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  1. I've been so busy past couple days, I've no time for an update. So I'll just give very brief updates as to what is happening until I finish up next Sunday and do an update. -Malt's coming up on 200m Slay, he should be there sometime today or tomorrow. -Lynx Titan did an AMA here -Vestfold is about 2 weeks from 200m Fishing. -ScottWilson achieved top 100 rank in all skills. Quite impressive, underrated achievement. -Herblore 6h, Day, and Week records broken by Senze and St Eve. Senze will likely beat the month record if he keeps up. -In other Herblore news, Trance is now doing Herblore as well. -I'll say N01Perfect is 3 weeks from 200m Runecrafting. -Kepi, current Agil week record holder, is on track to beat Brad and Vollini's month records. More news on that later. -Razor is getting very inflated EHP through the use of Lavas. -Pretty much everyone did farming except for N01 and Sick Nerd which is pretty much expected. -Slayismyfame, In Clouds, and Acid Bubble got 200m Cooking this week and The Radiant got 200m Attack. That's it, I might have forgotten something. Let me know if I did.
  2. I have no time to do an update right now. If I did, it would be extremely short and I want to do a good one. I might have time late tomorrow night to do one.
  3. Uhh, that's quite a high standard to live by.
  4. Other than the 1:11 fish:str/agil then none is assumed for fishing (even though that is ever so slightly off due to angler) Typical 3t with snow is around 15k/h magic, I don't know of anyone who has a consistent rate for cut+eat 3t with imbue. Alright thanks.
  5. Thanks Jj for starting to do the Updates now. As you can see in my Quote there I posted to not do the EPH & put the Total Exp instead. What happened to that Hunter pure that lost 2500 ranks? Sailing comes out next Month right? EHP is more applicable to the topic at hand, 200m all. Comparing N01perfect to say Unohdettu2, if we were to pit the two against each other in a race to 200m all with the assumption they both didn't use 0 time methods and played the same amount, N01perfect would be way ahead in that scenario despite a 700m xp deficit, thus we use EHP instead, for the sake of the topic, "200m all skills" I have some sad attempts at humor even though I know I'm not funny and that's why I put 2500 Hunter ranks lost. Gingbino is like 200k rank in Hunter and doesn't train the skill. I can stop using all forms of humor if need be. Sailing was voted down, not coming out.
  6. 1 Lynx Titan 10,455EHP +129EHP +27.4mXP: (5m Slayer)(4.5m Range)(1.2m Farm) Fairly identical Slay week for Lynx. Maintained almost the same exact 130 hour week. 800k and 450k xp gained from magic imbue and bonecrusher respectively. He's also 400k xp shy of AndrewWigins and rank 5 Slayer. Upcoming Milstones: 90m Slay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Vestfold 9,502EHP +82EHP +10.3mXP: (7.4m Feeshing)(1.2m Farming)(800k Agility/Strength) Vest is now Vestfold again. His 82 hours of fishing is now just about 82 hours, more on that later. He's gained 1.2m Farm xp this week from his daily tree runs. He should hit both 180m fishing and rank 5 this upcoming week. Upcoming Milstones: 180m Fishing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Trance Music 7,998EHP +99EHP +5.9mXP: (2.3m Agility)(1.5m Runecrafting)(900k Farming) Back to his 100 EHP standards. Still doing mostly Runecrafting with a decent amount of Agility as well. He's not skillhopped at all, with the exception of mining for the skill cup and is more consistent with farming this week than last week. Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Hey Jase 7,341EHP +65EHP +14.8mXP: (2.7m Slayer)(2.7m Ranged)(1.3m Farming) Still slaying except doing a bit more of it in terms of conventional macro efficiency. I'm guessing he stopped blowpiping a few tasks this week. Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 N01Perfect 7,334EHP +44EHP +1.3mXP: (1.2m Runecrafting) Pure RC week, just about a month from 200m rc. Upcoming Milstones: None yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Senze 6,932EHP +125EHP +27.6mXP: (18.6m Herblore)(3.3m Agil)(1.8m Farm) Senze started to focus mostly Herblore and Agility this week, which is fairly different from last week in which we saw a larger range of skillhopping. I'm guessing we can expect to see Senze stick to the same focus. He also has an abnormally large Farm week so I'd see he's done perfect 3 tree runs a day. Something to also note, he's only 4 hours off Lynx, making him the 2nd highest person in this group and the only other person with other over 100 EHP this week. Well done Senze. Upcoming Milstones: 60m Herb, 30m