but I'm afraid logic does not apply to runescape all that often. A better assumption would have been "orange spice boosts rc, by all rights it ought to be different in dg". By the way, sorry I logged mid conversation. Disconnected and couldn't get back on. Posting from my phone.
  13. He sounds like a right noob. At least he didn't think artisans boosted rc though. Now that would be embarrassing!
  14. Bad luck :( Your fps still terrible? As much as steel titan is fun for kiln, i'd recommend taking a uni. Won't need to touch your brews until final wave. Were you trying it with a steel AND melee switches? I'd be very impressed if you did it with that little room for brews etc
  15. Yeah, chances are you account has been living at Green/Blue dragons for quite some time. Jagex will never rollback an account (on request) or refund items. As others have suggested, change absolutely everything you can regarding your account details. You don't want the hacker to return. As there's nothing you can do about it, you may aswell just be glad for it, and make the most of the moneymaking methods available to those with high combat stats.
  16. As much as I love the update, there are several armour sets that have, in my opinion, been made worse. Such as Torva, lol.. so pleased they didn't change Pernix. But for the most part, I think it is a huge improvement.
  17. My god I actually agree with this guy for once! Sure you might not like a few of the new armours. But I would bet every penny I have that you same people did not like every single set of the old armours either. I think this is a very good update from Jagex.
  18. My goals when at your level were something like: 80's cape 90's cape Taskmaster Max So that's what I suggest you get working on
  19. I assume you are: a) on a low ping world. b) doing everything you can to increase your fps, if it is low. If your ping is low, and fps is high, and you're still having difficulty with Jad, the only thing you can do is practise. I personally have done the Kiln 3 times now. First attempt was with a Yak, and I had 17 (6) Brews left... So i tried again with no BoB, only Unicorns, and I had 5 (6) brews left. So most recently I did it with no familiar at all. Scraped through with 9 doses of brew left. Bear in mind I have no expensive gear. I maged the whole thing with polypore (not enough invy space to take melee switches with no BoB). Just use the "L" safespot waves 1-20, you'll take no damage at all. Then get using the central safespot. Remember to put your pps on longrange when needed, to avoid ruining your lures. I used the RSWiki to learn where each Jad spawned (although my first attempt I managed to get through without that knowledge). One final thing to note: I do not know if this has been fixed, but there is a glitch with Jad's attack animations, which *might* be the reason you keep dying to him. As everyone knows, when he is about to mage, he breathes fire and rears back on his hind legs, and when he is about to range, he slams both forelegs into the ground. The glitch is when he does back to back range attacks. He starts to breathe fire, before slamming his feet into the ground. This can make people pray mage, only for him to use range. I know it's a glitch, because it only happens with back to back range attacks. If he mages, then ranges, it doesn't occur. Hope that made sense >.<
  20. It is worth noting that Astral runecrafting is currently more profitable, and from my experience slightly better xp/hr. Your questions have already been answered, so I won't repeat what others have said.
  21. For the majority of Slayer Tasks, a Zaryte Bow/Crossbow is a bit overkill on the accuracy side, and the slow speed really hurts. Use Rune Knives on the majority of your tasks. If wearing max range bonus, potting range in some way (preferably overloading), and praying to increase range (preferably Rigour) your DPS will be much improved on things with low defence (which encompasses most slayer monsters).
  22. Actually got any evidence of this? As far as I am aware, this is not the case.
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