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  1. After like three days of mass-disassembling stuff and silently cursing at my monitor: I can do Slayer now.
  2. Weirdest slayer level up screenshot Didn't even realize it was so close.
  3. GoP is on Spotlight right now, but when it isn't, it can take up to a month before it gets on spotlight again. At least there's isn't really anything that requires playing any of these minigames anymore, I don't think... at least not since they added Blood tabs to Runespan store.
  4. It's the crate that should be on the carpet in front of the fireplace.
  5. Why? This is at F2P World 316. Has this just been happening for a while and I just never looked there when I played?
  6. 1: Get rid of that intro 2: If you haven't included it in your first video, and if you can find footage of it, there was the glitch on World 9 back in 2009 where blocking on the walls in the gate in front of Lumbridge castle wasn't there, and you could just walk right out to anywhere you wanted. You were still on second floor, so you were floating up in the air and no-one could see you unless they were also there. There was another similar glitch when they released NIS and the Battle of Lumbridge, you could walk through a wall somewhere on the second floor of a building (internet says Heroes' Guild, but I remember differently) and you could do the same thing as on the World 9 glitch. I remember people dropped third-age and other expensive discontinued rares on the ground above the G.E. to mess with people, but if you were smart enough and quick enough with Telegrab, you could go through that wall yourself and run up to the G.E., and telegrab yourself some nice loot if they weren't paying attention. ;) Also, the leap second bug on June 30 2012, that caused all the servers to crash and stay down for hours. A lot of people swarmed over to RS Classic because those servers hadn't crashed, but every other Jagex servers were down for a while.
  7. You can't spell skilling without killing ;D
  8. Have they said anything about a higher chance of getting the pets if you fight stronger enemies compared to weaker ones? Because if the only thing that affects it is your combat levels, maybe I can afk in F2P or something lmao.
  9. Lol I remember when people would just stand at Varrock fountain, and I'd hang out there with my full Guthix like I was the shit. Then I moved my butt and started making some money, made a steady 300k a day mining coal and iron and making it into steel bars. That was shit even by 2007 standards but it was a lot to me and I didn't know any better. I upgraded to Zammy then Sara. Now I do stuff like dropping 14 million in the F2P crowd at the beach because I wasn't really playing much anymore, lol. Can't even regret it because I didn't care, and if I wanted it back later it's so easy to make it back.
  10. This might not be the most efficient, but you could start by getting to 50 Firemaking and heading to Wintertodt. Doing it at Lv. 3 with 10HP may well be the most efficient way to do it, and you'll get your first 99 that way. You should be able to easily maintain membership through bonds during the time you do Wintertodt, depending on how much time you play every day at least. It should hopefully leave you with plenty extra to buy another bond or so, so that you have that extra buffer once you leave to train other skills/do quests/etc. Just keep in mind that the loot you get from Wintertodt supply crates is somewhat dependent on your levels in other skills, so you can't expect to make as much as other people are getting who are higher levels, but you should still get plenty.
  11. You just about have the levels for Brink of Extinction, might as well try that. Spicy stew +5 boost from 80 would let you craft the full set of Obsidian armour, too.
  12. Not related to drop parties, but the World 9 thing reminded me of what happened back in 2012, when there was a leap second and all the servers crashed instantly. Everything RS3 was down for hours, but the RSC servers somehow lived through it. Hundreds of people logged onto RSC during that time and it was awesome.
  13. The best drop parties were during the dicing days, lol. Before they banned gambling and gambling clans hosted drop parties all the time on the major trade worlds with godswords and other expensive stuff, because they could easily afford it and to them it was cheap advertising. Not that I've ever been able to pick up anything there, though. I remember I came pretty close to picking up a Berserker Ring at a drop party when they were like 3 million, but I misclicked and someone else was quicker. I was pretty annoyed at the time, but 3m is really not much to me anymore nowadays so it's funny to look back at. The best was this one time a few years ago when someone started hosting a bunch of drop parties, quizzes and other random challenges. They went on for hours and I got like 10m worth of wealth before I had to go, lol. That was pretty significant to me at the time. Though nothing will beat the time where World 9 was bugged and you could walk through the walls in the top of the entrance gates at Lumbridge castle. You could run all the way down to Tutorial Island. You couldn't walk on tutorial island since we were confined to second "floor", but someone decided to host a drop party all the way over there, lol. For reference.
  14. You get loyalty points every month from being a member, and the yearly premium membership package which is coming up within the next two months includes a bunch of Loyalty points if you wanted to get a lot at once. You can see how many loyalty points you have by clicking the Extras button on the ribbon menu. It should be at the bottom-right along with RuneCoin count.
  15. Mildly interesting. Saradomin sword shows up as a Slashing weapon on F2P.
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