Agil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (+1) 7 Mini Finbarr 6,913EHP +74EHP +14.7mXP: (3.3m Slayer)(6.4m Attack)(1,2m Farm) While Fin is still behind Malt in Slayer rank, he passes him this week. He put in roughly 10 more hours this week, than last. He's still barraging smoke devils but other than that doing conventional Slayer for the most part. Upcoming Milstones: 120m Slay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (-1) 8 Malt Lickeys 6,897EHP +27EHP +8.2XP: (3.6m Ranged)(18m Slayer)(1.1m Farm) He's blowpiping most of his tasks, as he was the past week, however, he's put in a bit more volume. He's really doing about 45 hours or so of Slayer, despite his EHP rates. I could see him grinding this over the Christmas break, not sure what he's doing with his life, but it's plausible. Upcoming Milstones: 200m Slayer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Randalicious 6,739EHP +45EHP +9mXP: (1m Slayer)(1.1m Farming)(1.6m Strength) Randalicious has skillhopped a fairbit still. He's putting in mostly Slayer gains though and I'd expect him to continue to do so from here on out. He's also cashed in some diary rewards for some RC EHP. Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Viore 6,673EHP +58EHP +11.8mXP: (3m Herb)(900k Slayer)(1.2m Farm) He's done mostly Slayer and Herblore, some remnants of Mining from the week and some remnants of future Fishing for the cup as well. Amixed bag from the elite skillhopper. Too hard to tell exactly what will become of him in the next few weeks. Upcoming Milstones: None or hard to tell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Sick Nerd (SickBurnout) 6,369EHP +0.2EHP +50kXP: Random PvP and PvM Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (+1) 12 Razor Beast 6,339EHP +85EHP +22.5mXP: (16.5m Firemaking)(1.6m Agility)(1.5m Farming) Razor has finished Firemaking and it looks like he's Runecrafting, what appears to be lavas. Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (+2) 13 ScottWilson 6,209EHP +50EHP +12.5mXP: (2m Herb)(1.5m Smith)(1.1m Farm) Wow, a giant cocktail of gains and I don't even know where to start. He's gained at least 100k or more exp in 19 of the skills. He gained 2m Herblore, 1.5m Smithing, and over 1mil Farming. He's even done 800k Fishing, 800k Agility, 700k Runecrafting, and even 600k Slayer. Plenty of other minor gains I don't think I could reasonably talk about. A rather large week indeed for Scott. Upcoming Milstones: None or Hard to tell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (-2) 14 Gingbino (V Happy Now) 6,097EHP +47EHP +6.5mXP: (4.2m Fishing)(1m Farming)(600k Magic) Ging is V Happy Now as his name suggests, likely due to an update in his Fishing EHP, which I'll discuss in a bit. He's still happy despite losing 2 EHP ranks as well, largely due to this specific update. Upcoming Milstones: 130m Fishing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (-1) 15 Trickool 6,096EHP +71EHP +9.7mXP: (6.3m Fishing)(1.4m Farming)(900k Magic) The 3rd fisherman in the group, a larger Fishing week despite less EHP than last week. He hit 100m Fishing, so congrats! Alas he did lose an EHP rank, however, he'll likely take one of Ging sometime this week. Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EHP Changes: Most notably, the biggest EHP change that I alluded to was the Fishing change. For all post 99 exp, it is expected you 3 tick at 95k/h. I'm actually a little unbeknownst as to how much multi-skilling is factored into that. If someone could tell me that would be great. The 3 most affected players are going to be Trickool, Gingbino and Vestfold, Vestfold affected more than just about anyone. Acid Soul is also going to be affected, not so much in his current EHP but in that to be gained. Prayer was also changed to 600k/h, granted the only player this is really affecting is Vestfold, further solidifying him to be the most affected by the EHP change. This is really good as now we can accurately measure those who are Fishing post-max. Up and Comers: Acid Soul is the only one I'm considering as an Up and Comer. His EHP gains are on par with Ging and Trickool and such. Due to recent EHP updates, I'm expecting Sick Nerd to be the only person to drop out of Top 15 for the next 4 months or so. Recent 200m's: CarlyRaeJeps (Cooking) Recent Records: -Miss Hanna did the largest Day Runecrafting record to date. She beat Oziris, the previous record holder by 110k. This was a legitimate lava record in which 59.7k/h was maintained. Congrats! -The Radiant did set the rank 2 record for Attack. This isn't a macro efficient record and it's underwhelming for record standards because it's only 330 hours, however, 330 hours righteously spent, so congrats on the acheivement!
