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  1. It's all RNG. I've seen someone claim they got 3 within 20 minutes while I hadn't gotten any for a whole day. With only one hour spent there you'd have been very lucky to get more than one. :p They aren't activity-specific, but everything should be able to grant them. Just keep in mind the system can give duplicates. At this point in the event most of the tokens are dirt cheap, you may be better off just buying them off the G.E. Some like the pets, outfit and walk override are still a few millions and might be worth trying to get by yourself, but the others probably won't set you back more than 50k-100k each.
  2. What are line breaks About the thing though, they should really have more substantial main game rewards for people who participate. Once most people realize they stand no chance at winning why would they waste time on it when they could be gaining exp/gp on their actual RS3 character? Unless they can somehow genuinely make it fun enough for people to be willing to sacrifice RS3 progress, which I strongly doubt. DMM works because people genuinely like OSRS PvP. Even though playing it doesn't really benefit your main game account much, people really just want to play for fun. The same idea doesn't work as well for RS3 where the playerbase doesn't even care about actual minigames in actual RS3.
  3. Cool, I don't have to look like a bot anymore. I'm free! (50-70 Crafting through Bowstrings if anyone wasn't following.) Would be decent F2P money if it weren't for the bots. Bowstrings ins 352gp now. Worth it just for the profitable AFK Crafting exp and all the charity tokens tbh. 91.4k Dungeoneering tokens at Lv. 47 is nuts. Just in time for the end of the charity event, too. 13 minutes left on timer. Not sure what I want to do next now. I guess maybe Magic training.
  4. Spoke too soon lol, Bowstrings are really tumbling down the nearest set of stairs right now. Took a few days before bots really started appearing for it (though I've seen a few other legit players too.) ins 617 each last night, 478 each right now. Good thing I went through most of my flax already.
  5. I just finished spinning 11,884 flax on my F2P alt. Got me 50-60 Crafting, and I still have 30k flax left in the bank to get from 60 to 70. Made me 7.3m so far which is nice. Bowstring prices seem a tiny bit unstable right now but it doesn't look like the prices are crashing (in fact the stack I sold just now went for at least 30gp more than the ones I sold this morning), so I can probably expect 27m total profit in the end. That should even be enough money to pay for both 99 Firemaking and 99 Cooking. Not too bad for 1.2m worth of Flax, and like a week or two of spinning flax tops. Knock out like four goals at once. I'm going for 70+ all skills, with 99 Cooking/Firemaking, and eventually 99 Fishing + Woodcutting as well. It's not much, but it seems pretty good to me and I'll be satisfied with that. Probably stop there then and then just do stuff casually without really going for higher stats. (tfw they'll probably never make skillcapes available to F2P.)
  6. I think this is where I'm stopping, with 6.7m exp. Gonna buy maple logs for the rest, because I can just casually do that at my own pace without having to worry about membership, and I can buy the cape the next time I renew my membership.
  7. At 47 Dungeoneering lol. Charity event boxes OP. Too bad I don't have 55 Attack so I can't buy yet. Hopefully get enough tokens before the event ends so I can at least get Nature staff too, and/or an off-hand.
  8. Turns out making Mithril scimitars is really cheap smithing exp. I did 50-60 through the NovtumberFest over the course of a day and I feel like I really wasted my time. Just need 54 Magic now to complete the rest of Lumbridge tasks for Explorer's ring 4. I'll probably bring Smithing up to 70 while I'm at it since it's only 189k more exp and I might as well knock it out for 70 base while the costs are favorable. Fun story: the +1 boost wore off while I was hitting the anvil to make the platebody, so I had to go out and buy another stout.
  9. Finally got around to completing this: Still have to 100% all the Sagas but that's w/e, I can complete that whenever I feel like.
  10. Title is much easier to get as f2p fwiw. You don't need to find Wolly and you only have to do half as many events at the crater.