  7. Sorry guys for not updating but I had things to do. I have a reasonably busy real life. =/ Something to note, I make a few speculations but I keep it mostly objective based on my updates. I also note any potential milestones of 10m xp hit in the upcoming week or two. For slayers, I note their Slay xp gained, highest combat skill xp gained, and w/e they gained in a non-combat skill, my reasoning for this is I find it pointless to note that they've achieved all this HP xp and 3 types of melee xp..., it doesn't really tell you much about their gains from a holistic perspective. If you guys make requests to change it, I'll act accordingly. ============================================== 1 Lynx Titan 10,457EHP +130EHP +27.7mXP: (5.1m Slayer)(4.6m Range)(1,5m Farm) The only person with over 10k EHP, Lynx, is currently on his Slay grind gaining 5.1m xp this week. He also less then 24 hours ago broke a Slay month record that was set by Duration, less than a month ago, of 22.1m xp. Lynx is also making small gains in Magic via imbueing on tasks and Farming with standard farm runs. Lynx looks like he'll be one of the top 3 to 200m Slayer, possibly finishing 2nd under the assumption he continues with Slayer and doesn't skillhop anytime soon. Upcoming Milstones: 90m Slay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Vestfold (Feeshing) 9,502EHP +105EHP +10.7mXP: (7.8m Feeshing)(1.2m Farming)(700k Agility/Strength) Vest has changed his name to appropriately resemble his in game activities, Feeshing for over 100 EHP this week. He gained 7.8m fishing, or roughly 75-80 hours of 3 tick feeshing. He's gained 1.2m Farm xp this week from his daily tree runs. He'll likely be the 4th person to 200m Feeshing if we assume Arp doesn't speed up drastically and Notorious doesn't come back anytime soon. Upcoming Milstones: 60m Farming, 180m Fishing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Trance Music 7,968EHP +82EHP +4.8mXP: (2.2m Agility)(1.2m Runecrafting)(660k Farming) A much smaller week for Trance Music's standards in terms of EHP. He seems to have tapered off a bit this weekend and didn't proceed with his normal 100+ EHP, I'm unclear if there is an outright reason for this, but regardless of that he seems to be still putting in decent hours. He's done roughly 35 hours of Agility and 55 hours of Runecrafting. I'm guessing he's doing Runecrafting when he feels like doing something slightly more attentive and Agility when he needs to do AFK or slightly less attentive skilling. He's kept to those 2 skills + 1 farm run per day for the past week and month but we have seen him mix it up in the recent past Firemaking and Hunter, he could continue his current behavior or skillhop. Upcoming Milstones: None or hard to tell (due to skillhopping), just hit 60m Agility ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Hey Jase 7,391EHP +57EHP +13.8mXP: (2.8m Slayer)(2.9m Ranged)(1.2m Farming) Hey Jase, the current rank 3 overall and rank 4 EHP (at least in elitist circles). He, like many other top pagers that have run out of buyable xp, has embarked on a Slayer journey. I'm guessing this gives Jase a decent amount of time to accumulate money on an alt for the pure capital loss buyables such as Prayer and Construction, whilst gaining good overall xp in the process. He just recently hit 60m Slay as well. Upcoming Milstones: None, just hit 60m Slay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 N01Perfect 7,301EHP +47EHP +1.3mXP: (1.3m Runecrafting) Pure RC week from #2 RC, The solo RC-er is floating at 194m Runecrafting xp. We can expect to see him finish off 200m Runecrafting in about 4 weeks assuming he maintains the same pace. Upcoming Milstones: None yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Senze 6,887EHP +110EHP +24.3mXP: (8.6m Herblore)(2.4m Slay)(1.1m Agility) Senze skillhopped a fair bit, making decent gains in Herblore, Slayer and Agility. He seems to be blowpiping where efficient for his Slayer gains due to his melee/range/slayer ratios. He just hit 30m Slayer as well. Hard to say what he might do in the future as we saw him do other buyables in recent weeks. He's also doing two farm runs a day. Upcoming Milstones: None or hard to tell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Malt Lickeys 6,878EHP +24EHP +8.2XP: (3.4m Ranged)(1.7m Slayer)(830k Farm) Rank 1 Slayer is still doing his Slayer. A fair week of gains for him. He's way under EHP because he's blowpiping where possible, like Senze, due to his ratios, but he's blowpiping even more tasks than Senze is. 200m Slayer looks on the horizon, maybe 3 weeks from now. Upcoming Milstones: Not quite yet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Mini Finbarr 6,859EHP +65EHP +14.7mXP: (2.8m Slayer)(5.5m Attack)(1,2m Farm) From one Slayer to the next, or even, from rank one Slayer to rank two Slayer, Mini Finbarr has put in a decent week of about 65-70 actual hours of Slayer and some farm runs. He seems to still be ice barraging Smoke Devils in favor of more AFK melee xp later on. I'm guessing he will continue to Slay for the upcoming months unless some buyable skill becomes extremely cheap to do in which I could see him take advantage of. Upcoming Milstones: 120m Slay ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 Randalicious 6,725EHP +52EHP +16.9mXP: (8.9m Firemaking)(700k Slayer)(2m Strength) Randalicious has skillhopped a fairbit. From in class NMZ gains, AFK woodcutting homework gains, to finishing off Firemaking at 165m, he's put in a lot of hours across the board. He's stayed consistent with his farm runs and started up his Slayer journey so he can altscape to finish off those last buyables. He's actually even done some mining gains for the skilling cup. I'm a bit surprised at this as he's the first person to noticeably change their behavior for the sake of the skilling cup. Upcoming Milstones: None or hard to tell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Viore 6,713EHP +74EHP +12.2mXP: (3.6m Herb)(1.5m Mining)(1.1m Agility) The Elite skillhopper has done quite a bit of just that. He tapered off his primarily Agility gains to do a bit Mining for the skilling cup, some unanticipated Herblore gains, and even a bit of Slayer as well. He just hit 50m Agility so that could implicate his skillhopping behavior as of late. Unsure on what his goals are Upcoming Milstones: None or hard to tell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Sick Nerd (SickBurnout) 6,411EHP +0.1EHP +38kXP: Some gains I guess from messing around with PvM or PvP on stream. Upcoming Milstones: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Gingbino (FishEHPbroke) 6,383EHP +69EHP +7.3mXP: (4.8m Fishing)(900k Farming)(720k Magic) Aside from drastically losing 2500 beloved ranks in Hunter, the infamous Hunter pure did about 50 hours of fishing with a Reindeer hat. He's done a bit more magic imbue than the likes of someone like Vestfold which is something to say I guess. Looks like he's doing a bit more than just 1 farm run per day as well, but not 100% consistent with it. Upcoming Milstones: 130m Fishing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Razor Beast 6,290EHP +78EHP +15.4mXP: (8.4m Firemaking)(3.1m Agility)(1.7m Farming) Razor has gone back to Firemaking for a bit, to officially finish it off so to speak. He's also been doing a decent amount of Agility, about 50 hours worth. He's done a bit of Mining for the skilling cup as well and he's also notably gaining more Farming xp, so Magics 3 times a day? Upcoming Milstones: 150m Firemaking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14 Trickool 6,279EHP +85EHP +9.2mXP: (5.9m Fishing)(1.4m Farming)(900k Magic) The 3rd fisherman in the group, He's done about 60 hours of 3 ticking, and done a decent amount of imbue. A couple farm runs per day Upcoming Milstones: 100m Fishing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 ScottWilson 6,209EHP +50EHP +9.8mXP: (1.3m Herb)(760k Slayer)(2.2m Strength) ScottWilson is off Dedman mode and is now doing a mixed bag of skilling which consists of mostly Slayer in terms of hours as well as some extra NMZ strength and Smithing and Herblore Upcoming Milstones: None or Hard to tell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Up and Comers: Acid Soul instead of taking the route of no EHP for 3 weeks in finishing off Agilty, he started to be macro-effiicient to some degree and is now 3 tick fishing. He's 150 EHP off Scott and he could very well take over a rank off him in maybe 4-5 weeks. Viper Kai and Oskar both look too far out of the top 15 to take a rank. It might be up to 3 months before they take a rank off the inactive Sick Nerd. Records: Lynx recently took over the #1 Slay Record off Duration. Pee in Bed, a level 3 skiller has hit 200m Fletch and done the #2 Overall/Fletching records with a 38.2m day and 50m week, which put him at rank 8 for the week. Recent 200m's: -Pee in Bed (Fletch) -Engen (Cook) -EG Froggen (Fletch)