  11. Neat. Haven't logged in in forever and f2p key got me this but, neat.
  12. It will get used just from training that skill. You should be getting double the normal amount of exp for that action and it will deduct the base amount of exp from your total bonus XP. But yeah as F2P you would have to wait until bonus exp weekends happen before you are able to use any stored BXP.
  13. Right-click their names in your friends list, delete. Swap over to ignore list, add name.
  14. tbh, chances are you may fill up a large chunk of the in-game tracker just from getting more duplicates on the way to getting the last 20 you are missing. So it's not all bad, can practically work on both at once.
  15. Yeah, whenever I lobby it usually keeps me to the world I was previously in, so I always hit "Play" instead of favourites world numbers when I want to get back in. If it started randomly putting me back to World 64 when I'd lobby it'd throw me off big time. Still, at least there's the world switcher in-game that's super useful.
  16. You can select up to three worlds as favourite. Just add World 3 as favourite, and you can automatically log onto World 3 at a click of a button (the same way you'd just hit "Play", it makes a button that says 3 and when you click it it changes your world to 3 and logs you in.)
  17. I liked buying lobsters 200gp each at West, and running over to East to sell them 250 each. ;p You can still flip with the G.E. nowadays, but I doubt you could get a 25% profit per lobster because everyone buys and sells at generally the same prices. If everyone else is selling lobsters for 200gp on the G.E. and you put in a buy offer at 250 you'd get them all for 200; Pre-G.E. you were buying for 250, you got them for 250. Different market prices for different areas was nice. You could make a nice profit selling consumables at Edgeville bank or Varrock East because those were the pit stops for pkers and most were willing to pay a premium for the convenience of not having to run all the way over to Varrock West. Though I wouldn't take it over G.E. any day. Trying to buy a rare or obscure item really sucked because there was no guarantee someone selling the item would be online.
  18. Hah, it's good that you got your OSRS account to such a high level first; now you can breeze through it on RS3 to catch up and it won't feel as bad 'cause of the generally better exp rates.
  19. Yeah :P the buy limit of 10k feathers/20k arrow shafts kinda sucks but you can always leave a buy offer for a while while you're not playing and fletch them all the next time you log in.
  20. Exp lamps are the only way, yeah. The lamps you can get from Death Plateau (and the post-quest resource turn-in) are awesome for that.
  21. Well, the prices don't really matter; F2P has its share of money-making opportunities. At White Wolf Mountain, you can find Lv. 8 Adolescent White Wolves which drop Wolf Bones at a G.E. price of 1.1k per. You can buy Arrow Shafts and Feathers for 12gp/40gp each respectively, and headless arrows have a G.E. price of 75gp currently <-- This is a very popular method, but you hit buy limits faster than you can fletch everything. You can go to Taverley, in the small snow hunter area, and hunt Polar kebbits. Each gives 1 Polar Kebbit fur @ 3.5k G.E. price. Heck, you can buy a bunch of bones, get a water staff, and cast Bones to Bananas. 1 nature rune and 2 earth runes to convert 26 bones into bananas for 1.2k profit per inventory (assuming you can buy/sell everything at G.E. price.) Or you could even just go to Musa Point, fill your inventory with bananas, take the boat back to Port Sarim, deposit the bananas with the deposit box near Entrana monks, then rinse and repeat. Each inventory is worth 12k at G.E. prices. Also you can buy 1k feathers from the Lumbridge fishing store and 1k more from Port Sarim fishing store every day. Costs 12k a day, worth 80k G.E., every day. It adds up. PS: Nostalgia aside, Blue dragonhide (g) is available to F2P, so you could aim for that rather than the Green one. Unless you really just want to get it back for sentimental purposes, which is fine too. Dark mystic and Light mystic are F2P too, so you could get those rather than blue mystic and it's kinda like trimmed armor/robes, lol.
  22. I like the new random achievements they've added. Gives us something silly to do when we're bored.
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