  8. Due to irl happenings, I'll be doing the update sometime tomorrow morning.
  9. It's been 4 weeks since the last update and almost 2 weeks since the last post. This is a bit disheartening to see. In reciprocation of this, I'll be taking this over for updates to hopefully revive the thread since Sten left. I really appreciated to see Sten take time out of his day to make these updates and give me something to read and some insight on the happenings of the high level efficient skilling community. I'd like to potentially fill in those shoes and give back in the same way. I'd like to continue these in very much the same way Sten had them laid out except I might add a few more things to make it potentially more appealing to read or insightful (and that's not to say in any way that it wasn't those things before). If you have any thoughts, concerns or criticisms, don't hesitate to speak up and speak your mind. I can't guarantee any given change, but I'm definitely more than willing to act upon criticism if it's done respectfully. Also thanks to Myles for stepping in that one week and doing it. Unfortunately though this wasn't continued, but a very much appreciated update nonetheless. I'll be doing my first update this Sunday. If you would like to volunteer ahead of me and do this, speak now or forever hold your meme. : )
  10. I believe you meant to say herblore, lol.
  11. For whatever reason I feel the need to comment to Muggi's post above. Nothing in any particular order or pattern. You state at the beginning of your conclusive remarks that some of us play the game for the xp, others play the game for combat, and that is completely fine. There is nothing that says that either play style is correct, however, the game has never been about that. The game has always been about the hard work, effort and achievement from going out and completing something in the game. This is precisely why when you made your account in 2005 they didn't want you to bot the first time...why should they allow you to do it the second time? It literally defeats the point of the game in the original rules they made To regress from that argument and touch upon specifically the aspect of combat within the game, take a look at some people who have chosen to play the game in the Ironman sense, who are heavily PvM oriented and PvM based players. B0aty, Woox, Aloha, Slay Brother to name a few. They too play the game for combat like you said, but within the confinement of Ironman, it facilitates the aspect of hardwork, effort and achievement and giving them the pleasure they want out of combat. Now don't get ahead of me, I'm not trying to necessitate the litmus test of Ironman to anyone who is interested in PvM or PKing, I'm just trying to show you the greater aspect of the game and how combat fits into the basic ideas of the game on a more clear and relate-able level. I understand Ironman isn't for everybody. You specifically refer to the end game content as your ultimate purpose for playing the game. The reality is, there is nothing intrinsically fascinating about any particular end game aspect of the game. Getting a 99 next to a picture, DPS on a large monster over time, or killing a fellow player with the help of random, arbitrary RNG. B0aty once made a video about this particular concept back in beginning of oldschool. He referenced the fact that any given aspect of the game is meaningless without certain context that makes it exciting. He basically said that pking with somebody else's money on useless stats is pointless other than deriving fun from sheer pking skill itself. The whole point of PKing and what makes thrilling and resonates well for so many players is the amount of hard work that goes into the account, and not just that, the risk involved as well. From the overall perception of the video by fellow PKing communities, they seemed to agree with this overall sentiment. To couple things previously stated and to delve into the problems of AFK methods, the J mods have pointed out the exact phenomena in player retention rates. Mod Mat K (you can choose whether he is credible or not) stated that as players become normalized with certain content they start to lose interest in the game and retention rates lower. He stated this in livestream that spoke about solutions to retention for the summer period back around March or so. This is definitely a foreseeable trend as you look at player rates for the servers over time diminish with more players with access to end game content and surplus of more players gaining access over time, but no updates to feed these players. Obviously you can see recent changes though due to recent updates as such. I myself was watching a livestream of a guy that was duo'ing Bandos with his irl friend. They literally hopped 35+ times to find a world that had less than 4 people on it. They literally sat and waited for their world hop timer to reset and then hopped to worlds individually. This is the detrimental aspect to everyone having high level content. You made a point in your post that this increases the value of Slayer. I don't understand how it could possibly other than the fact that with more people doing Guthans, fewer people will do Slayer for their xp which I guess would increase the perceived value of a 99 in that. There are still lots of people that are training Slayer though, it's the most popular skill in Runescape. Coming from someone who has grinded up to what will be 96 Slayer tomorrow, I can say that there are plenty of NMZ prods that are taking up the spots that really shouldn't be of access due to the fact that they haven't put in the time in the account for them to have earned the appropriate status to slay in that same spot. In short to all that was said, NMZ Guthans doesn't just give some player the right to certain content scotch free, it hurts other people as well, people who are trying to actually absorb and enjoy this combat based content that you refer to. One thing none of this answers is, why does combat get this option but nothing else? Why should this be something that affect 2 out of 3 parts of the combat triangle and 5 out of 7 combat skills? Some players enjoy combat based portion of the game and that higher level based content...ok, what if someone really enjoys to relax at Magic trees and cut those? Should there be a 6-hour method for him to get 75 Woodcutting? What if someone really loves to make 3 bar Rune items? Should there be a 6 hour method for him or her as well to accompany the other 6 hour methods in the game so he can skip the grind and cut to the part that he enjoys? No, of course not. That's completely absurd. There is no reason why this logic shouldn't apply to combat. In literally any other game, would I be able to skip portions of the game just to skip to the part that I want? Take World of Warcraft for example, (take note that I only have played Runescape and know nothing about WoW except for the fact that raids are popular and cheating is prohibited) would I be able to say, I want to start playing WoW, but only to do raids, do you think they're going to cater to me? No, under no circumstance is Blizzard going to bend over backwards its stance on integrity and gaming policies just because I'm needy and only want to endure certain portions of the game's content. Why should this be anything different for Old School Runescape? It's almost preposterous to think in such a fashion. To clarify, if there is a portion of the game that you want to play and solely that portion (as you mentioned with the tournament world aspect) there are private servers that accommodate those aspects. There is no reason to normalize the gameplay settings and ideals that have stuck with the game for so long just to appease a group of players that are only interested in a restricted amount of content. Your argument about Smoke staffs and Barrows are also a bit misconstrued, those are items that have astronomical disproportion in terms of pricing. Considering that Smoke staffs aren't insanely rare and also have limited use outside splashing other than people that need specifically air + fire runes for combat spells, it doesn't make sense for it to be the price that it is under any normal circumstance. It should at most be a few hundred thousand higher than the Steam staff, and that's a stretch. Guthan's the same thing could be said, although Guthan's has more outside use than AFK methods. Though if you compare Guthan's (15m last night) to Dharok's (1.7m) (the best melee training method in game) it has huge disparages in pricing. I think I'll wrap up, I went on for wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to long and for that I'm sorry, I just felt the need to elaborate where possible. To follow up and make the point clear: I don't care if you choose not to skill, I just want you to put in effort for your achievements and hard work that anyone else would have to put in if they wanted the same thing.
  12. Sick Nerd has done more diaries and slayer this week, is he potentially coming back? I'm curious.
  13. Great updates, thanks for taking the time to do this.
  14. If he got 140k Agility in junction with 1.5m Fishing that isn't 2 extra hours rather just the base Fishing EHP. Otherwise good read, nice updates.
  15. Cool place to choose to max. Congrats. I'm also surprised to see that Pris still plays.
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